Casting off from Britt…


On August 6th we Pumped out, fuelled up and had our first dock-tail with Donadee & Wayne     ( Always Home) Mobile; Mike & Jana (Lady J) Columbus OH; and George & Martha ( Aunt Aggie) Atlanta. As of 6:00 am  tomorrow we won’t be looper virgins anymore as we are casting off

Leaving Byng Inlet  heading south through the small craft channel. Pat Gillespie joined us last night for the trip south.   Under power for 7 hours and got to Henry’s Restaurant (15 miles south of Parry Sound) on Sans Souci Island .    Met  Jean & Alan Lloyd ( 4x gold loopers)    Had pickerel and Georgian Bay shrimp (smelts) for supper.

Light House leaving Byng Inlet small craft channel




Dave at the helm.


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