Britt, Killarney, Baie Fine Pool, Little Current……

Due to technical/internet/cell phone issues- No updates could be posted for most of the week, so here’s a 4 day summary  from the Captain’s log.

With the departure from Wright’s Marina, we are moving  Southward; we hope to return to Britt in August of 2016.

Aug 18, 2015 Britt to Mill Lake on Colin’s Inlet

11:10  Fueled up and cast off from Wright’s   159 L for 103 NM

Proceeded down the south channel and crossed over into the north channel toward the Cunningham Channel into Sandy Bay

12:30  Out of Rogers Cut and rounding Roger’s Island (dead idle) and then away from Key Harbour into the N.E. Passage toward the Bustard Islands and back into Georgian Bay open water.

15:00 Crossed the Bay and made the turn at the Gronedine light around “the Chickens” toward the entrance of Beaverstone Bay

17:00  after cruising up Beaverstone Bay to Colin’s Inlet and Mill Lake we dropped the hook for the night.

45.9 NM 6.6 hours on the engines

henry 3

Wed. Aug 19.          Mill Lake to Killarney (Sportsman’s Inn)

08:00  weighed anchor in Mill Lake off Colin’s Inlet.   Overcast and windy (20 kt)

At 800 rpm idle and 4.2 kts down the Inlet

10:00  Leaving Colin’s Inlet into Georgian Bay. About 4 ft waves and 4 NM across the Bay to Killarney Channel

11:00  Tied up at Sportsman’s Inn.   Had a rough crossing.   Had to tack twice out into the Bay because of 5 ft plus waves. We were at 2000 plus rpm to keep control and barely doing 7 nts.

14.4 logged NM       3.1 hours on the engines.

Thur Aug 20.           Killarney to Baie Fine (the Pool)

12:30 Overcast and rain all morning.   Began to clear around 11:00 and we made ready to cast off leaving Killarney Channel into Killarney Bay

13:00  Leaving Killarney Bay into Lansdown Channel and around Bageley Point light. 3 and 4 ft waves all the way

14:00  Rounded Bageley Pt into Fraser Bay. And waves are now 4 ft plus

14:35  Entered Baie Fine at the narrows and Okachobee Lodge and travelled the Baie to the pool.

16:00  dropped anchor for the night

23.7 NM                 3.7 hours on engines



Fri Aug 21.    The Pool ( Baie Fine) to Little Current

09:15  weighed anchor in the Pool and down the channel to Baie Fine at idle speed. 20 kt winds from the west

10:00  out of the Pool channel and into Baie Fine

11:00  out of Baie Fine and into Fraser Bay 2 ft waves.   Turned around the red spar E28 in Fraser Bay heading for the North Channel

12:00  In the North Channel heading toward Little Current. Slowed down because we were not going to make the noon opening of the swing bridge

13:00  Through the swing bridge at the east end of Little Current and tied up at the town docks at 13:30

22.7 NM                 4.4 hours on the engines

dock mate in Little Current

Here’s the boat that was docked beside us for a short time- would love to maneuver this through some of the channels!

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