What’s wrong with these pictures?

IMG_4041Nov 14 IMG_4043 Nov 15This is the same view from the port window, two days apart.  Yesterday it was extremely foggy here and no one considered leaving until after 8:00,   when we  finally went to start the engines to pull out, the Starboard would not start.  We called for a maintenance person to come take a look, but they are unavailable until Monday. So we are still at Midway Marina in Fulton MS.

Andy cleaned all the battery terminals and topped up the water, he suspects the starter is jammed.

Yesterday as the Admiral, I volunteered to scrub the decks– it was a lovely day and I was out there in shorts.  So far today I’ve defrosted the freezer and will do some more cleaning and possibly laundry.  Not sure how long we’ll be here, but at least there isn’t snow on the ground!

2 thoughts on “What’s wrong with these pictures?

  1. lindatboating

    No snow here either, and it’s the 15th. We Manitobans usually have that stuff here to stay by mid November, I’m pretty sure we will be on the road by Tuesdaym judt waiting for the final OK. We should be settled in, in Texas by Saturday.



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