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Buckhorn to Bobcaygeon, another 17 miles down the TSW

July 28-30

On Thursday morning we continued with cleaning the outside of the boat, in places we normally can’t reach when we’re in the water.  At about 10, Brian and Helen from Bancroft stopped by as they were en route to visit their son for the weekend.  We went into Buckhorn for breakfastIMG_8350and returned to the boat at about 11:30.    The props were ready by noon as promised,IMG_8355around 1:15 we were splashed back into the water.  We decided rather than going up to Bobcaygeon in the afternoon,  and likely not getting a spot on the wall that we should wait until morning.  We tied up on the wall by the gas dock at Buckhorn Yacht Harbour.  That evening we sat with David and Claudia on the beach and took in the scenery.  I saw this beaver swim by at dusk.IMG_8356Early  Friday morning, this plane landed on Buckhorn lake, and taxied to the gas dock near us.  It was there to pick up a set of props that were being sent somewhere.IMG_8360At about  8, we decided to leave and make our way to Bobcaygeon, a  17 mile trip, through Buckhorn and Pigeon Lakes.    Here’s a few of the lakefront homes.IMG_8361I liked this assortment of chairs, especially the large one for a friendly giant?IMG_8364We were through the Bobcaygeon lock  and tied up to the upper wall by 11:15.IMG_8378


IMG_8387We connected up with Dave and Claudia, who had driven over to check out the town.  Our first agenda item was to find the Kawartha Dairy plant, We got directions, and walked over for more Ice cream.  There is a definite pattern when Loopers  visit small town Ontario, find either the Ice cream store or the bakery for butter tarts.IMG_8369 IMG_8370 IMG_8371This was a small!  We then checked out the Bigley’s shoe  and clothing stores,  the shoe store is  huge and housed in this old bank building.IMG_8374In the afternoon, I went in search of the laundry mat, and also found the bakery  so I bought butter tarts, I would have bought fresh bread, but they don’t bake bread which I thought was odd.

We later ran into Randy and Judy, the hillbilly campers we had met at Lock 26, they were  across the canal from us, and were headed South.  We made plans to go to Shakespeare in the park at 7:30 for Taming of the Shrew.IMG_8380 In the end they weren’t able to make it, but Andy and I walked to the Kawartha Settlers Village to watch the performance.  Since it was more than a 2 mile walk, we had opted not to bring our lawn chairs, so we sat on a rock.  Not that comfortable, and the story had been altered to be in Toronto in 1989, so didn’t make a lot of sense.  We weren’t that impressed and only stayed about 45 minutes before we left for the trek back to the boat.

On Saturday morning, we went to the Farmer’s market,IMG_8382 located at the fairgrounds—only a couple of blocks from the boat.  We bought some bakery items as well as farm fresh veggies.IMG_8385  Tonight is midnight madness in Bobcaygeon with shopping until Midnight in the stores,  but it was also Lock madness during the day here, boats were moving steadily in both directions from the time the locks opened until they closed at 7pm.  Lots of jockeying for spots on the wall- we’re glad we came yesterday.  Our friends Dave and Claudia did get back into the water today, one week after the incident with the house boat, however when they passed through Bobcaygeon, there was no room on the wall so they continued onward.

Around 11 Mike and Franziska Edney, stopped by.IMG_8390 Mike was a research scientist at the CGC until  his retirement.  We had been in contact recently as we planned on meeting, at the big chute. The Edney’s were in town for a family reunion, and invited us to Mike’s  uncles’s Birthday celebration at  Kawartha Settlers Village, where his uncle had been one of the founders.  We walked backed up to the village, and met a few of Mike’s relatives.  We were then invited to stop by the cottage on Cameron lake, which is between Fenlon Falls and Rosedale  on Sunday.  While at the settlement we toured the  buildingsIMG_8392 IMG_8393 I liked this water feature  and wondered if we could incorporate something like it in our pond back home.

On our way back to the boat we took a detour to KD, and had more IC.  I think I may have reached my limit today, however I’m sure Andy will still be looking for the Ice cream  at our next stop.  We thought we should check out the midnight madness shopping , the streets  were full of people and there were sales to be had.  There was live music on the other side of the canal as well and fireworks at 10,    I got a tattoo today  on my arm so I can remember our time along the TSW.  What do you think?IMG_8396

Clear Lake to Buckhorn- another 10 miles

Answer to my question from July 15 blog   – It is a tower for hanging up  fire hoses, as the front of the building has signage saying it is the fire hall.  Thank you Daryl for all the guesses, and for Linda reminding me that I hadn’t posted the answer.

