Monthly Archives: November 2016

Winter is approaching and we’re preparing for it

Lots of things happening over the past few months.  My job involves working with farmers, and most of the fall harvesting is done in Manitoba, however due to rain and snow in the other two prairie provinces about 25% of the crop, especially Canola is still in the field. We’ll be testing samples well into the new year.

On the home front, we’ve been busy.  I’ve  frozen several bushels of apples and pears,  from our neighbour’s tree, as well as making 20 lbs of pumpkin puree  from the pumpkins that grew in my garden.  I had thought that I planted Spaghetti squash when I was home in May, but somehow pumpkins grew as well.  I likely have about 25  lbs of squash as well to eat over the winter.img_9015Also in our garden a few weeks back we had a visitor, who was happily eating the Kale and posed for this picture.img_8981We’ve done  a few projects around the house, on our return I wanted Andy to paint the living room the colour of water, as a reminder of where we’d been.  His first attempt was too bright, and not what I had envisioned.  It ended up being a mistake made by the paint store- so he had to re-do it.img_8988In the end I’ve quite pleased with the new colour- called Blue Lake.img_8990We next wanted to change the upholstery on some of our dining room chairs- going from green to grey.img_8996We have  had a heat wave  the past few days, normal temps are around 4C, however it’s been close to 17C since Friday.  Great weather for completing the fall yard work.

To keep us busy over the winter we have been curling on Friday nights in a mixed league with our neighbors.  Both Andy and Dave curl several times during the week.  But once is enough for me.  We’ve played 3 times and lost two of them.The bonus has been that I have won the 50/50 draw twice.  Both Andy and I are curling with sticks rather than  kneeling and delivering rocks from the hack, as we both have knee issues.

Last night we went out to Gimli  to the hanger where are powerboat is stored for a Pirate’s Party.  img_9003 img_9005 img_9011What a Motley Crew!  It was a fun night, we got back to the city by midnight, and because the time was changing back to standard time, we supposedly got an extra hour of sleep.  We have to go back to the hanger in the next few weeks, as the props are still sitting in our garage, after being repaired and re-balanced in Buckhorn.img_9014   I posted the powerboat on  Kijiji yesterday, in hopes of selling it over the winter.

Last year on this date, we were in Green Turtle Bay Kentucky, making our way south on the Rivers.  Can’t believe  where the year has gone.