North channel at the end of August … Good bye Huron

Wed Aug 26:          Croker Island Anchorage to Blind River Marina

07:50  engines on

08:00  weigh anchor in the Croker Island anchorage . wind from west @ 10 kts. Leaving the Benjamin Islands

09:00  rounded the Benjamin Islands and entered McBean Channel between Fox and Freschette Islands

09:30  approaching the Little Detroit channel cut at dead idle and entering the Whale Back Channel.

10:30  at the west end of the Whale back Channel

11:00  leaving the Whale Back and entering the channel entrance to Spragge

12:00  Past the Spragge channel and into the south passage near Gibson’s Island. Proceeding around Gibson’s and turning SW to stay in deeper water across the Blind River Bank

13:00  Tied up at the Blind River Marine Park dock.

40 NM                    5.1 hours on engines

DOCK-TAILS with Glen & Kathy White from Waterloo ( owners of Tug R Knot II )

The whites  Calm water

Thur. Aug 27          Blind Bay Marina to Bruce Mines Marina 

07:45  cast off from the docks at Blind River Marina winds calm & sunny but still cool

08:00  about 2 miles out of the harbour and turning west toward the French Islands

09:00 passing between the French Islands and East Grant Island.   Calm seas and light wind from the west but has become cloudy and overcast

10:00  Just passing West Grant Island and proceeding toward Bigby Island sw of Thessalon

11:00  ½ mile from Thessalon Point. 10-15 kt winds from the WNW. 1 -2 ft waves

12:00  making the turn around Cedar Island and entering St. Joseph Channel towards Bruce Mines

12:45  tied up at the Bruce Mines Marina

40 NM                    5.1 hours on the engines 

Bruce Mine light



Fri. Aug 28             Bruce Mines to Sault Ste. Marie

Sault ste marie

09:20  After having breakfast at Bobbies restaurant, we cast off from the Bruce Mines Marina.   At slow idle we left the harbour by the marked channel until about a mile off shore.

10:00  Entered St Joseph Channel about 45 minutes from Bruce

St Joseph light   sault traffic

11:00  Going under the St. Joseph Island Bridge approaching Richard’s Landing ( a little town on the island

12:00  We have started around Sugar Island.   We are still in the St. Joseph Channel south of George Lake

12:30  On Lake George, at the bottom end going through the marked channel as most of this end is shallow marsh area.

13:00  Approaching the top end of Lake George about 1 mile off shore looking for the S. Mary’s River entrance.

14:00  Continuing up the St. Mary’s river toward the Sault

15:00 Just below the locks turning into Roberta Bondar Marina. Strong winds & current. With some difficulty we landed and tied up by 15:15

Will be docked here for a week; while we wait for a new crew member as Marcia is disembarking here. 

41 NM                    6.1 hours on the engines.

loading at Sault       country living near Sault

1 thought on “North channel at the end of August … Good bye Huron

  1. lindatboating

    Great Blog. Glad to finally see some pictures. That is, what I could see of them. They are far too small. You’ll have to work on getting them larger. I follow a blog called sailing wondertime and she adds large pictures like I do and I think she uses the same wordkpress that you are using. I high light my picture and select “Extra Large” , perhaps that will work for you. Good Luck.



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