July 24  to July 27

Jim took us on a tour of Clear and Stony Lakes-here’s a church on the rocks, which only holds services in the summer as well as on  May long and Thanksgiving.IMG_8261– there are some amazing homes/cottages,IMG_8277including this glass house.IMG_8278In one place on the lake, instead of rafting together, everyone just parks on the sandbar and goes swimming.IMG_8275That evening we went to Stoney Lake Market at Crowe’s Landing for dinner with 2 other couples.  Excellent food and then we stopped at Craig and Holly McFarland’s Road house.  Interesting concept they have built a one bedroom with bathroom house, with several outdoor living spaces and gazebos.  The 3- car garage is being built next, and is partially framed.  The house will be the last to be built.

On Monday we pulled out from the dock and said goodbye to Jim and Wendy—but it wasn’t really good-bye.  After leaving the dock the Port engine quit a couple of times, so we came back to the dock to check out our problem.  We had sucked up a  weed suppression mat and it had  wrapped around our prop, shaft and strut on the Port engine.  Jim had said at one point that he thought the original mat was 27 feet X 9 feet, but wasn’t sure if that was the one we had taken off the bottom.IMG_8284We plugged back into power, as it seemed the Port starting battery  wouldn’t turn over.    The Captain put on his swim trunks and dived under the boat multiple times, attempting to cut off the mat.IMG_8293Andy tried an assortment of cutting tools, including serrated knives, scissors, blades and a saw.  He made some progress but after diving under the boat for 6 hours and more than 200 times he was exhausted.  We timed him and on a number of occasions he was down for over 40 seconds, pretty good lung capacity for an old guy that used to smoke.  I tried it a few times, but didn’t like being under the boat.  By 2 pm, we started calling around to find a diver who could finish the job.  In the mean time, one of Jim’s neighbors- Clay, stopped by who also had diving gear and agreed to go under the boat.   It took Clay about an hour to remove the remaining mat, which was so tightly bound, that it seemed to have melted around the shaft.  We had also replaced the Port cranking battery, so that we could be on our way again.

On Tuesday morning, Jim created a new business called Tow-Boat Mariah,IMG_8294using his ski boat,  he  pulled us out from the dock, well away from any other weed mats.  We were finally on our way at 8:45.  We had planned to spend one night with Jim, Wendy, Daiquiri and Martini, but ended up staying 4.  They were the greatest harbor hosts, we have met to date!

We went across Clear Lake, through Hell’s Gate, where the channel is narrow and the rocks big,IMG_8301and up to Burleigh Falls Lock 28 and were through it by 9:50.   We went a couple more miles to Lovesick, this lock is unique in that it is on an island,IMG_8316

IMG_8317we were through this lock by 10:10, and continued another 6 miles to Buckhorn lock 31, we were through by 11:45IMG_8329

IMG_8324We tied up on the upper wall, as they have power.  We contacted Dave and Claudia, whom we had met earlier on the Loop in NY state, we had heard they were in Buckhorn as they had been  run into by a House boat on Saturday and needed some repairs to their fiberglass.   We met them at Andy’s favourite hang out- the ice cream store and had a great visit  for well over an hour and exchanged information on our loop experiences.  I tried a new Kawartha Dairy ice cream flavor—Sweet heat—the hot pepper  caramel sauce—Of course it was a hit with me, however the server at the store said that it may be taken off the market, as nobody likes it.IMG_8326 I’ll have to try it again at our next IC stop.

We went for a walk near the lock and found the Buckhorn Buck,IMG_8333we also found this memorial to members of the military who had lost their lives in Afghanistan.IMG_8331 IMG_8332On Wednesday morning  July 27,  we got up early and left the lock wall by 7:30, our destination was Buckhorn Yacht Harbour.  We had decided that the boat needed to be  pulled out to check on the props, as besides the struggle with the weed mat on Monday, we had also had an incident with a log, about 4000 miles ago on the Tenn-Tom river, and although there wasn’t a vibration, we wanted to ensure the props were in good shape.  When they pulled us out we were originally sitting next to  StillWater II, but were later moved further into the lot, as we were blocking the boat launch.  So much for our  2-boat Looper Rendez-vous at Buckhorn Yacht Harbour.IMG_8339 IMG_8342They did find some issues with the Port prop, and we are having it repaired and re-balanced.  We  hope to be back in the water  Thursday at some point.  We spent some time today cleaning the hull—it didn’t look too bad for having gone 6700 miles without being taken out of the water.   For supper tonight, Dave & Claudia joined us at Cody House —great Chinese food!  Dessert was at a store  farther down the road –Ice Cream again– Sweet Heat for me.IMG_8344 IMG_8346We met another boater this evening, who  explained that our Hull ID: OYE35023b585 indicates that it was made by Overseas Yacht East, and that it was manufactured in May of 1985 as noted by the trailing 585.  OYE apparently made all the hulls for C&C.  Tonight we sat at the beach at the marina and watched the waves come in, until the mosquitoes started buzzing around.  Another great day on the TSW!IMG_8347Our next destination is Bobcaygeon, 17 miles down the TSW – the home of Kawartha Dairies!

