We made it across the Bay


Sunday was a lovely day, very little wind and waves, so no excuses for not having pictures.  We left shortly after 9:00 and followed “Touch of Class” through the channel leading back to the shipping lane.


Here’s a  view of Mobile  in the distance, hardly a ripple in the water, not like Thursday when we arrived in Dog River.


Since it was a nice day we took our time going about 6-7 knots and enjoyed the sunshine.


We saw a fair bit of traffic in the shipping channel, and shrimp and sailboats farther out in the Bay.



At one point we had a couple of dolphins following the boat.IMG_4210

Here’s a view of us leaving Mobile Bay and another one entering the Gulf Inter coastal waterway.

IMG_4213 IMG_4214

We arrived a Saunders Yacht works  at 3:00 and tied up to their  dock.

It’s now 9:00 Monday morning, and a technician is already looking at our battery/electrical issue.

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