Tough day after launch

Launched in Britt  filling up the water

Having almost sank the boat last night (town water line open ended in engine room).   Port engine washed down – nice & clean.    Today we were running low on battery power.   House batteries were not charging.    Hot water tank was not working and dirt & scum in the water lines.   Turn on the marinas breaker; reset the thermal overload on the water tank and flush potable water system.    Presently disinfecting and will require another flush.

Our  1st  First mate Dave “Cappy” Capper did an excellent job of scrubbing and cleaning the hull and decks.   If we don’t get moving tomorrow, will hire him out.    Well done Dave.   Thanks.

Looking forward to heading out tomorrow.   Wind & seas look favourable.

Happy Captain

Captain Andy anxious to get started!

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