Continuing On to Victoria Harbour

Captain Andy & Pat

Captain Andy  and Pat  at the upper helm

Another day of traveling south to Queen’s Cove Marina in Victoria Harbour. Spent over 5 hours on the water again today, as the crew became more familiar with the systems on the trawler.

After a day of golf will be taking my first mate  Dave back to Britt, so he can return to Manitoba. I plan to spend 5 days in the vicinity of Victoria Harbour with Pat and Marcia Gillespie, my next crew, to get ready for the leg to Sault Ste. Marie.   I will continue to clean out the water system, and filters in order to make the drinking water suitable for drinking.  Will also have the opportunity to buy some supplies needed for the boat.

day 2 bday 2 d


1 thought on “Continuing On to Victoria Harbour

  1. donallin

    Hi Andy. I’m not sure if you got my previous message or not but I will resend. Thanks again for the drinks with the motley crew and have a great trip. We hope to meet up with you in Florida some time in February or March.



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