TSW- Peterborough to Clear Lake, a 20 mile week, are we dragging our feet because the end is near?

July 18-24

Jim and Wendy, Loopers, who we had met in Delaware City stopped by after lunch.  In the afternoon   we went for a walk by the Canoe museum but it was getting ready to close so weIMG_8145 didn’t go in.  We ended up at  Landsdowne mall  and only bought  a lemonade in the food court and then walked back.  We had previously had our Kawartha Ice cream fix for the day, so no more of that.We decided to stay an additional night at Peterborough Marina,

On Tuesday we walked up to Lock 20,  checked it out and then walked on to Lock 21- the lift lock.IMG_8148

IMG_8153We watched a boat get ready to go throughIMG_8160and then ran up the stairs and saw them arrive on top.We saw more red chairs, so another photo-op.IMG_8156We then went to the  visitor centreIMG_8171  and looked at the displays and the video on the making of the canal and another one on how the lift lock works.IMG_8169   On our return trip to the boat we stopped for lunch downtown and at the Boaters store.

On Wednesday we were at Lock 20 for the first lock through—we were in the lock with 3 other boats, one of which was a 52 foot Looper boat called Miss Ly. IMG_8190   We then went a ½ mile to the lift lock, where only 3 of us went up.  I timed the lift it took just 2 minutes and 17 seconds to rise 65 feet.   Here’s the Captain tied off and watching us go up.IMG_8187 The lift lock works using only gravity and water and is like a see-saw. Once the boats go  into the lower chamber  it displaces it’s weight in water and therefore considered weightless.  The upper chamber has an additional 30 cm or 144 tons of water added to it and it causes the chamber to descend, because of gravity.  Thus the lower chamber rises up.  Amazing.

Following the lift lock our group of 3 followed  the waterway through the  countryside, passing Trent UniversityIMG_8197 IMG_8201and  through an   additional 4 locks- Nassau Mills, Otonabee, Douro, and Sawer Creek.  We reached Lakefield Lock #26, and went through it at 2:00.  Making our lock count 7 for the day.  We decided to stay and the other boats went on further.IMG_8204  We walked into town and checked out the Canoe bar,IMG_8210IMG_8207 and the adjacent bakery Stuff’d that sold ice cream.IMG_8214 We then walked to the downtown and checked out the stores,   Does this suit me?IMG_8211Saw this store a few blocks away- not sure if it is associated with the Bakery- but similar names.IMG_8213We  stopped at Foodland for a few supplies.    After supper, Andy returned to the Canoe pub for the Quiz night.  He joined up with the fellow transients at Lock 26, 2 canoeists that were in pup tents and a couple in a runabout that were also tenting.  Their quiz team name was the hillbillies, hobos and the rich guy.   They had a respectable showing, but weren’t the winners.

IMG_8221On Thursday morning, Andy cooked Pancakes and Bacon for the Quiz team, before we all set off for different destinations.    We left the lock wall at 9:30, as we were only going about 7 miles up to Lock 27 Young’s Point. IMG_8226  We were through and tied up by 10:30.   We checked out the Lockside Trading Company store- amazing store with furniture, clothes & gift ware, can you guess what we bought here?IMG_8227  It was a hot day, close to 30.  For supper we opted to go to the Old bridge Inn for supper.  It looked like we may get a rain storm, but only amounted to 15 drops of rain not enough to cool off.

