Finally together again, the Captain, Admiral and boat

We left Winnipeg on Friday and drove to  Albert Lea Minnesota.  Left early Saturday morning and got to St.Charles in mid- afternoon.  Spent the rest of the day unpacking– not a lot of space on this 35 foot boat– the captain suggested I leave some of my clothes in the car.  Debora and Robert Kelly came to visit on Sunday, and take our car to Rolla to store it until spring.

It’s daybreak November 2nd and the plan is to get as far as Hoppies in Kimmswick, which means a long day of about 65 miles and 2 locks.  Nothing like easing the admiral in……. I’m excited about finally starting, but apprehensive as well.

May not have internet for the next few days but will post again when we do.


4 thoughts on “Finally together again, the Captain, Admiral and boat

  1. Cheryl McQueen

    Wow! this journey had already begun earlier on. I love the beard Andy! It makes you look official as an Admiral of the Seas! Great idea to have a blog. I am going to go back and read the “historical” events leading up to the Great Loop!
    Have fun and I hope the sun shines favourably on you.



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