Off to Killbear Marina – Parry Sound

slow and easy A16 slower A16 where A16  Eagles nest leaving Parry sound A16 crossing Parry Sound A16Defever 001
Left Henry’s Restaurant at 09:45 hours and headed to the South Channel into Parry Sound.   At 11:15 we arrived at the Parry Island swing bridge but missed the opening by 15 minutes.  We bobbled around Victoria Island until 12:00 when the bridge was due to open.   Passing the bridge we were into Parry Sound by 12:15 at the Big Sound Marina to go ashore and do a stroll of the downtown.   We cast off from the marina at 14:00 heading for Kilbear Marina.    We saw many sail boats while crossing Parry Sound.   Arrived at Killbear Marina at 15:30 hours.   Days run of approx 15.7 miles and 4.1 hours on the engines.
approaching Killbear A16 Sailing in parry sound

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