South Jersey Shores

May 22-25

The rainy and windy weather continues in New Jersey, so we sit in the boat and catch up on our reading.


On Sunday we found a laundry,  as well as something else that is familiar to us – a TD bank, they seem to be everywhere.


In the afternoon we drove up to May’s Landing,

IMG_6681 to meet Dawn and Helen for supper.


On Monday we went to the computer repair store for it’s opening at 9:00, I was told my computer has a memory card and battery issue, but my hard drive is fine.  I had brought a memory stick and made a backup of  my  pictures and documents.  The battery had to be ordered so it would be 3 or more days before the computer is fixed.  For my trip to Winnipeg, I will take Andy’s, as he is able to get emails on the tablet, and once  my computer is fixed, he will have it to use.  We returned the car and got a ride back to the boat.  At 10:30, we got a call from Rafe, he was approaching our marina on the  NJ ICW and hadn’t encountered any shallow water as yet—his draft is 3 feet.


For the remainder of the day and on Tuesday, I tried to figure out what I would be taking back to Winnipeg, and started packing.  Andy is working on a project of sanding and re-staining with Cetol the  Teak railings, as they have become beaten up in places, as we’ve rubbed against docks and poles.


On Thursday morning, Dawn is going to pick me up before 7:00 and drive me to Philadelphia to catch my plane which is taking me to Kansas City via Minneapolis.   Robert and Debora Kelly will pick me up at the airport in KC with our car (they’ve had it since November).  We will spend the night there and then travel North to Canada.  I think it is a 12 hour drive, and I’m hoping to make it home Friday night.  I’ll stay a couple nights at my house, visit with some friends and then will check into the Canad Inn for our Eastern Star Grand Session.  Thank goodness for our Star connections- it is star members- Dawn, Robert and Debora, that are assisting me in my trip home.

Now an update on the weather—we’ve had a month of rain, and yes it did rain yesterday as well, and was windy.

IMG_6680 However today is suppose to be about 30 and remain that way for the rest of the week —hard to believe after all these days in the low double digits, I checked the Winnipeg forecast—rain and thunderstorms are predicted  with highs in the 20’s.  I’m use to the rain- will I be able to handle the heat?

There may not be another post until I return on June 3rd, although the Captain may surprise us all and post  something.  Hope my sister Heather has a great birthday today.

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