On Friday morning we left the lock around 10, and went about  5 miles to Clear Lake.  We had been offered the use of Jim and Wendy’s dock  (Clear Lake Habour Hosts) for the night.  They have a lovely place called Cougar Landing.IMG_8229 IMG_8230It was a windy day with some whitecaps, so it likely wouldn’t have been a good day for anchoring in Stoney Lake.    Wendy and I went to Lakefield, which was about a 10 minute drive to pick up groceries in the afternoon.  We had a lovely BBQ in the evening,IMG_8244and Andy brought out his inland river charts to show Jim, as they have not done that part of the loop as yet.  I tried to make friends with the cats, Martini and DaiquiriIMG_8238 IMG_8240On Saturday, we decided to stay another day.  Jim and Wendy were hosting  a BBQ for the area home owners association – we helped with setting up and clean up and  lots of people from the area.  I think there were over 60 people in attendance.  It was another hot day, with a  little bit of a breeze.  Later in the afternoon the wind picked up and there was some chop on the lake.

Here’s the Lake early Sunday morning,  IMG_8253Here’s Jim and Wendy’s Looper Boat  Triple Threat , with 3 – 300 HP Mercury outboards.IMG_8257Andy went for a  swim  at 7 am  to check the props for weeds and nicks.   We are in less than 5 feet of water here at Jim’s dock and the water is so clear, it shouldn’t take long to do an assessment.  The water is also quite warm, as it’s been hot the last few days.  All is good.  We had planned to go to Buckhorn to have the boat pulled and the props checked, but we are likely going to cancel our booking.IMG_8254I think the tentative plan is to move to an anchorage on Stoney Lake today.  We are going out for supper with Jim and Wendy, somewhere across the lake, so they would pick us up at our boat.

TSW Campbellford to Peterborough

July 15

We spent the day exploring more of the downtown, as well as a trip to Canadian Tire where we bought a Dyson heater-cooler that was on sale.    In the afternoon we had several showers go through the area, so we stayed indoors and read.  I took a picture of this ornate tower which is on a building across the river from us.IMG_8092I was quite perplexed as to what it was for.  Brian V, told me what it was when he was here the other day.  Does anyone want to guess what it’s used for?  I would never have got it.

July 16

We left the marina shortly after 7, and went down about ½ mile to the Esso gas station, tied up on their wall and filled up our tanks with diesel.  We then went to Lock 13, and waited for the 9 am opening.  I saw this purple flower- likely purple loosestrife.


IMG_8095 We then moved on to Crowe Bay, Lock 14, and were through it by 10:25.    Two miles farther along the canal and we went through the first Healey Falls lock 15.IMG_8097This was followed by the Healey Falls combo lock 16/17.IMG_8099 We had planned to stop after the lock, and take pictures of the falls, however today there was no water going over the falls, as it was being diverted into the generator plant.  So we continued on down the Trent River and went about 15 miles, there wasn’t much traffic in the locks, and we locked by ourselves, until we reached Lock 18 in Hastings, where we shared the lock with two pontoon boats.


IMG_8107  We were tied up on the wall in Hastings by 2:30.  We did a bit of a walk around town.IMG_8104The closest store is the LCBO, it probably only about 100 steps away – make me feel just like home where the MLCC is one of the closest stores to our house.

We met Terry and Cindy from Master Card III, who are tied up a couple of boats ahead of us, their boat is aluminum and reminds us a little of  Thunderbird from Boundary Creek.IMG_8108We later met up with them in the Legion, it is located next to the LCBO, so very close as well.  For dinner we went out for Chinese food.

July 17

We left the wall at 8:40 and continued up the Trent River, there was hardly a ripple in the water.IMG_8116    We passed through the opening of this old railway bridge shortly after leaving Hastings.IMG_8115We entered Rice Lake at about 9:30 and stayed within the channel, Terry had told us yesterday that many years ago they had built a railway across the lake and that a lot of the infrastructure  was still just below the surface.  The railway only lasted a year or two before it was washed out.  Since it was nice day and weekend, there was lots of pleasure boat traffic and people fishing.

We passed MasterCard III  they  were headed for the sandbar by Spook Island.IMG_8118We turned off into the Otonabee River at 11:00 and followed it as it snaked along for about 20 miles leading us towards Peterborough.  There was lots of boat traffic, and fields of goldIMG_8128

IMG_8130We reached lock 19 Scott Mills at 1:50 and locked right through as they were taking in boats as we approached.IMG_8131We tied up on the Lock wall by 2:20.IMG_8132We went to a nearby store and the captain found that they sold fudge—so he replenished the supply.  He claims it’s not as good as the Merrickville fudge.

