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Time to Say Goodbye to South Carolina

Update  March 26 – 31

On Saturday, Andy went golfing, and I stayed at the Marina and read a book.   It began to rain around 10 AM and continued on and off for most of the afternoon and evening. He returned after 3:00, with the contents of Fred’s fridge, as Fred was flying home to Winnipeg on Sunday.  That evening we went to Red Lobster with the Vermeerschs and the LaBries.

On Easter Sunday morning the plan was to go to Mammy’s Kitchen for brunch, but there was a lineup and since there were 12 of us the wait would have been quite long.  Instead we went back to Pan Am pancake and omelet house, where we had been the Sunday before.  It once again began to rain, and continued into the evening. That night Brian and Helen came over for Easter dinner of Ham, scalloped potatoes and salad, with fudge for dessert. Helen brought me a towel with a crab cake recipe on it which I can’t wait to try.


Monday morning the sky was blue and the temperature had risen to the mid 70’s by noon.  Andy returned the car rental to the city and I washed the floors while he was away.   In the afternoon Andy made scones, and we had the boaters from  Summertime and Turas over for drinks and scones.

Pat and Becky stayed for supper, which was leftovers from our Easter dinner.  On Tuesday, Brian picked up Andy for golf—I wasn’t feeling well so lazed around for most of the day.  In the evening we went over to Summertime and Andy showed them some of the places he had anchored in the North Channel.

On Wednesday we did some preparations for our trip north; I printed some charts and then we figured out which Canadian charts we will need for the Trent Severn and Rideau Canals.  Andy had to catch a ride to Home Depot as our water hose sprang a leak, because the Admiral forgot to turn the water off.  Oops!

In the afternoon Brian and Helen stopped by to say goodbye as they will be heading north on Thursday morning.

On Thursday; March 31st, our last day at Osprey, we saw Summertime leave with Wally and Darcy,  I’m sure our paths will cross again along the loop.


I walked to the Waccatee Zoo – there were no animals near the fence except this deer.


Instead I focused on the colourful flowers that were popping or climbing  up everywhere along the way.


IMG_5379 IMG_5384

IMG_5376 IMG_5383

The Wisteria had climbed up to the  very top of these trees.


I think this is spider wort and it was growing in the ditch.


The dandelions are out as well.

IMG_5401 IMG_5405

It’s hard to believe we’ve been at Osprey a month—the plan is to leave tomorrow and enter the great state of North Carolina,  which I believe may be the 13th state that we will pass through on  this adventure.

Another busy week in Myrtle Beach

March 20th to 25

Sunday morning we met a group of friends for breakfast at Pan am pancake and omelette house.


Brain and Helen were kind enough to pick us up and we did a little shopping afterwards.

On Monday, we had expected the mechanic to come and take another look at our leak, however he changed it to Tuesday and then Wednesday, as Andy had a golf date on Tuesday.   I walked to the Waccatee Zoo and back to check on the animals.  Got this great picture of a Cardinal up in a tree.

IMG_5225 IMG_5233 IMG_5234

On my return to the Marina, I also checked out the road construction  farther down Enterprise Road.


On Wednesday, Brian the mechanic came and tightened up some of the fittings to hopefully end our diesel leak.   In the afternoon Brian V came and picked us up for the River Walk potluck BBQ. This event has been on-going for the past 12-15 years, this was the 3rd time that we had attended.  It is organized by Bonnie from Bancroft Ontario, but there are both Canadian and Americans in attendance, a few of the American’s live year round at Riverwalk, which is adjacent to the Arrowhead golf course.  The food was great and the men who assisted/watched  Brian H BBQ the steaks did a great job.


Following the meal we had a group picture taken.

BBQ March 23


We spent the night at Brian and Helen’s and watched the movie Churchill’s secret before going to bed.

On Thursday we had a busy day planned with Brian and Helen.  In the morning we went to Brookgreen garden, which is south of Myrtle Beach.

