Monthly Archives: September 2016

On Business has been put to bed in Buckhorn

I’ve spent the past 3 weeks at work, at times wishing I was still Looping.  I have been reading the blogs of friends  tracking their progress through  Lake Michigan and the Illinois River.  I’m envious,  these are the portions of the Loop that I didn’t see last fall due to work.

We  saw many of our boating friends  last Saturday when we went to the fall supper at our home marina.  We hope to share our adventure next summer by doing a presentation there.

On Monday morning Andy left for Buckhorn, a 2000 mile drive,  to pick up stuff that was left on the  boat that we couldn’t bring when we flew back to Winnipeg.  He also took the props from our Winnipeg Beach boat to have them overhauled before we put it up for sale.  I’m sure he will also indulged in Kawartha Ice cream.

The boat is being stored outdoors, so the staff at Buckhorn Yacht Harbour have done all the draining and winterizing to prepare it for an Ontario winter.  It is being shrink-wrapped once the weather turns colder.

An article appeared in our local paper last week about our loop adventure.  Here’s the link