Moving north again in Chesapeake Bay

April 28-30

We waited and watched Cat Daddy leave and make the 11:00 opening of the bridge.


The window showed up at 11:15, and what would have been an easy  installation, took over 2   hours, as it was 1/16 to big for the opening.  The first solution was to grind down some of the glass, no success after 2 attempts.  Then they tried to pull up  the aluminum frame with a clamp, this also failed.  Finally they filed off some of the aluminum frame and  they had it in.


By 2:15 we  were able to go to the gas dock and fill up with Diesel at $1.80 per gallon.  We made the 3:15 opening of he great bridge

IMG_6078and were through the lock by 4:00.  We went under several other bridges and  were at mile 0 of the AICW by 5:00.  We docked at a free dock in Portsmouth for the night, Rafe helped us tie up, as  that’s where he was as well.


There is a Portsmouth- Norfolk ferry (paddle boat) that ties up at this dock.


Rafe had supper with us and then we went for a walk  down High street in search of Ice cream.



On Friday morning we left at 6:45, and proceeded through the port of Norfolk, where we saw many boats, many of which were military.



Weather  included some heavy mist, and light winds, we followed a large container ship out of the harbor for several miles.  The waves were 1-2 feet, but as we got further out into open water they increased.  It was cold, damp, rainy  typical Maritime weather—not fun!  Waves hitting the bow, were filling the gunwales with water.  Many items in the cabin got tossed around.    After an hour or two we got protection from the Eastern shore, and it seemed a little better, but we were both chilled.  We proceeded up the bay to marker 2 and turned in to Onancock Creek, and took the  marked channel.

IMG_6101 We had originally planned to anchor out, but decided we needed hot showers.  We had been to Onancock back in the spring of 2014 on our scouting mission- so knew it was a fairly new facility

We docked shortly after 4:00 at the Onancock Town Wharf, we cleaned up the cabin and then went for Hot showers to warm up.  In the evening we walked into town and had beers at the Blarney stone pub.


Today we hope to get to the Wicomico River.

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