Made a u-turn, spending time around Buckhorn

  On arrival, at the Buckhorn lock, we still have the smell of diesel- so the leak was not completely fixed.  Andy spent some time phoning around looking for the gasket or washers that we require.  He was able to find what he thinks we need, and they will be shipped to BYH next week.  We took a walk on Saturday afternoon to Foodland for a couple of things.  There is a peregrine falcon nest in a tree above the lock, which still has young birds in it, wanting to be fed, so the 2 parents are constantly either guarding the nest or bringing in food. 

On Saturday Andy spent some time on his computer, cleaning up files and deleting duplicates, so that his file system will be ready for migration to his new computer. The Kawartha Voyageur was docked at the lock.

We were through the Buckhorn lock by 9:25 on Sunday and headed towards Burleigh Falls, as we were going to meet Dalaina and Roy from Just Wright there.  We hadn’t seen them since the Thousand Islands, but had been in touch by text.  We went through the Lovesick lock at 10:10 and arrived at Burleigh around 10:30. There was no place on the wall, and boats had until 11:00 to vacate, so we were advised to go through the lock and bobble around on Stony Lake for awhile.  We were through the lock at 10:40. We waited for a couple of lock throughs each way and came through at 12:15 and tied up on the upper wall.   

 Our friends came through about a half hour later, and tied up across the lock.  Around 2:00, the spot next to us cleared, and Just Wright joined us on the same wall.  We visited with them at the picnic table with a few drinks.   By the time the lock closed we were the only two boats at this lock.  On Monday morning, it was a little windy, and we decided to move to Lovesick.   We went for a walk to the Burleigh falls inn before 9:00, but not much was opened. 

On our return to the boat, Andy called Lovesick lock and was told there was room for both boats below the lock.  So, we fired up and went the 2miles and tied up there by 10:30.

One other boat was just coming through the lock, but we were all able to fit on the wall.  I walked around and took pictures of the very extensive perennial garden, as well as the sign board about the legend of Lovesick.

We spent the afternoon reading at the picnic table, until the rain started, when we moved inside.  Around 7:00, we were once again able to meet at the table, since we had heard that there were raccoons on the island, we sprayed some vinegar around the wall near our boat as a deterrent.  In the evening Andy and I played cards.

On Tuesday morning, more rain and strong winds were predicted, so we decided to go back to Buckhorn to see if our parts for the fuel injector had arrived.    Andy had some time before the locks opened so he put the dinghy in the water and tried fishing near the dam.

  We were through the Lovesick lock at 9:35 and through Buckhorn at 10:45, and tied up on the wall with Just Wright.  We had rain off and, on all afternoon, so stayed inside.  Our part had not come in yet.  We had drinks with Roy and Dalaina at 5:00 in our salon.  We played cards in the evening- Andy is on a winning streak, I haven’t won more than a game or two a week.

In the morning, rain and wind was predicted, so we decided to get the car and go into Bobcaygeon, so that I could catch on the laundry.  Andy took down one of the folding bikes and pedalled to the marina in order to get the car. 

He then put the bike in the trunk and came back to the lock.  Around 10:00, Andy, Roy, Dalaina and I went to Bobcaygeon.  While I was at the laundry mat, the other three went to the LCBO, Beer store and grocery store.  Once I was done, they picked me up and we did a little tour of the best of Bobcaygeon, we showed them the Kawartha Dairy production plant- (no we didn’t stop for ice cream), Kawartha Settler’s village, Bigley’s shoes, and the location of the farmer’s market.  We stopped at the British store, as we saw a sign that they were going out of business, I bought some raspberry preserve with famous grouse scotch as well as a jar of red pepper relish, Andy bought a tweed cap. Dalaina bought a dish towel and a really neat Scottish bag/purse.

We drove back to Buckhorn with our purchases and had lunch.  Buckhorn Yacht Harbour called to let us know that our parts for the injector pump had arrived, hopefully they can be installed on Thursday, and that will put an end to the fuel leak. Around 2:00 we drove to Foodland for a couple additional items, then we took Roy and Dalaina to Buckhorn Yacht harbour to show them the marina.  On the way back we stopped at the Adam and Eve rocks for photos. 

We had a brief rain shower, and some very strong winds in the afternoon.  We had drinks and appetizers at the picnic table around 4:30. While sitting at the table, another boater walked by and told us that he had seen our boat in the Peterborough lift lock the previous week on YouTube.  He said the text accompanying the video was in Chinese, so we’re not sure if we’ll find it.  Andy remembered a crowd of Asian people at the top of the lock with cameras.  Small world!

 We bbq’d for supper, and then Andy checked our house batteries and added water to them.

In the morning, Andy returned our car to BYH, and had one of the guys bring him back to the lock.  He fired up the engines and we moved the boat to the gas dock at BYH.  We filled up with water and pumped out.  Ralph came down with the parts for the injector and replaced the washer.  All seems to be good. We left BYH at 9:05 and headed across the lakes to Bobcaygeon.  The wind was blowing, and there were some waves on the lake.  We arrived at Bobcaygeon at 11:00 and tied up on the bottom with power.  Just Wright joined us there a short time later.