July 18

Before 9:00 this morning, I saw this boat approaching the bridge, interesting how they were able to fold up the bow to get into the lock  and lower the radar arch in order to get under the bridge.IMG_8134Here they are in the lock—not a lot of room to spare.IMG_8137We left at 11:00.  Today was a very short travel day, as we only had to go about ½ mile to the Peterborough Marina, located in Little lake.IMG_8141 IMG_8142  The wind seems to be getting stronger as the day progresses, thankfully we had two dock hands help us tie up.  We plan to stay here for tonight and then move on to Lock 20, and the famous lift-lock at Lock 21 tomorrow, if weather permits.

I’ve completed my first colouring book assignment- it takes a long time to do one picture.    Thanks again Margaret!IMG_8143

First days on the Trent Severn Waterway

July 12, 2016

The Trent Severn Waterway (TSW)  is 240 statue miles long and zigzags west  through rivers and lakes  from Trenton to Port Severn on  Georgian Bay.    Water depth in the TSW is approximately 6 feet, so it is necessary to stay within the marked channel.   Speed limit is 10 Km/h, and there are 44 locks which have to be traversed.TSW map

We left the marina at 8:20 and proceeded to mile 1.8– Lock 1 of the Trent Severn Waterway.

IMG_8026We made it through with 2 other boats by about 9:20.  When we arrived at Lock 2 only ½ mile up the river, there were now 4 boats, and for some reason only tie up to the cables is allowed on one side.  Because we were the 4th boat in we had to raft with a 34 foot Meridian. Seemed strange as we were the largest boat in the lock and instead of tying up to the wall we had to attach ourselves to another boat.  At Locks 3, 4, 5 and 6, the same 4 boats locked through but we had now switched to tying off on the wall in the 3rd position, and a smaller boat Harmony rafted to us. We had met Steve and Vera on our way up the Rideau and then connected up again in Ottawa; they boat out of Queen’s Cove marina in Victoria Harbour, where Andy had started our Loop adventure.  We arrived at Lock 6 Frankfort at 12:10, and three of the boats dropped off as this wall had power.  We decided to go on to Lock 7- Glen Ross, and went through this lock alone.IMG_8031We tied up on the upper wall at 1:25. It’s been a hot day in the mid 30’s, lucky for us there is a convenience store nearby that sells double scoops of ice cream for $2.50. The owners of the store are originally from Transcona- small world.IMG_8030By nightfall there were 5 boats on the wall here.

July 13,

We left the dock just after 7, to go the 11.4 miles to Lock 8- Percy Reach so we would be there when they opened at 9 am.  We then proceeded through Locks 9, 10 and the combined flight   11 & 12 at Ranney Falls, which we were through by 11:10.IMG_8060This lock was huge!IMG_8047There were lots of cottages and trailer parks along the canal.IMG_8039We arrived at Campbellford at 11:30.  We had only gone 17.2 miles and 5 locks today, but it was suppose to be one of the hottest days of summer (> 32) – and we wanted to get tied up and connected to power, so the AC could run. We are in Old Mills Park, and are located next to this giant Toonie.IMG_8051The park is very safe, we were told this by the OPP officer that came around to all the boats on the dock.IMG_8054Once we had checked in at the Chamber of Commerce and paid our fees for the night, Andy was approached by a senior asking if he would like to play Euchre at the senior centre starting at 1.  He agreed and went and played, while I worked on the write-up for selling the boat.

When he returned we went to the Church Key pub for a cold one,IMG_8052  this pub was next door, which we thought Dave, our neighbor  would like.IMG_8053We then walked over to the No frills store. Tonight is Melodies at the Mill (in the park) from 6:30 – 8:15 with the featured singer- Victoria Pearce and we have ring-side seats on our aft deck.  Her first set was Patsy Cline songs while her second set was other favourites.IMG_8055

July 14

It’s a cloudy day, hopefully with only a couple of short showers.  Before 8:00, we trekked across the bridge to Dooher’s Bakery, where we bought a sampling of fresh baked goods including butter tarts and whole wheat bread that was still warm.  Andy just snagged our fishing rod that had fallen over the side yesterday, so we have 2 rods again.  Brian and Helen arrived from Bancroft for the day so we can do some other touring in Campbellford and the  surrounding area.  Our first stop was Ranney falls- our last lock from yesterday.  I had seen the Parks Canada Red Chairs and wanted to get our pictures taken in them.  We had only seen the red chairs a couple of times on the Rideau- but they were never that accessible.IMG_8057

IMG_8059We next went to the Suspension Bridge which is over the river.  Here’s the view from the boat yesterday, and here we are on it today.IMG_8043 IMG_8067Next stop was the World’s Finest Chocolate factory outlet store, where we bought nothing.  Wrong !We bought  a pound of dark chocolate and milk and almond bars.IMG_8074Next we were off to the empire cheese plant, which was several miles outside of town.IMG_8076Once again, we couldn’t leave without buying something– Old Cheddar with Hot Whiskey Mustard,  Cheddar and Mozza with Salsa,Mozzarella cheese with Red Chillies– you have to get some veggies with your dairy products – who wants to eat boring cheese?

