We’ll be on the move again later this morning…

We spent two relaxing nights here in Green Turtle Bay, and the admiral got to do some shopping and eat out twice.  We also did laundry and found a beer store in  a ‘wet’  county.  Last night we went to a place in Grand River called Patti’s 1880 settlement,   http://www.pattis1880s.com .  We had called the restaurant early in the day but couldn’t get a reservation until 8:45– too late for us– as we’ve been going to bed at 9:00.  We called back and got a lunch reservation for 3:30.  One of the owners of the facility came and picked us up from the marina and later brought us home.    I’m saying facility, as it includes  stores,  animal park, pond, mini-golf, chapel,  grounds that were already decorated for Christmas with over a million lights  and 2 restaurants.  The food was fabulous–  I had a burger and Andy had pork which is one of the restaurants specialties along with the flower pot bread and we shared a piece of boat sinker pie  ( chocolate  brownie like pie, with coffee ice cream, and whip cream). Hopefully our boat doesn’t sink at any time during this trip, from us over-eating.

When we leave here today, we’ll be heading south on Kentucky lake, there are lots of options for anchorages and marinas, not sure how far we’ll travel.  The sun is shining and we’ll go until we see a place that we want to stop at.  Really I think the captain just wants to get me away from the stores.


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