IMG_5330 IMG_5335

This garden was developed in the 1930’s on 4 former rice plantations. It is a haven for indigenous plant life and a nature refuge for animals.    The  gardens protects over 2,000 species of plants and has 9 different ecosystems ranging from salt marshes to long leaf pine, mixed hardwood and river bluff forests. Exhibited within the garden is a large collection of American figurative sculptures, created  since the early nineteenth century. Here’s a few  of the sculptures.IMG_5325 IMG_5326 IMG_5331



IMG_5340 IMG_5343

These 2 thought they’d could be part of the artwork!

Many of the flowers were starting to bloom- so I have to include a few of them.

IMG_5266 IMG_5332 IMG_5339

IMG_5237 IMG_5346

We had been to Brookgreen one other time, but it was a year with a cold spring, so very few of he flowers had been in bloom.

At the gardens for a limited engagement there was also a “Nature Connects” display of art made with Lego.  Some of these works had more than 75,000 lego bricks and were spectacular.IMG_5364


IMG_5311 IMG_5308 IMG_5302 IMG_5298 IMG_5283 IMG_5274


Who knew that you could make such life-like figures from Lego.

At the gardens, there was also a zoo, and here is where I finally saw a live gator or two.



Other animals included, otters, foxes, goats and a variety of birds and waterfowl. I really liked the blue billed duck.




IMG_5269 IMG_5270 IMG_5271


After spending 3 ½ hours at the gardens we went to Cracker Barrel for lunch and then returned to Myrtle Beach.  That evening, beginning at 5:00 we had tickets to Hot Jersey nights at the Palace Theatre.


The 4 vocalists, sang many well-known Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons songs as well as some from the Beach Boys.  Great show.

We then went out for burgers and returned to the condo and watched a western Forsaken, with Kiefer and Donald Sutherland filmed in Alberta.  Great scenery, so-so acting I preferred “24” this was a very slow movie with a predictable ending.

On Friday, we picked up our weekend rental car and then did some shopping and banking in Myrtle Beach– everything was open — business as usual on Good Friday.  We returned to the marina with our stuff and in the afternoon went to Murrell’s Inlet to do some additional gift and grocery shopping.  When we returned to the marina, we noticed a looper boat  “Summertime”  and another one called  “Linda Jean”  had taken up residence on the end of our dock- so we invited them over for docktails.  We met some very nice people from Maine.

We have no  special  plans for Easter.  Andy is going golfing tomorrow with the guys, and I’m going to relax.

Hope everyone has a great Easter!

Still in MB- short for Myrtle Beach not Manitoba

We went to Fred’s on Saturday night for supper Chris and Chrystal had cooked a pork scallopini with curried red sauce that I quite enjoyed along with a salad with Blue cheese, apples and pears and ice cream revels for dessert.  We played a board game and had a great evening!

On Sunday, once we got use to the time change– we did some shopping and took another Looper couple, Dick and Kathy  from Great Escape for groceries as well.

A fellow boater stopped by wearing this shirt and I need to include it.


On Monday it was boat cleaning day again, we washed and waxed  for several hours.


Later in the day the pine trees started releasing their yellow pollen, which meant our once clean boat was covered with a yellow powder.  Early Tuesday morning Brian Hayton picked us IMG_5129up, so that we could spend a couple of days with him and Muriel at their condo at Waterway Village.

Tuesday was a golf day, so while the guys went golfing, Muriel and I walked around their complex, checked out the pond where I saw these turtles and fish. IMG_5132 IMG_5139 IMG_5141   Later  went to AC Moore’s and a couple of other stores.  That evening we ( 8 of us) went to TBonz for the prime rib special (2 for $20)  everyone was  pleased with their cut of meat and the desired ‘cook’ on it.


We returned to the condo and played Canasta as well as Hand and Foot, way past our normal bedtime.


Wednesday was more of a lazy day  it was in the mid 80’s, the guys went out to get a light bulb for our anchor light, and later we went to Michaels and Walmart.  The Vermeersch’s came for dinner, Muriel had made  baked spaghetti,  garlic bread, Caesar salad, and a pumpkin cheesecake for dessert- delicious!!

Once again we played cards in the evening—the men had  the luck of the Irish and Scots, as they won almost every game.