As we were driving along the countryside, we could see the soy and corn fields as well as the winter wheat, already golden, but not harvested as yet.IMG_8075We then went to Stirling for lunch.  Afterwards Helen and I did some shopping– I found 6 balls of Patons Melody yarn for $10.    The colour was called Fantasy- but it is a deep purple.  Once I’m back to work, I’ll be looking for knitting lessons from one of my friends.  Not sure what I’ll be able to make.IMG_8078On our way back to Campbellford, we encountered these animals in the field.IMG_8082which  I learned were Water Buffalo.  They looked hot as it was close to 25 again today, and I didn’t see any water.IMG_8084Back at the marina, entertainment was again happening in the park- but this time by fellow boaters- Steve and Vera from Harmony.  Great songs!IMG_8085We went back to the Church Key bar with  Lynn and Brian, other boaters, for yet more beers.

The night ended with more beers on  the boat in front of us, with  Canadians– Ken and Diane, who live in St.Lucia, and operate Lost our Marbles Sailing Adventures.

Good Bye to Lake Ontario

July 8-11

Margaret took us to one of her favourite grocery store’s – Farm Boys—amazing, it’s an Ontario chain that has lots of local produce. So far I’ve tried the fresh salsa, veggies and wonderful sausages that were bought.   Friday night we went up to the Trident bar and had a couple of drinks, we had given them a Boundary Creek burgee, and it was hanging up on the wall in the bar.

On Saturday, Margaret picked us up and we went to her place so we could meet her and Mike’s cats.  All very different!IMG_7987 IMG_7991 IMG_7992 IMG_7993We then went for a little ride out of Kingston to the Brass Point Bridge, which we had passed through twice when we took the Rideau canal.  Unknown to us, was that there is a “truck” and smoker that serves wonderful pork about a ¼ mile up the road.IMG_7996 We got the family  rib meal, and went back to Margaret to eat it.  Had we known this existed when we were traveling the Rideau, I think we would have tied up and gone for food.  We can’t thank Mike and Margaret enough for introducing us to Trident Marina.  Once I retire, we’re talking about spending our summers in the Thousand Islands.IMG_8000Margaret gave me a colouring book of flowers- I’ve already started colouring and it is calming! IMG_8001On Sunday morning we said good-bye to Trident and started moving west.  We passed Kingston, Amherst Island ( I did wave Susan )IMG_8004   and entered the Bay of Quinte.   We went towards  PictonIMG_8006 and then proceeded north and anchored out in Hay Bay, near Ram Island.IMG_8008There was a pair of Swans in the area, that looked so graceful!IMG_8010We were in about 8 feet of water and near a weed bed.  Andy was able to find several Bass and Pickerel hiding in the weeds on Sunday night and he fished a little more on Monday morning before we left.IMG_8012 It was a great dayIMG_8015we passed by Belleville ended up stopping at 2:30 at  Trent Port Marina for the night. IMG_8017Best marina we have encountered on the Loop!   Very new floating docks, security, free laundry, free  phone calls, 10 clean shower rooms, boaters lounge, canteen with hot dogs and Kawartha Ice cream.IMG_8018The downtown is only a few blocks away I can see the Metro grocery store from the boat.  We had fresh fish and asparagus cooked on the BBQ for supper tonight cooked by the Captain.

Hope my  nephew Chris has a great birthday, tomorrow and that my nephew Craig and his  wife, Marni have a great anniversary!

Tomorrow the Trent Severn Waterway beckons!

Another 6 great days on the Rideau Canal

July 2-8

We left the wall in Ottawa on Saturday morning at 10:50, after watching the changing on the guard on parliament hill. IMG_7871We then returned to the boat, Canada Day is one of the few times when Parks allow boats to tie up on both sides of the canal- the wall was full.

