In Herrington Harbour until the weather improves


May 10 thru 13

We continue to have cool rainy weather here in Maryland.  A record has been set with 15 continuous days with precipitation in  parts of the state—not the best weather for travelling and sightseeing.  We waited around most of Tuesday for the delivery of the oil switch—in the late afternoon we learned that the UPS guy had been in the area around 12:15- but didn’t have the correct address.  Andy’s phone number was on the shipping label but he didn’t think to call us.  So, no part Tuesday.  On Wednesday we finally got the part at noon.  Andy called the mechanic however he wasn’t able to make it to our boat until later in the day.  Andy was able to replace it on his own, and then proceeded to change the oil in the starboard engine.

On Thursday the plan had been to leave Herrington Harbour, however we were fogged in.  The rainy weather was to continue, so we decided to stay at this marina until after the weekend. We rented a car so we could drive to a couple of the places we had hoped to see by boat.  In the afternoon we walked around the marina and checked out the historic village.




These are the trees with the bright purple/pink  flowers that I admired in South Carolina

IMG_6320 IMG_6321 IMG_6322



IMG_6325 IMG_6326 IMG_6327 IMG_6328

On Friday after getting the car we drove to Annapolis.  We went on a 2.5 hour walking tour of the State Capital and some of the historic buildings in town in the rain.

IMG_6336 IMG_6337


It including going into the state capital building and seeing where Washington resigned as commander-in-chief.

IMG_6347 IMG_6357 IMG_6358 IMG_6361

We also went to the United States Naval Academy, located on the banks of the Severn River which was founded in 1845.  This facility trains 4000 plus midshipmen to become officers in the US Navy and marine corps.   IMG_6364

IMG_6393IMG_6368 IMG_6369

The residence for these young men and women is called Bancroft Hall.



We visited the Naval Academy Chapel where here was some amazing stained glass windows.

IMG_6375 IMG_6377

In the crypt of the chapel there is the remains of Commodore John Paul Jones, who was one of the naval leaders of the American Revolution.



Here’s a view of the harbour from the city docks.IMG_6405

On Saturday, we plan to go across the Bay bridge to the Eastern shore and visit St. Michaels.

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