On Thursday, St. Patrick’s day, Brian brought us back to the marina.  While we were gone for 2 day; the pine trees were relentless, and had once again covered the boat- so instead of being a white boat- it was more like butter yellow.  Guess what we spent the afternoon doing?   A couple of  loopers arrived at the marina in the afternoon, Lori and Bill on a Perfect Day, they came over for docktails and met Fred and Tim, who had dropped by after golf.

On Friday, we were up before dawn—(alarm went off at 5:47 a.m.) as we were going on a little boat cruise today up the ICW to Crab Catchers in Little River.  We had one swing bridge in Socastee to go through, that had  limited openings in the morning, because of school buses.  We had to be there prior to 7:45, or we wouldn’t get through the bridge until after 9:00.  We left the marina in the dark


—and made it to the bridge by 7:30.


After passing under several more bridges,  and by River Walk, where we had rented a condo in 2014,


we made it to the dock at waterway village by 8:20—this is where we were picking up Brian V, Helen, Brian H and Muriel.

waterway village dock March 18


After coffee and scones made by the captain on Thursday night, he fired up the engines and we went about 25 miles south, passing through Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle and some other communities arriving in Little River by about 11:45.  Here’s Helen and Muriel  on look out…


Saw lots of interesting houses– those that know me will understand why I snapped this one.


Here’s some of the other scenery we passed by.



We originally thought this was a person at a distance- but up close it’s a mannequin.


First  tow  we’d seen in awhile.


This lighthouse marks the entrance to light keeper’s marina in Little River.

IMG_5195We also saw the Coast guard doing some repairs to the aids to navigation markers.

We tied up and went into the restaurant for lunch, where we all ordered seafood.  As we were seated on the patio, we watched fresh fish being delivered and filleted at the next building.

crab catchers March 18

We returned down the river, and enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine, saw many golf courses and other familiar landmarks- like Barefoot Landing shopping centre.  We couldn’t get either of the  guys sitting in the captain’s seat to stop and shop!




After dropping off the crew at the Waterway village dock, we had planned to go to the boathouse for drinks and appetizers,

IMG_5171 but we quickly found that the depth at the dock was less than 5 feet, as we churned up quite a bit of mud.  We decided to pass on the boathouse, and continued down the river to our spot at the marina.  Here we are passing through the Socastee swing bridge for the second time.


Saturday was a lazy day, Andy did some re-wiring of the anchor light, and I did a little cooking.  There was no sense in washing the boat again, as rain is predicted for this evening and we thought we’d give mother nature a chance to clean up the boat on our behalf.

We have finally found warm weather in Myrtle Beach

March 6th- 11th

Andy went golfing Monday afternoon as the mechanic wasn’t available.  Here’s some picture’s from the Zoo as I got him to drop me off there and I walked back to the marina.  With the nicer weather, flowers are out and the trees are starting to bud as well.






These goats are in a field right by the marina-  they have been known to come running to the fence if  they think you have food– none came running to me and my camera- and this one only seemed to glare at me.

 The mechanic  came on Tuesday and helped Andy change the Olive seals as well as the fuel and water separator filters.  On Wednesday, Andy went golfing and I took down the fly bridge canvas so that I could wash the windows.   After golf,  the Bancroft crew of Brian V, Brian H and Bob stopped by when they dropped Andy off.     Wednesday we both did a little more cleaning on the outside of the boat- removing more of the salt film that we had accumulated.   On Thursday Brian V, Helen, Bob and Kymm came to the boat for a 10:30 departure to Wacca Wache Marina for lunch at K-Rae’s restaurant. Kymm  and I shop at the same stores as we were dressed alike.


It was about a 1 1/2 hour trip each way. The temperature was in the mid 70’s and partly sunny with a little breeze.  We saw lots of birds, and a few turtles sunning themselves.

IMG_5095 IMG_5099

      On our return,  finally made some star connections and we borrowed Brian’s car for the evening so that we could go to Conway for an Eastern Star meeting.  Prior to the 7:30 meeting, there was meal provided,  we didn’t get there until 6:50—but there was still plenty of  food to try.  The chapter is putting together a cookbook so many of the members had brought their favourite dishes for the book.   At the meeting, there was elections, balloting and draping so the meeting wasn’t over until close to 10:00—well past our usually bedtime of 8:45.  Here are pictures of  Waccamaw Chapter #89 and one of us with Barbara Hardwick the Worthy Matron and Les Chavus, Worthy Patron, who is also the Grand Warder of the Grand Chapter of South Carolina.

