Finally moving…the Beginning of the Loop

blarney castle  cottage country1 A15 cottage country2 A15 delwanna inn A15 (2) delwanna inn A15

resting A16 Marcia will be  the substitute Admiral for this leg of the trip.

After 7 days at Queen’s Cove- the captain declared it was time to move on.. With the crew of Marcia & Pat Gillespie, we left Victoria Harbour at 13:00 hours heading north.   Took the inland route across Severn Sound; by Honey Harbour; around Beausoleil Island and up the  Muskoka Landing, Monument and O’Donnell Channels.    Arrived at Henry’s Restaurant at approx. 18:40 hours.    ( 5.3 hours on the engines)   34.7 nautical miles

leavingQueenscove A15  Henry 1

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