In the afternoon, Dalaina and I checked out all the shopping on the main street, including Bigley’s shoe store.  We also crossed the bridge and went to the hardware store as well as a couple other.  It was great to have some girl time!  I wanted to buy Spider-out, as the spiders on the boat seem to be increasing.  We got back to the boat, just in time for 5:00 happy hour, which actually ended up being a 2-hour ordeal, as it may quite possibly our last time together. 

Hard to believe we only met them on June 14th in Hastings; however, our paths have crossed numerous times over the summer.  They need to be back to Port Severn by September 10th, so are on a tighter schedule than us.

On Friday morning, we left in the first lock up and headed to Fenlon Falls.  It was fairly windy on Sturgeon lake.  We arrived just before 11:00 and they already had a boat in the lock, so we joined them.  We got the last spot with power on the upper wall, and were tied up by 11:15.  Just Wright joined us about 45 minutes later. 

In the afternoon, Andy and I walked around town and stopped at the patio of the Cow and Sow for a beer and some appetizers.  It was very busy at the locks and town was quite busy as well for a Friday.   It was also really hot, when we returned to the boat, we closed up all the windows and put on the AC.  Roy and Dalaina joined us for happy hour around 5:00.  For dinner we opted for Chinese food and picked it up around 8:00.  The three dishes that we ordered is enough for 3 meals.

On Saturday morning, the lockmaster came by our boat, to ask if we were continuing on.  We said we were staying another night.  He had some bad news, the Kirkfield lift lock had sustained damage the day before, and likely wouldn’t be operational for some time.   He said that boats would be allowed to exceed the 2 day limit at Fenlon falls for this reason. Here’s a link to a story about the incident:

  This messed up Just Wright’s departure as they were planning on moving on towards Kirkfield.  Since we had a source of water, I spent some time scrubbing the deck on the flybridge and sundeck.  I also sprayed the canvas with the Spider out, it works instantly, as well as leaves a residue for spiders that move to that area.     Dalaina and I checked out some of the stores in town, and went to the farmer’s market, where I bought some fresh produce.  I was looking for corn, but they were already sold out.  We partook in Happy hour on my clean deck. 

On Sunday, the temperature had taken a down turn, it was chilly on the boat, so we put on one of the heaters.  More boats that were stranded moved onto the lock wall, we had one boat in front of us, that put a lifejacket over our anchor, so that they wouldn’t hit their heads on it.    There was talk of a crib tournament happening amongst some of the boats, to warm up for it, Roy and Andy played 8 games, with Roy coming out the winner.

  Many of the boats tied up were trying to make alternate plans to get their boats passed the Kirkfield lock.  There was a guy advertising on the web, that he had a trailer that could take boats around the lock. But he had a tonnage limit on his trailer, so some boats would not be able to use his service.  Since our trip to Orillia would now be cancelled, we offered Roy and Dalaina a ride to Port Severn, where their truck and trailer is being stored, once we got back to Buckhorn.

On Monday morning we locked through the Fenlon lock around 10:30, and headed across Sturgeon lake to Bobcaygeon.  We were through this lock at12:35 and tied up on the power wall by 12:45.    I did some file cleaning on my computer for an hour or more, and then we went for ice cream at the Bigley’s sweet shop.  We weren’t sure if the Kawartha dairy outlet would be open, as it was labour day.  We visited with some of the other boaters on the wall, one of which was trying to get a boat to Georgian Bay.  After supper we played a couple games of cards.

On Tuesday morning we started the engines around 9:00 and headed back to the Buckhorn lock, arriving at 11:15 and tied up.  I walked over to the marina to pick up the car.  We wanted to drive in to Peterborough to get some stain for our teak railings.  We arrived back at the boat just around 2:00.  Andy started to sand, and decided it was going to be a very long process, so he called Brian in Bancroft to see if we could borrow a belt sander.  So back in the car and off to Bancroft, and then back again arriving at the boat around 6:30.  We had supper, played cards.

On Wednesday, we left by car at around 7:30, headed for Rosedale.   We made a stop in Fenlon Falls, as we heard that Peter the marina owner from BYH was there and was having engine issues.   We had a short visit with him and then we continued on to  the Rosedale lock where Roy and Dalaina were waiting.  We drove to Port Severn via Orillia, arriving there around 11:00.

  We left them with their truck and trailer, and we made the return trip to Buckhorn lock, arriving shortly after 1:30.  Andy started removing the layers of stain on the railing using Brian’s sanders.  Much quicker than what he had done yesterday, however it will likely take several days, maybe even a week to complete this for the entire railing. Once he is done the railing should look more like natural teak, than  brown wood.

  Around 3:30, several boats arrived with the Canadian rangers.  We had actually saw them in the morning, as they were in Rosedale, when we picked up the Wrights.  Here’s a picture of them in the lock. 

In the morning we went to BYH to check on our new fuel issue, may have to pull the boat sooner than we want to.

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