Left Lake Michigan, now traversing the Inland Rivers


Waukegan Harbour

Waukegan Harbour

September 13;  After 3 days in Waukegan; the winds  and waves finally subsided, and  since the  two Ontario crewmen  had a train to catch in order to get home.  The Captain headed the boat South past Chicago

Chicago and into the Calumet River.  entering Calumet river

Passed under  several bridges and had to go through the first of many locks on this trip– O’Brien Lock.

bridge  1st lock

Boat is currently docked at the  Marine Service Corporation Marina in Dolton Illinois.  “On Business” is scheduled for an oil change tomorrow, after a month of cruising Lake Huron and Michigan.  The captain’s new crew mate; Don Wehmeier should be arriving tomorrow from Union Missouri.  The inland river’s  and locks  on the Calumet, Illinois and Mississippi will be the  next  challenge for the Captain.  52 NM

September 15;

After an oil change and some other repairs, “On business” with the crew of  “Me”- Don and “mini Me”-Andy  left Dolton.  Don experienced the joys of his first Lock  at Lockport Illinois,  which has very few similarities to Lockport Manitoba.  Our followers from Manitoba will know what I’m referring to…  I don’t think our Lockport  could hold 42 feet of water.


During the day, the boat caught up with at least 6 other boats of “Loopers”, and enjoyed docktails until it became dark on the city wall in Joliet.  Plan is to go to Heritage Harbour in Ottawa tomorrow.  I think they plan to travel as a “pack” or flotilla, as they are having a captain’s meeting in the morning– Or maybe that’s an excuse to have more docktails.

No internet-  so no pictures from the Captain.  There is still 290 miles until St. Louis, so a few more weeks before the Captain comes home!

Sept 16:  I was told by the captain  at noon today that there was over  a 4 hour wait to get through the Brandon lock– he was unsure how far they would travel today.  Likely not Ottawa, as there are at least 2 locks in the way.

Late night update:  4 hour wait for the second lock– so only made it as far as Seneca,  ‘On business’ is at Spring brook Marina for the night.  Will be lined up to go through the  Marseilles lock tomorrow, and hopefully Starved Rock as well.

Sept 17:  Spent the day in Seneca, as the starboard engine wouldn’t start.  Had the starter rebuilt; and hope to have it re-installed tomorrow continue down the rivers.

Sept 18:  Great day; the mechanic came and put the re-built starter in before 8:00, departed at 8:50, and made it through Marseilles and Starved Rock  locks, working our way down the Illinois river.  Total of 49 NM.  Currently in the City of Henry, population 2,500.    As of 5:00 in a thunderstorm, with the potential for 3 inches of rain  and flash flooding in the area is predicted around Peoria.

henry ill





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