Left the historic Edenton for Albemarle Plantation Marina


April 20, 2016

We learned some more history stuff in the morning after going to the Edenton Coffee house for breakfast.  I took pictures of the Cupola  house built in 1758 and  the gardens.

IMG_5843 IMG_5845


We also learned that in 1862, many of the bells from the churches in town  had been melted down to make cannons, and were used in many battles in the mid 1860’s by a unit referred to as the Edenton Bell battery.  The cannons shown below are from the Revolutionary War.


We  also learned that  the underground railway thrived in Edenton,   and many slaves were assisted in  obtaining freedom , by being transported by boat.


At 10:00 the  Roanoke River lighthouse was open and I took a short tour of the place.  Furnishings  of the lighthouse are typical for 1886.

IMG_5849 IMG_5852 IMG_5855

At  10:30, we departed Edenton for our next stop on the Albemarle Loop.  Today’s destination was Albemarle Plantation Marina, which was about  a   25 mile ride on the north shore of the Albemarle  Sound.    The wind had picked up, and we had 2 – 3 foot waves for the first hour.


IMG_5856Once we got  through the bridge, and protected by Harvey point  the waves diminished slightly.  We arrived at  the marina at 1:05.


We learned the layout of the complex, found  out where showers, laundry, the clubhouse and golf shop was, and had a golf cart assigned to us.  Andy booked a Tee time for 3:00.  He did the back 9 holes, I went along to take pictures and pull the flag.




Here’s the view of the marina from the 16th green.

IMG_5876Following golf, we went to the clubhouse for supper.  In the evening Jack Atwell and his wife stopped by.  Jack is the person spearheading the Albemarle Loop.  Andy wanted to give him some suggestions, and let him know that we’ve been enjoying the towns we’ve stopped at so far.

We’ll be leaving in the morning, the winds will dictate what time we go- but the plan is to get to Elizabeth city, which will be about a 60 mile day.

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