Since the Admiral  has work commitments, Andy will be joined by various friends along the way to get him into position until his wife can join the adventure in November.

Winnipeg to Britt, with side trips for golf and a  visit to Andy’s birthplace of Marathon, and familiarization in Georgian Bay:  First mate- Dave  “Cappy” Capper  August 2- 9

First mate- Pat Gillespie  August 7- September 13th (Chicago/Dolton)

IMG_0240 (2)

Here’s Pat and Dave at the helm on the run from Britt to Sans Souci  Island

Admiral’s designate: Marcia Gillespie August15- August 28

resting A16  mill lake

First mate- Brian Hayton September 4- September 13 (Chicago/Dolton)

Brian at the helm

First mate- Don Wehmeier – September14-   September 25 ( St. Charles)


first mate

Here’s Don and Amy on the boat, after arrival in St. Charles

Twylla joined the excursion on November 1st in Port Charles and will end her role as the Admiral  the 3rd week of August, as she has to return to work.



Andy’s sister Elaine joined us on January 26th  for three weeks- we had hoped to go to the Bahamas, but Mother nature didn’t cooperate so we ended up going down the Keys and then  up to Fort Myers and across Lake Okeechobee on the rim route.  Elaine flew back to Canada on February 16th.



From June 24- July 2 on the trip  from Gananoque  to Ottawa ;


crew hbv


Brian and Helen Vermeersch


July 2- July 7   Return trip on the Rideau canal to Gananoque.


Muriel Fox and Brian Hayton ( his 2nd crewing assignment)


Andy and Twylla McKendry attained Gold Looper status on August 6th, 2016 when they crossed their wake at Victoria Harbour  357 days and 6800 miles after leaving there the previous August.

img_0137 (1)

1 thought on “Crew

  1. Edney

    Can’t wait to see you here in the Sound. Wouldn’t mind watching you go over the marine railway on the Trent Canal. If you can, let me know when you will be there. It is about a 2.5 hour drive from Owen Sound.
    Mike and Franziska



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