On the Illinois River, inching closer to the Mississippi

 September 12-18

Finally got internet, so was able to share pictures that have been taken in the past week. Exciting week with several locks, new crew and engine problems….

Don in charge      barges

Don, the new first mate who will keep the captain company until St.Charles Missouri.

map & locks on Illinois


Lockport  Lockport Illinois  Lockport doors opening

Lockport Illinois

waiting in Brandon lock   rafting in Brandon lock

Brandon Illinois

starved rock lock  starved rock lock 2

Starved Rock Lock ( at least it wasn’t another Manitoba location)

on the river

Currently in  the city of Henry Illinois, population 2500. Hope to be moving South tomorrow.

September 19:  Made it as far as Peoria today,  the starboard engine is still acting up, will have another  mechanic look at it on Monday.

September 22:  After spending the weekend in Peoria, a mechanic finally came to the boat on Monday, he assessed the situation and figured it was a fuel pump issue.   The part arrived today and it was changed.  Got off to a late start, left   after noon.  Are on the hook near Duck Island, mile 135.  Inching along……..

September 23:  Made some progress today, “On Business” is anchored out near Bar Island, 5 miles north of La Grange lock.  The plan is to get to  at least Hardin tomorrow ,  which is about 20 miles from the Mississippi. On Friday, they will then push on to the Marina at  Polestar Boating Center, in  Saint Charles, MO.  Some additional maintenance will be done prior to coming  back to Winnipeg to get the Admiral.

September 24:  Arrived in Hardin, docked at the Hardin restaurant, which apparently has good food– but the crew won’t get to try it, as it was damaged by fire in June.  Will be cruising on the Mississippi tomorrow, and moving on  to Saint Charles…….

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