We dropped 144 feet in elevation and made it to Midway

We left Grand Harbour at 6:30- there was a little mist on the water of Pickwick lake, and we saw several cranes/herons that were using the green channel markers as a perch.IMG_4015 IMG_4018 After about 6 miles, Mile 444 we had to stop and pull over to the edge of the channel—the fog/mist had settled in and was so thick we couldn’t see very far ahead. We knew there was a tow, as well as another larger (63 foot) boat behind us- so we waited. Once the two of them passed, we followed them, with the captain of the “Leader” tug, going first.IMG_4019For most of the day we were in a group of 4 pleasure craft, the 63 foot “Nauti times”, from Ottawa ON, a 40 foot Albion trawler  “Renny Roo” and a Chris Craft “Touch of Class”. We locked through the Jamie Whitten Lock, which was an 84 foot drop, Here’s the before pictures looking forward and aft….IMG_4021 IMG_4023Here’s the same two views,  after locking….


IMG_4028An added benefit of this lock was a second shower– whether you needed it or not.IMG_4032

Our next look was  about 6 miles later –the Montgomery Lock, which was only a 30 foot drop and finally the Rankin Lock,  another 7 miles downstream which again was another  30 foot drop.  We went through an area that had lots of stumps in the water, thank goodness the channel is well marked.

IMG_4037At about 2:00 we arrived at Midway Marina at mile 394, near Fulton MS. We fueled up, and then moved the boat—seems we are still having  electrical  issue with the starboard engine. Maybe the boat was telling him that it didn’t like being run so hard as we tried to keep up with Nauti times! We borrowed the courtesy van and made a grocery run to Walmart and then had supper at the Waterfront restaurant at the Marina.

2 thoughts on “We dropped 144 feet in elevation and made it to Midway

  1. lindatboating

    Those stumps are not only dangerous, if it was foggy or dark, but they are ugly and create methane gas which is bad for the ozone layer. I don’t know why they don’t cut down and haul away all the trees when they flood an area for a reserviour etc. They have lakes in Texas and Oklahoma that are ugly like that.??? Again a beautiful blog.



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