Daily Archives: December 3, 2015

Next State- Florida

Update Dec 1-3

We left Saunders Tuesday afternoon after having the clamps replaced on the Turbo boot, which may have been the cause of the Oil mist in the engine room.

We went about 10 miles and pulled into Robert Bayou mile 165, just past Pirate’s Cove Marina.  We were sheltered from the winds, but did swing a little during the night.   There was also a sailboat anchored in the bayou with us.

IMG_4217 IMG_4218

We checked the engine for oil mist and there appeared to be none- so hopefully that’s the end of that issue.  We had planned to only stay one night, but when we realized we had internet courtesy of Pirate’s Cove we decided to just laze around Wednesday.  We had wanted to be somewhere with internet on Wednesday night, so we could hear the outcome of Duncan’s surgery.  Which we were told by Doreen had gone extremely well.

Our plan today is to continue heading East into Florida.