IMG_5105 IMG_5109

  We arrived back at Brian & Helen’s condo after 11:00 and stayed the night.  In the morning I did a load of laundry, while Andy went to pick up our rental car for the weekend.  Andy, Helen and I then went to the Tanger Outlet mall to do some shopping.  We later returned to the boat with our purchases, we went back into Myrtle Beach for supper at the Boathouse restaurant where I ordered fried pickles, I had first tried them  here in 2012 and I insist we go back every time we are in Myrtle Beach.  We met Fred, and his 3 friends from Winnipeg, who had flown in for a week to golf, there were 10 of us in all at are table.   

On Saturday morning,  before going golfing Andy checked the starboard engine, and found we still have a bit of a leak so he’ll call the mechanic to come back again.  I stayed around the boat, did some cleaning and enjoyed the sunshine, as we are once again in the mid 70’s.    Brian V, Brain H and Bob stopped by for a beer after golf, when they dropped Andy off.  Fred and the other golfers from Winnipeg – Chris, Chrystal and Tanya stopped by as well. Lots of visitors- considering we are 10 miles from Myrtle beach out in the boonies!

Osprey Marina Update

March 2nd to 6th

We’ve been relaxing since we got here on Tuesday.  I did some cleaning inside the boat on Wednesday and Brian and Helen Vermeersch came in the afternoon for a visit.   That evening we went to Pat and Becky MacDonald’s boat Turas for docktails.

On Thursday Brian picked us up in the morning.  Andy was going golfing with the guys and I took our laundry to their condo.    Following the golf game, we went to Burro Loco’s for supper- a place that has cheap beer and wings, which we had been to before on our previous visits to Myrtle Beach, there were 16 people at our table, mainly Canadians from Bancroft Ontario.  We spent the night at the Vermeersch’s condo—our first night in over 4 months that we hadn’t spent on the boat.

On Friday morning, Brian took us to pick up the rental car that we were getting for the weekend.  We subsequently did some shopping, and picked up or ordered a number of items including  the echo charger at West Marine, filled the propane tank, new fan belts and fuel filters and groceries.  We also had a package to drop in the mail, so it would get to Canada before Easter.

On Saturday, there was another golf game booked, so  Andy took me to the Vermeersch’s  condo, so I could spend the day with Helen.   We  went to the Coastal Grand mall and to Lowes the grocery store for some retail therapy.  After the  golfers returned  we  went back  to the marina and had  Pat and Becky over for a drink.  I then decided to bake Chocolate chip cookies—a first on this  trip so far- I realized buying a hand mixer would be a good thing as creaming  shortening, sugar and eggs is a little difficult with  only a fork .

Sunday morning the plan was to meet the gang at Golden Corral for brunch at 10. I think there was 11 of us including Fred Kemp from Winnipeg who  had arrived late on Friday.  In the afternoon we had invited everyone to come to the marina.  Muriel, Brian H, Brian V, Helen and Fred all spent a couple hours on our back sundeck, enjoying he weather.



Brian V, Muriel, Brian H


Fred, Helen



After we return the car in the morning, the plan is to start scrubbing the outside of the boat.  We have a mechanic coming later in the week to help resolve the leak in the return fuel line on the starboard engine, provided the parts that Andy ordered arrive.  There is a zoo not to far from here I’m hoping to check it out and add some animal pictures in my next post.

Passed through Georgia now in Myrtle Beach for the month of March

Update February 27- March 1, 2016

The day started out with a six pack of Krispy Kreme donuts compliments of the marina that were delivered before 7 am,  Yes, I shared 3 with Andy.  We took a bus into Savannah at 8 am and purchased ticked for the Old town trolley tour which had 16 stops   where you could get on and off and resume the tour ( this was much better than the trolley tour we had taken earlier in Key West)  Savannah is laid out in 24 squares/ green space/parks dating back to the 1700’s which are dedicated to important people like James Madison, the 4th president of the U.S.A and had  historic monuments..   There were many historical buildings and IMG_4928great mansions as well as churches, including the bench used in the Forest Gump movie, where Tom Hanks sat with the box of  chocolates..  Many of the older building have been purchased by SCAD  (Savannah college of Art and Design)  restored to original , and re-purposed as part of the college.  Our original tour guide was very informative so we stayed with him until stop 14.  We then got off at the City Market where we tried Pralines as well as Byrd cookies.

