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Buckhorn to Bobcaygeon, another 17 miles down the TSW

July 28-30

On Thursday morning we continued with cleaning the outside of the boat, in places we normally can’t reach when we’re in the water.  At about 10, Brian and Helen from Bancroft stopped by as they were en route to visit their son for the weekend.  We went into Buckhorn for breakfastIMG_8350and returned to the boat at about 11:30.    The props were ready by noon as promised,IMG_8355around 1:15 we were splashed back into the water.  We decided rather than going up to Bobcaygeon in the afternoon,  and likely not getting a spot on the wall that we should wait until morning.  We tied up on the wall by the gas dock at Buckhorn Yacht Harbour.  That evening we sat with David and Claudia on the beach and took in the scenery.  I saw this beaver swim by at dusk.IMG_8356Early  Friday morning, this plane landed on Buckhorn lake, and taxied to the gas dock near us.  It was there to pick up a set of props that were being sent somewhere.IMG_8360At about  8, we decided to leave and make our way to Bobcaygeon, a  17 mile trip, through Buckhorn and Pigeon Lakes.    Here’s a few of the lakefront homes.IMG_8361I liked this assortment of chairs, especially the large one for a friendly giant?IMG_8364We were through the Bobcaygeon lock  and tied up to the upper wall by 11:15.IMG_8378


IMG_8387We connected up with Dave and Claudia, who had driven over to check out the town.  Our first agenda item was to find the Kawartha Dairy plant, We got directions, and walked over for more Ice cream.  There is a definite pattern when Loopers  visit small town Ontario, find either the Ice cream store or the bakery for butter tarts.IMG_8369 IMG_8370 IMG_8371This was a small!  We then checked out the Bigley’s shoe  and clothing stores,  the shoe store is  huge and housed in this old bank building.IMG_8374In the afternoon, I went in search of the laundry mat, and also found the bakery  so I bought butter tarts, I would have bought fresh bread, but they don’t bake bread which I thought was odd.

We later ran into Randy and Judy, the hillbilly campers we had met at Lock 26, they were  across the canal from us, and were headed South.  We made plans to go to Shakespeare in the park at 7:30 for Taming of the Shrew.IMG_8380 In the end they weren’t able to make it, but Andy and I walked to the Kawartha Settlers Village to watch the performance.  Since it was more than a 2 mile walk, we had opted not to bring our lawn chairs, so we sat on a rock.  Not that comfortable, and the story had been altered to be in Toronto in 1989, so didn’t make a lot of sense.  We weren’t that impressed and only stayed about 45 minutes before we left for the trek back to the boat.

On Saturday morning, we went to the Farmer’s market,IMG_8382 located at the fairgrounds—only a couple of blocks from the boat.  We bought some bakery items as well as farm fresh veggies.IMG_8385  Tonight is midnight madness in Bobcaygeon with shopping until Midnight in the stores,  but it was also Lock madness during the day here, boats were moving steadily in both directions from the time the locks opened until they closed at 7pm.  Lots of jockeying for spots on the wall- we’re glad we came yesterday.  Our friends Dave and Claudia did get back into the water today, one week after the incident with the house boat, however when they passed through Bobcaygeon, there was no room on the wall so they continued onward.

Around 11 Mike and Franziska Edney, stopped by.IMG_8390 Mike was a research scientist at the CGC until  his retirement.  We had been in contact recently as we planned on meeting, at the big chute. The Edney’s were in town for a family reunion, and invited us to Mike’s  uncles’s Birthday celebration at  Kawartha Settlers Village, where his uncle had been one of the founders.  We walked backed up to the village, and met a few of Mike’s relatives.  We were then invited to stop by the cottage on Cameron lake, which is between Fenlon Falls and Rosedale  on Sunday.  While at the settlement we toured the  buildingsIMG_8392 IMG_8393 I liked this water feature  and wondered if we could incorporate something like it in our pond back home.

On our way back to the boat we took a detour to KD, and had more IC.  I think I may have reached my limit today, however I’m sure Andy will still be looking for the Ice cream  at our next stop.  We thought we should check out the midnight madness shopping , the streets  were full of people and there were sales to be had.  There was live music on the other side of the canal as well and fireworks at 10,    I got a tattoo today  on my arm so I can remember our time along the TSW.  What do you think?IMG_8396

Clear Lake to Buckhorn- another 10 miles

Answer to my question from July 15 blog   – It is a tower for hanging up  fire hoses, as the front of the building has signage saying it is the fire hall.  Thank you Daryl for all the guesses, and for Linda reminding me that I hadn’t posted the answer.

