Moving in the thirty thousand islands

We heard back from Brian, and will return to Penatang on August 9th.  So, we left around 10 am and cruised over to Victoria Harbour for fuel and a pump out, we left there shortly after 12:15.  As it was Friday the waterways were fairly busy, with lots of boats moving in all directions.  We had decided to cruise by Beausoleil island and head up the Musquash channel to Longuissa Bay.  We arrived there by about 2:30. There were several other boats in the bay, we picked our spot and dropped the hook. 

It was very calm and peaceful, I read a little and went for a swim.  We had originally thought we would go to another anchorage on Saturday, but because rain was in the forecast, we decided to stay put.  We did some cleaning on the fly bridge and also in the aft bathroom.  In the afternoon, it appeared that we were dragging the anchor slightly, so we repositioned it.  Late afternoon the winds picked up and were 30 gusting to 50, we were swinging constantly on the anchor, there was a tornado warning out for Huron county, but that wasn’t close to our position.  Because of the rain and wind, our MIFI wouldn’t work, and getting additional weather on the phone was also spotty.  We learned the wind would die down by midnight, so we decided to stay up to monitor our position.   At the same time, we were once again getting strange Low voltage messages on the boat electronics screens, making us think we were running out of power again.   We went to bed after 12:30, and slept lightly listening to the howling winds.  In the morning, around 9, we fired up the generator for an hour to charge up our batteries.  We left the anchorage shortly after 10 and headed back to the musquash channel and then the monument channel. We went through Indian Harbour,

surveying it as a possible place to stop on our return trip. We decided to go as far as Henry’s Fish Restaurant for supper and the night with shore power.  We arrived there shortly after 2:00, checked in and went for ice cream.

On Monday we left at 8:45 and travelled east to Massasauga Park.  We checked out a couple of potential anchorages and then toured Port Rawson Bay. This bay is a designated overnight space. 

We travelled around the bay and found over 10 other boats already anchored in various places.   Some were tied to shore, which was something I wasn’t going to do, as this park is home to the Massasauga rattlers.  We ended up on the west side of Port Rawson Bay, anchoring at 11:20. 

We spent the afternoon reading, cleaning and swimming.

When I retired, some of my co-workers from our IT department had given me a Momentum  dive watch with a purple wristband, this watch is  good to 660 feet, I didn’t wear it swimming, but it has accompanied me on this trip. I still love the watch!

  There were a couple of spots where people were camping, one was near us, and they spent a few hours in the evening hauling kids on a tube behind their boat—so lots of waves.   There were fish- but none liked what Andy had for offer on his hook.

On Tuesday morning we awoke to rain, and it continued on and off until 11:00 by noon it was sunny. 

We decided to leave at 1:00, and travelled back to the main channel.  We travelled about 3 hours towards Parry Sound, and ended up anchoring in Hale Bay.  We were near a couple of cottages, but no one seemed to be around.    No fish here either.

On Wednesday morning, it was fairly calm, so we left at 7:40 and headed north west.  We passed by this light with a nest on top.

We went by Snug Harbour and by Regatta Bay, a popular anchorage, where there were more than a dozen boats. We continued on and checked out a couple anchorages in Hopewell Bay off the Shawanaga Inlet passage.  We went by Pointe au Baril lighthouse and then went out into the bay to go through the Hangdog reef.  We stopped and anchored in a bay off Alexander Passage and had lunch, but the anchor wasn’t holding because of the wind.  We called Wright’s Marina in Britt, to see if they had transient space, since they did, we continued on. It was 16 miles to the marina, we arrived at 2:00.  Our charging issues continue, as rather than our state of charge increasing over the 5 hours of travelling, it actually went down slightly—it doesn’t make sense to either of us.  After checking in, the first item on my list was to do laundry, they only have 2 machines, I was able to fit what I needed washed into 3 loads, so was busy for the next couple of hours.

On Thursday morning, we woke up to rain again. I wish I could  send it back to Manitoba where rain is badly needed.  By 10:00 the sun had come out, as well as a light breeze. I worked on customizing the displays on Andy’s 4 Garmin engine screens, so that they all show the same information.  We then walked a mile to the grocery store and picked up a few items as well as Guinness.    On our way I saw a flower with multiple Monarch butterflies, but by the time I got my phone all but one were gone. 

I also noticed this patch of water lilies. 

On our return to the marina we stopped at Ice Cream on the Rocks shop and had our first Kawartha ice cream for the season.  We had ice cream on 2 other occasions, but it was Central Smith not Kawartha– there is a big difference! We returned to the boat and sat out on the deck until the winds picked up and drove us inside.  Around 7 PM, we had some thunder and a downpour.  Andy checked out the weather for the next few days and reviewed the charts for potential anchorages.    We met with Brook, who we had met on previous occasions here, and she suggested some of her favourite anchorages too. We hope to leave in the morning depending on the weather. Hope everyone has a great long weekend! Stay safe.

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