We made is to PARIS…. Landing State Park in TN


gtb We said goodbye to  Green Turtle Bay and traveled south on Kentucky Lake.   andyNov 8

The sun came out and Andy started working on his winter tan- hopefully it is a tan as he usually burns in the summer.

We went about 28 Nautical miles and turned in to Ginger Bay- very picturesque!entrance to GBOur anchorageanchored at GBThere were thousands of little silver fish jumping, so I thought I’d get in the dinghy and see if I could catch one  to get a better look.  The captain didn’t trust me to come back so he kept me tethered to the Mother ship!  But there was no shopping here!!

fishing in GBThe evening sunsetSUNSET IN gbWe had company the next morning- one lone bird and all those little silver fish jumping.

Morning in GBWent to start the engines this morning and only the starboard engine would turn over,  problems with either the cranking battery or alternator.  We traveled 13 miles to Paris Landing Marina, where we have power and can re-charge the batteries- hopefully.  We’ve also booked a mechanic to come take a look tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “We made is to PARIS…. Landing State Park in TN

  1. lindatboating

    Yeah, you gotta have those batteries and alternators up to snuff so you can stay in some of those secluded Bays. I would LOVE that. It’s like going to Wells Harbour or The Manigatoggan River here at home. Looks Gorgeous.

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