IMG_4924  We resumed the tour at stop 2 and saw parts of the city again.   Because it was after lunch we got off at stop 10 and had lunch at the Pirates House,


which was originally a seaman’s tavern in the days of sailing ships and pirates.   Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island was said to be inspired by events that occurred here.  We were seated in the Herb house,

IMG_4935which is considered the oldest surviving home in Georgia, built in 1734.  Lunch was a buffet with many southern treats including, greens, okra, fried chicken, black eyed peas and roast pork.   We got back on the trolley and only went a couple stops to the riverfront, to do more shopping and take some pictures.  I remember hearing from Debbie Sobering how the convention centre had been across the river from her hotel a few years back when AACC was in Savannah.

IMG_4939  At the waterfront there was a place called the Echo Chamber, where you could whisper something and you can hear it echo.  We also saw the waving girl statue

IMG_4940and the Olympic cauldron from the water events of the 1996 Olympics.


We caught another trolley, which happened to have our original tour guide and finished the tour.  It was approaching 3:00 we opted to catch our bus back to the Thunderbolt marina.

On Sunday, after the Krispy Kreme  delivery, we left the marina.  It was only 40 F, but the water was like glass, not even a ripple–first time that this had happened on the trip


We took the Atlantic Intercoastal Waterway which was comprised of  several rivers, creek, and cuts between them, including several Sounds.  We were soon out of the state of Georgia, and entered South Carolina. The scenery didn’t change much—more marsh or “low country” and wildlife preserves.  I keep thinking there must be something they can grow in the marshlands that would make them profitable– it seems such a waste.


I saw this guy paddle boarding early Sunday morning .


We went through Hilton  Head , and I took pictures of these two marinasIMG_4966



Saw this little beach house near Hilton Head too.

We went through  Beaufort, and  Parris Island, which is the Marine corps recruit training depot– couldn’t miss it- see the water tower!.



We ended up anchoring in Rock creek at mile 516.1—a 67 mile day.


Because it was such a calm day, I took a number of pictures of  the waves– I remember studying waves in Grade 11 physics- but don’t recall any more than that.IMG_4969;;;;;;



On Monday morning we left before 8 to continue on with our trek to Myrtle Beach.  We again went through a number of rivers, and sounds,  and passed though the busy port of Charleston at about 1330.

IMG_5011 IMG_5015 IMG_5017

The wind began to pick up to about 10-15 miles per hour and caused some ugly waves in the harbour.    We had planned to anchor at Dewees Creek, but when we checked out the suggested spots, there was no protection from the wind so we decided to go 4 miles farther to Whiteside Creek, at mile 451.5, (so another 65 mile day).   It had a bunch of trees near one shore that gave us some shelter from the wind.  Once it became dark, the wind seemed to subside.

IMG_5019     On Tuesday, we were up early and left before 700,  we had decided that we could make Myrtle Beach, if the currents were favourable, as it was only about 67 miles.    We saw these two guys in this little boat-  I think they were trolling  or was he paddling like a gondolier?–not really sure.


We had only been traveling a couple of hours when we came to the rescue of a fellow boater.  A sailboat had gone aground outside of the channel and the  wake from the boat ahead of us had pushed him further towards the bank.  He threw us a line and we pulled him off the shoal.

The scenery was similar to the previous few days, but as we proceed north in South Carolina, there were more trees and bush, we even saw  what looked like a  fire tower  near the channel.


We also came across this sign- but didn’t see the bridge in operation.


At the Wacca Wache Marina, we saw this  multi mast sailboat tied up.


Also saw a few advertisements for our marina along the trip.


We arrived at Osprey Marina at 3:45,  the first slip that they had assigned to us was too narrow, so we are currently on an end dock.  The plan is to stay here for the entire month of  March, so Andy can get some golf in with his buddies, and I can re-charge (and do some shopping while Andy is golfing).