20160701_135811 boat from aboveWe left at 10:50 and made it to Hartwell locks by 12:00 and locked through.  We then tied up, as this was the crew change-off point.  After having Pizza, Brian and Helen left usIMG_7848 and were replaced by Brian and Muriel.IMG_7813We continued down the canal and went through 2 more sets of locks, there were some kayak races taking place, so we had to go very slow for a mile or two.IMG_7901We ended up tying up at t-pier at the top of the Long Island flight. Both Brian and Andy did some fishing, Brian caught a bass.  We played cribbage, here’s the sunset.sunset Long IslandOn Sunday we stopped in Burritts Rapids for an Anniversary lunch at the Lock 17 Bistro. Hard to believe we’ve been married 6 years.  Andy had bought me a set of coffee mugs with Tom Thomson pictures on them that  I had admired in Ottawa.IMG_7986We continued on and made it as far as  the bottom of the Merrickville flight, we got there about 3:00, so Muriel and I had a little time to go in and do some shopping.  Andy and Brian also went into town for ice cream and to County Bumpkins, and replenished the fudge box. Here’s the view of the lock  early in the morning- not a ripple.  We went through the Merrickville locks first thing in the morning (9:00) and continuedIMG_7905through 3 more before reaching Smith Falls.  I saw this cannon in someone’s yard just before we reached the combined lock with a  25 foot rise.IMG_7913

IMG_7914     Once we were tied up,  Andy, Brian and I went to the Rideau Canal centre,IMG_7916here’s the view from the 4th floor,IMG_7917and Muriel went to check out the nearby stores.  At 2:45, we got back on the boat and went through the Smith Falls detached lock (#31) and tied up under a tree on the wall.  Muriel and I went to a nearby grocery store, whereas Brian and Andy went to the liquor stores (Beer and Wine are not sold in the same store).  Andy, Brian and Muriel played a ring s game, while I read a book.  We had BBQ steak and salad for supper, with fudge for dessert.IMG_0801Here’s a view of the train bridge at dusk, and again in the morningIMG_7920

IMG_7922On Tuesday, we had planned to go to Westport in Upper Rideau Lake, however they did not have space available.  It was another really hot day, so we anchored in a bay and 3 of us went for a swim.  The swim was quite refreshing, however when I climbed back up onto the boat, my left knee was “clicking” and I could hardly put weight on it.  Not good.  I kept it up and put on a knee brace to stabilize it.  We continued on to Newboro and went through the lock and tied up on the dock.  Brian and Muriel trekked to town to see Kilborne’s country store, I wasn’t up for a walk. That night we had another great BBQ’d ribs supper, and played cards in the evening. I didn’t sleep that well as I couldn’t get comfortable because of my knee.

On Wednesday we went through Chaffey’s, Davis, and the 4 Jones Falls locks,  We stopped at Jones Falls and Brian, Muriel and Andy walked up to the  keystone arch designed dam, my knee wasn’t up for it.IMG_7949

IMG_7947we then went on  to Upper Brewers  and made it there by 3:15.  We were lucky enough to get a docking spot with power- which was a good thing as the temperature had climbed to 32 with humidity in upper 80’s.   We turned on the AC to cool us down.  This is the only lock with showers, and it was nice to feel clean again.  My knee is still painful, but seems to be improving a little.  Thank goodness for Brian and Muriel, they took over some of my duties, as I’m moving a little slow!  In the evening we played cards.IMG_7963On Thursday morning , Muriel noticed this luna moth. I had never seen one-Amazing!IMG_7966 We locked through Upper Brewers flight with 4 other boats- a houseboat and 3 smaller power boats and were through by 9:45.   We continued on to Lower Brewers and were through by 10:30. Enroute to the Kingston Mills flight, 2 of the smaller boats that we had locked with passed us and the houseboat at full speed creating a huge wake which almost swamped  us.  Not very respectful of the safety of fellow boaters!!  We made it through the flight by 1:30, there was some military exercises going on by the locks.IMG_7979We made the 2:00 opening of the Kingston Lasalle Causeway and continued on to the Trident Yacht club.  After tying up at 3:30 we had a goodbye drink with our crew mates Brian and Muriel, as they were leaving to go back to Bancroft. IMG_7981Margaret Vermeersch and Mike Ross, came to the marina around 6:00, and brought supper,IMG_7985 this was the first time that I had met Brian’s sister.   I learned the difference between Pink and Blue roles from her, while Mike BBQ’d.  We had a great evening up in the clubhouse and Brenda and Rob, who we had previously met at Trident joined us for dessert.

