Returned to Jersey and made some northern progress


June 1

While I was away Andy took Dawn and her partner Stan, for a cruise through Great Egg Harbour, as far as Margate, and then returned to the Marina for a BBQ.  He also did some work on the railings and did some shopping as well as picked up my computer.

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June 3-  return trip to Philadelphia

Yesterday was my travel day back to New Jersey, and it didn’t go as planned.  I had stayed at the house Thursday night, didn’t sleep well as I had  a cab picking  me up before 6 to get me to the Winnipeg airport for 6:30  for my 7:50 flight.  The day started out great.  We boarded the plane at 7:25, pulled away from the gate, and then the captain came on saying there was a fuel guage issue.  We waited around for maintenance to come, and by 8:45 were told that we had to go back to the gate.  At about 915 we deplaned, with anticipation of a revised departure at 11:00.  We were each given a $10 voucher, and they began rebooking flights as over 30 people had connections in Toronto that they wouldn’t make.  I made Andy and Dawn aware of my delay.  We departed at about 11:20, and arrived in Toronto at 3:15 EST.  My new flight wasn’t scheduled to board until 4:20, with a 4:50 departure.  I only had my carry on bag and computer bag.  American Security  had problems—a glass door to enter Gate F, was not working, so we waited about 15 minutes, until finally the Canadian Customs officers, allowed about 40-50 people go through their door to get into the USA space- which was bedlam.    I had been warned about this fiasco by my coworker Veronique, as she had issues  about 2 weeks earlier.   We had to line up in order to  put all luggage through the scanners.   If your departure time was before 4:30- they sent you to a shorter line. There were likely 150 people ahead of me. I finally reached the scanners and had to   take off our shoes—both my knees are still bothering me- so this was no easy task.   We then went and scanned our passports and met with an Agent.  This entire process took about an hour- so I made it to my gate by  4:30.  This was OK- because our plane didn’t show up at the gate until about 4:50.  We waited for it to deplane, and then boarded, with a revised   5:15 departure, which in fact became a 5:45 departure- because of a delay caused by weather in Philadelphia .

Arrived in Philli, shortly after 7pm, and Dawn found me quite quickly, we were in the car by about 7:20 headed for a restaurant by the marina.   Had a nice dinner with Dawn & Stan, and then they drove us to the marina at about 9:45.  Very long Day for me!  Happy to be back in my boat bed, but had trouble sleeping as I couldn’t get comfortable because of my knees.

June 4

We got up shortly after 5, and departed All Season’s marina by 6 a.m.


We passed under the Ocean City bridge,


once we got to the Great Egg Harbour inlet, we went outside into the Atlantic for an hour, there were swells, but no large waves or wind.


We  re-entered the ICW through  Abescon inlet near Atlantic  City at 8:04-  Here are several pictures of the Casinos in AC- not all of them are operational.

IMG_6783 IMG_6784 IMG_6785 IMG_6786 IMG_6789


Once we got back into the ICW , we proceeded  another  2 hours to Beach Haven Yacht club,  and filled our diesel and water tanks.  We continued on and reached Barnegat Bay around 1:00.  It’s a gorgeous day, so lots of fishing boats out, crab traps too.

IMG_6801 IMG_6805

We also came across a sailing regatta near Surf City.


We passed though the Bayshore bridge at about 2:20,

IMG_6810 here’s some of the houses along the ICW.IMG_6808


Looking down this road you can see the sand on the  Atlantic beaches, so it gives you a perspective of  the distance between the  ICW and  ocean in New Jersey.


After traveling 80 miles, we  ended up anchoring  at 3:55 , about 3 miles up the Metedeconk River  Hopefully we are out of the path of  storm  “Bonnie”.

There’s been a fair bit of rocking and waves, as it is such a nice day and everyone is out in their boats- this should die down at dark, and once the rain comes.


This pirate ship came by after we were anchored.


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