One fish, two fish… 3 fresh fish fillets@ Henry’s

We got up and pulled out of Britt at 7:35.  Andy maneuvered us through the markers for the Norgate rocks

and we entered the Alexander passage.    Just before reaching Snug Harbour, I  saw another cell tower disguised as a tree—they really stick our because they are so tall.

When we got back out into bay  – the next challenge was the zig-zaging through the hang-dog reefs. With the higher water on Georgian Bay, ( up 1.6 meters above chart datum)– there wasn’t as many rocks on the surface – but they are still there.

My repeated requests for fresh fish has not gone unnoticed- Andy suggested that we go to Gilly’s for lunch.  As we passed by Snug Harbour- we took a look at the public dock and it was full- so we continued on.

There were a number of work boats on the water today, and I’ve included pictures of a few of them.

I never get tired of taking pictures of lights and lighthouses so I have included them in the order that I saw them. Byng Inlet,Port au Baril,

Snug Harbour, Jones island– all red and white but no two exactly the same.  Near the channel going up to Parry Sound we saw the  Island Queen tour boat.

We followed the small craft channel and checked out an anchorage in Echo Bay, where  2 boats were anchored.

  Since we were so close to Henry’s fish restaurant- Andy suggested we stop there for the night, as a thunderstorm and rain was in the forecast. 

For dinner we had deep-fried Georgian bay shrimp (smelts) and then pan fried pickerel, which was absolutely amazing and well over-due.  We had been to Henry’s in 2016, and the food was so-so—the restaurant was closed in 2017, when we were up this way.  It now has new owners- the food and service was great.  We were happy we were tied up for the night, the winds picked up after midnight, and we had a thunderstorm around 3:00 a.m.  I  had just fallen back to sleep when I heard an alarm going off—it was an Amber alert on Andy’s phone.   

We left Henry’s at 9:30 and continued down the small craft channel, we went out towards Georgian Bay in order to traverse the O’Donnel rocks.

We checked out anchorages in King’s Bay

and in Indian harbour.

We then took the Monument channel to get out of the wind and waves, and went by an anchorage that we had stayed at in 2016.    We moved up the Musquash channel and found Bone Island.  A portion of the island belongs to Parks Canada- we tied up to the large T-dock on the south side of the island at 12:50.

The dock did not extend to land- so there was no shore access, but we had the dock to ourselves.  The weather had been cool all day with 15 knot winds, so we were happy to be tied up and sheltered.

The wind remained brisk all afternoon and it changed from sunny to overcast, and then back to sunny.  I saw this pair of turtles on the rocks.

Andy pulled out both fishing rods and tried to catch dinner with no luck.


On Friday, we got up lazed around and then I did a little cleaning, Andy tried fishing again.

A sail boat had  anchored out near us.


We left the docks around 10:00, followed the small craft channel, and went across the top of Beausoleil island, through Honey harbour and then across the bay to Victoria harbour.  The wind was still quite brisk in the Bay, but not as bad as the previous day.  We arrived at Queen’s cove at 12:30 and tied up. Iain and Teresa arrived around 5 and we visited and then went to Queen’s Quay Pub for dinner.  Afterwards we played Shanghai until almost 11pm- way past our normal bedtime.

On Saturday morning , Andy, Iain and I will start moving up the Trent towards Buckhorn.

2 thoughts on “One fish, two fish… 3 fresh fish fillets@ Henry’s

  1. Still Waters ll

    👍 great blog post as usual, good to know an update on Henry’s.
    We have wonderful memories of being there with you, Andy, Lynn & Wayne.
    FYI: go ahead and laugh, but……… our grandkids were not catching any fish, our oldest grandson asked if they could have some pre cooked sausage to use for bait,
    I’m like what ?? 🤔
    He said the youth leader at their church told him that it is great fish bait. I gave
    him some, within a few minutes he and his siblings were catching fish !



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