July 24  to July 27

Jim took us on a tour of Clear and Stony Lakes-here’s a church on the rocks, which only holds services in the summer as well as on  May long and Thanksgiving.IMG_8261– there are some amazing homes/cottages,IMG_8277including this glass house.IMG_8278In one place on the lake, instead of rafting together, everyone just parks on the sandbar and goes swimming.IMG_8275That evening we went to Stoney Lake Market at Crowe’s Landing for dinner with 2 other couples.  Excellent food and then we stopped at Craig and Holly McFarland’s Road house.  Interesting concept they have built a one bedroom with bathroom house, with several outdoor living spaces and gazebos.  The 3- car garage is being built next, and is partially framed.  The house will be the last to be built.

On Monday we pulled out from the dock and said goodbye to Jim and Wendy—but it wasn’t really good-bye.  After leaving the dock the Port engine quit a couple of times, so we came back to the dock to check out our problem.  We had sucked up a  weed suppression mat and it had  wrapped around our prop, shaft and strut on the Port engine.  Jim had said at one point that he thought the original mat was 27 feet X 9 feet, but wasn’t sure if that was the one we had taken off the bottom.IMG_8284We plugged back into power, as it seemed the Port starting battery  wouldn’t turn over.    The Captain put on his swim trunks and dived under the boat multiple times, attempting to cut off the mat.IMG_8293Andy tried an assortment of cutting tools, including serrated knives, scissors, blades and a saw.  He made some progress but after diving under the boat for 6 hours and more than 200 times he was exhausted.  We timed him and on a number of occasions he was down for over 40 seconds, pretty good lung capacity for an old guy that used to smoke.  I tried it a few times, but didn’t like being under the boat.  By 2 pm, we started calling around to find a diver who could finish the job.  In the mean time, one of Jim’s neighbors- Clay, stopped by who also had diving gear and agreed to go under the boat.   It took Clay about an hour to remove the remaining mat, which was so tightly bound, that it seemed to have melted around the shaft.  We had also replaced the Port cranking battery, so that we could be on our way again.

On Tuesday morning, Jim created a new business called Tow-Boat Mariah,IMG_8294using his ski boat,  he  pulled us out from the dock, well away from any other weed mats.  We were finally on our way at 8:45.  We had planned to spend one night with Jim, Wendy, Daiquiri and Martini, but ended up staying 4.  They were the greatest harbor hosts, we have met to date!

We went across Clear Lake, through Hell’s Gate, where the channel is narrow and the rocks big,IMG_8301and up to Burleigh Falls Lock 28 and were through it by 9:50.   We went a couple more miles to Lovesick, this lock is unique in that it is on an island,IMG_8316

IMG_8317we were through this lock by 10:10, and continued another 6 miles to Buckhorn lock 31, we were through by 11:45IMG_8329

IMG_8324We tied up on the upper wall, as they have power.  We contacted Dave and Claudia, whom we had met earlier on the Loop in NY state, we had heard they were in Buckhorn as they had been  run into by a House boat on Saturday and needed some repairs to their fiberglass.   We met them at Andy’s favourite hang out- the ice cream store and had a great visit  for well over an hour and exchanged information on our loop experiences.  I tried a new Kawartha Dairy ice cream flavor—Sweet heat—the hot pepper  caramel sauce—Of course it was a hit with me, however the server at the store said that it may be taken off the market, as nobody likes it.IMG_8326 I’ll have to try it again at our next IC stop.

We went for a walk near the lock and found the Buckhorn Buck,IMG_8333we also found this memorial to members of the military who had lost their lives in Afghanistan.IMG_8331 IMG_8332On Wednesday morning  July 27,  we got up early and left the lock wall by 7:30, our destination was Buckhorn Yacht Harbour.  We had decided that the boat needed to be  pulled out to check on the props, as besides the struggle with the weed mat on Monday, we had also had an incident with a log, about 4000 miles ago on the Tenn-Tom river, and although there wasn’t a vibration, we wanted to ensure the props were in good shape.  When they pulled us out we were originally sitting next to  StillWater II, but were later moved further into the lot, as we were blocking the boat launch.  So much for our  2-boat Looper Rendez-vous at Buckhorn Yacht Harbour.IMG_8339 IMG_8342They did find some issues with the Port prop, and we are having it repaired and re-balanced.  We  hope to be back in the water  Thursday at some point.  We spent some time today cleaning the hull—it didn’t look too bad for having gone 6700 miles without being taken out of the water.   For supper tonight, Dave & Claudia joined us at Cody House —great Chinese food!  Dessert was at a store  farther down the road –Ice Cream again– Sweet Heat for me.IMG_8344 IMG_8346We met another boater this evening, who  explained that our Hull ID: OYE35023b585 indicates that it was made by Overseas Yacht East, and that it was manufactured in May of 1985 as noted by the trailing 585.  OYE apparently made all the hulls for C&C.  Tonight we sat at the beach at the marina and watched the waves come in, until the mosquitoes started buzzing around.  Another great day on the TSW!IMG_8347Our next destination is Bobcaygeon, 17 miles down the TSW – the home of Kawartha Dairies!