Another state- now in Maryland

April 30, 2016

We walked to the bakery at 7:45 and bought some fresh-baked goods for today’s trip.  We departed at 8:15 and got back out to the Bay at 8:57.  We crossed Pocomoke Sound passed by Tangier Island.   Tangier is supposed to be a very unique place, –it is a “dry” town, with a Elizabethan style of speech, no vehicles only golf carts and most people are fishermen. Sounds like Newfoundland!


We didn’t have time to stop.    It was cold and there was light chop,


another day for layers of clothes and my mitts.


We followed the Tangier Sound and passed by Janes Island, Deal Island, Bloodsworth Island and continued north into Maryland waters.    At 13:52 we passed the Great Shoals light


and began the 20 mile trip upstream in the Wicomico River.   We had to contact  the ferry operator at Upper Ferry to ask for safe passage through, as it is a cable ferry that takes about 3 vehicles at a time across the river.




Saw some very nice houses along the river.





From a distance it looked like there were horses in this yard but they are statues.



We tied up at 4:25 at the Port of Salisbury Marina.


Next to the marina is a ship building yard.IMG_6132  IMG_6134 Andy contacted Jim Jensen and he came to pick us up.  We went to their house, where I met Peggy and June as well as Eddie the cat.


Jim barbecued and we had a great meal, heard lots of stories about growing up in Marathon.  I called it a night, but the stories went on for several more hours.

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