North Channel…Little Current to Blind River

north channel

Mon. Aug 24             Little Current to Moffat’s home on Frood Bay

10:10  Cast off from our slip at the Port of Little Current and docked at Wally’s for a pump out and get chart 2207

10:30  Proceeded into the Waubuno Channel north to the Bay of Islands north channel heading east

12:00  turned the corner north west into Frood bay.   Tied up at the end of the bay at Grant and Nicki Moffat’s home.

16.7 NM         2.6 hours on the engines

moffat dock

Tues Aug 25                        Moffat’s, Frood Bay to Croker Island anchorage (Benjamin’s)

08:00  cast off from the Moffat’s dock heading down Frood Bay at idle. Cold, rainy but winds calm in the bay

09:00  through the Battleship Islands and into the north channel.   Strong west wind 20kts. 3 ft waves

10:00  In the north channel approaching Waubuno channel from Little Current.   4-5 ft waves cresting to 6 + .   Heading toward Amedroz Island.

11:00  In the north channel approaching Croker Island. Still facing 5 ft waves.   Will be turning into the Benjamin’s shortly to seek a safe anchorage.

11:34  Set the hook in a bay by Croker Island. Strong west winds continue.

24 NM                        3.8 hours on the engines

crocker island2  Crocker IslandWed Aug 26:            Croker Island Anchorage to Blind River Marina

07:50  engines on

08:00  weigh anchor in the Croker Island anchorage  wind from west @ 10 kts. Leaving the Benjamin Islands

09:00  rounded the Benjamin Islands and entered McBean Channel between Fox and Freschette Islands

09:30  approaching the Little Detroit channel cut at dead idle and entering the Whale Back Channel.

10:30  at the west end of the Whale back Channel

11:00  leaving the Whale Back and entering the channel entrance to Spragge

12:00  Past the Spragge channel and into the south passage near Gibson’s Island. Proceeding around Gibson’s and turning SW to stay in deeper water across the Blind River Bank

13:00  Tied up at the Blind River Marine Park dock.

40 NM                        5.1 hours on engines

IMG_0363to blind river IMG_0365to Blind river IMG_0366toblind river

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