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Change of plans…heading home

We left the Campbellford town docks just before 10:00 and headed for the Campbellford lock.  We weren’t looking forward to it, as it is a mandatory PORT tie when locking up, which is not our side of choice. Andy drives on the starboard side, as well our dinghy sticks out on the back on the port side.  It was windy, and we were blown towards the starboard wall, but Andy was able to bring us back to the Port side to tie off.  Following Campbellford lock, we next went through Crowe Bay and then on the Healey #15- which was also a Port tie, we went through it with no issues. It was then on to the flight lock of 16 and 17.  When we got out of 17, it was starting to rain and was quite windy, so we decided to tie up at 1:00. So, 5 locks and 5.5 miles.

  In late afternoon, my sister Maxine called to let me know that Mom had been admitted to hospital and likely wouldn’t be coming out.  We decided that we would try to get back to Buckhorn as quickly as we could- but it was 13 locks away.  Luckily it was the weekend, and lock hours are 9 to 4:30.  When we got up Saturday morning, we were quite fogged in at Lock 17, within 30 minutes, it was starting to lift, so we fired up and left shortly after 7:00.  

Prior to reaching Trent River, I could see something fairly big swimming in the water- I didn’t think it was people, it was in fact 2 deer. 

As we approached their location, in the channel, they got disoriented and started swimming back to where they had come from.  Not sure if they made it back to shore, but I hope so.  When we went for dinner with the Sharpes, they told us that their property had a large light house near their dock.  I think this is likely it.

We arrived in Hasting after 9:00, and were through the lock and swing bridge by 9:40, we then had to go across Rice Lake and down the Otonabee river towards Peterborough, we went through Scotts Mill shortly after 2:00, followed by Ashburnham at 2:30 and the lift lock at 2:50, we continued on to Nassau Mills, which we had planned to stay at.  We were told at the lock that we had to continue on to the top of Otonabee Lock 23, as they were going to be dropping the water between 23 and 24 overnight.  It was a windy day, and there was a strong current, due partly to the excessive rain earlier in the week.  We were tied up at Otonabee by 4:30.  

We had gone through 6 locks for the day and 54.5 miles, a long day for us! 

On Sunday we left Otonabee and 8:30, so that we would be at Douro when it opened at 9:00.  We were though by 9:40. When we got to the next lock Sawer Creek, we were told by the locking staff, that after Monday some of the locks would be shutting down from Tuesday to Friday, so that the excess water could be circulated throughout the system.  Thankfully we were on the move, so this wouldn’t affect us.   Here’s a picture of the effect of the current on the markers.

We were through Sawer by 10:00, followed by Lakefield at 10:30, I left my boat tomato which still had about 30 green tomatoes and flowers, with the lockmaster there, as she has a garden at the lock, and shares the produce with boaters.  We made it through Young’s Point at 11:30, and I saw these lovely flowers in a yard near the lock. 

We were through Burleigh Falls at 12:40 and Lovesick by 1:05.  It was still very windy, and there were some dark clouds over Lower Buckhorn Lake. 

Saw this wind surfer there. 

  It was on to Buckhorn – our last lock for the year

and were through by 2:00 and tied up on the wall with power by 2:10. Two very long days of wind and currents.

On Monday morning, we woke up to rain, which started shortly after 4 a.m., once it stopped, we moved the boat from the Lock to Buckhorn Yacht harbour marina, and tied up at the ramp.  Andy spoke to Peter, and set up a meeting for Tuesday morning.  We decided to drive to Bobcaygeon, so that I could do some laundry.    While at the laundromat, I received a text from my sister that my mother had peacefully passed away.   Once we got back to the boat, we started packing and cleaning up.  For dinner we ordered pizza, and then started loading up the car.  By 10:00 a.m. Tuesday, we were ready to pull out.  Andy drove  685 KM going via Orillia, Parry Sound, Sudbury, and we arrived in Sault Ste. Marie by 6:30.  We encountered several areas where there was road construction and only one lane of traffic so we had to wait. I did hear from my sisters and Mom’s service is tentatively set for October 8th, so we don’t have to rush up to Swan River once we get back to Winnipeg. A tough few days!

We woke up early and were on the road before 7:00, skirting around Lake Superior.  Here’s a shot of the lake from Katherine Cove. 

We did see a black bear later beside the road, but I wasn’t quick enough with the camera.  We stopped in Thunder Bay for gas and then continued on to Fort Frances, to spend the night with Andy’s sister Elaine and her husband Dave. 

After breakfast on Thursday, it was back in the car for the last segment of the trip, we arrived home by 2:30.  It was nice to be home.  After unpacking the car, I went out to my garden and started to pull some weeds.  We then went through 2 ½ months of mail.  I visited with the neighbors, and asked about the strange boxes in our front yard. 

The holes were all dug, in order to run fibre optic cable through the neighborhood and into individual houses.  Interesting! 

We travelled up to Swan River for Mom’s graveside service which was held on October 8th, with Covid restrictions we limited it to family only. I think that ,were 28 people in attendance. I was given the honour of giving the Eulogy.

Following the service, my nephew Chris hosted family members for a BBQ and gathering in his machine shop at his farm.  At table was set up with memorabilia about Mom. ( Some pictures from this celebration of Mom’s life will appear in my blog book)

Since it was Thanksgiving weekend, we stayed for a couple more days and celebrated with the family.