Daily Archives: January 16, 2016

We survived Salty Sam’s squall

January 15

The day started with rain beginning at 5:00 a.m., it continued for many hours, and the wind started to increase.IMG_4464 At 10:30, we were advised on the radio that there was a tornado watch for several counties in Florida including where we were.   At 10:45, we left the boat to seek shelter in marina buildings.  I was in the ladies washroom with several other women and 2 dogs.  The winds and torrential rains came and lasted about an hour.  We heard several large bangs, and the power went out a few times.  We returned to our boat by 12:15, to discover that one of the large bangs had been a transformer being hit & we had no shore power.  Dawn came about an hour later to take us shopping and sightseeing.  There was quite a bit of water over the road, coming out of the marina.


After shopping we went to one of Dawn’s favourite places for some beverages and French fries.

Ft Myers

Peter called and he and Andy are now discussing things to keep them busy  now that they are  both retired.


Today the sky is blue and the humidity is  at 97%; we plan to leave Salty Sam’s and go to Cape Coral to  start the Lake Okeechobee waterway tomorrow.  There is a pirate ship here- so took another picture.


Saw this sign  we’re a long way from home….