Today, I’m going to catch up on laundry and cleaning, Margaret is going to take us shopping for groceries late this afternoon.  We will leave here in the next day or two and make our way to Trenton for the final phase of our journey- the Trent Severn Waterway.

Update from the Rideau Canal and July 1st in Ottawa

June 27, 2016

After a relaxing evening,IMG_7630We left the wall around 9 am and continued down the canal towards Merrickville, we arrived there at about 10 and tied up on the blue wall.  Andy talked to the lock master and told him that we wanted to walk around townIMG_7646 and would be back around noon to go through.  We went to the Friends of the Rideau Canal store as well as the museum.  We then checked out a number of stores on the main street and bought essentials like fudge and chips as well as a variety of mustards.  We locked through the 3 Merrickville locks and were out by 1:05,   This was followed by a lock at Clowes and a pair of locks at Nicholson.    We then went through the  Burritts Rapids lock

IMG_7661and tied up at the wall below the lock. We went across to the Lock 17 bistro for refreshments, as it was another blistering hot day.IMG_7659So once again we did 7 locks and traveled a total of 14.1 miles.  We are now just 39.8 miles from Ottawa.

June 28-30

Tuesday was a short lockless day, we went about 9 miles and arrived at Pirate Cove marina at 12:45.  We were about 5 miles from Kemptville, the service manager took Andy in on a beer run. In the afternoon, we went for a swim in their pool, which was quite refreshing and then relaxed.IMG_7665 IMG_7670On Wednesday, we departed about 9 and headed back out on the canal the first 15 miles were lockless.

We then went through the Long Island flight of 3 at 12:05, the final lock in the flight #14, is the only original lock that remains.IMG_7698

IMG_7709We then passed through  the Black Rapids lock and the Hogs Back Lock. IMG_7735

IMG_7734We arrived at the Hartwell lock, and stayed near the top, until about 4:00, as we wanted to stay on the blue dock at the bottom for the night, and this was only possible if we were there last.   Across the canal was this weed wacker.IMG_7737So a day with 7 locks and 26 miles.  We are now only 4.2 miles from downtown Ottawa.

On Thursday, we left at about 8:20 and proceeded down the canal, we had to wait for the Pretoria Vertical lift which didn’t open until 9.  There were already 9 other boats waiting when we got there.IMG_7753We had heard that some boats had been waiting since the night before, and many had come at 6 a.m.  The boats were waiting, to get through and get to the docks near downtown with Hydro.  It wasn’t a problem as there were 20 spots with power, and boats coming up the 8 step lock from the Ottawa River were restricted by the 9 a.m. opening of the locks.   We ended up being between the Mackenzie and Laurier bridges with Confederation Park on one side and National Defense/Shaw Centre on the other.IMG_7767Brian and Muriel came in the afternoon from Bancroft, and stayed for supper, they will be joining us on July 2nd for the return trip down the Rideau to Kingston/Gananoque.We are likely not going to do the last 8 locks down to the Ottawa River, as we would only be going down and then returning  which would be a 2 hour trip down, waiting on the blue line and then another 2 hours to come back up.  Here’s a view of others  in the first 3 locks.IMG_7763

July 1st

We had hoped to see the changing of the guard this morning, but too many people in the security lineup to get on to parliament hill.IMG_7771

We went to Major Park and enjoyed some of the activities there.    I went through the GFO display, send a message to the athletes in RIO,  and played trivia.  We then watched the 21 gun salute followed by the snowbirds fly over.IMG_7783 IMG_7787 IMG_7790We then met up with Veronique and her friends and brought them down to the canal to see the boat.IMG_7798Saw this sign and had to add it to the blog.  My husband wants to move to Ottawa now, because of the boating opportunities here.IMG_7762Here’s the view of the boat from the Laurier bridge.

IMG_7806Here’s our group prior to going out for supper.IMG_7808We went to Dunns for supper, which wasn’t the best experience- we made a complaint to the restaurant and the health dept.IMG_7811We wandered back down to Parliament hill to watch some of the entertainment, but there was still long lineups for security.  By the time we decided to get into line, the skies had opened again and  there was the 2nd thunderstorm of the day.  Here’s some people seeking shelter under a bridge.IMG_7815We watched the fireworks from the boat at 10, as  there was still light rain.  The show lasted 15 minutes.IMG_7833Since we missed the changing of the guard, we plan to go to parliament hill on Saturday before  we leave.