Happy to be back in Canada- our home and native land!!


June 16

We went out for breakfast at the Oswego Tea company with Phyllis, Dick, Janice and Dave at 6:50, as we wanted to be ready to go through the lock when it opened at 8.  There was a south bound vessel coming through so we didn’t lock through until about 8:25.  Lock 8, our last American lockIMG_7341   on the Oswego Canal, once again the ropes and walls were very slimy.IMG_7344 Saw this painted on the side of a building along the canal.IMG_7345We were out of  the Oswego canal and into Lake Ontario by 8:45.  The water was almost like glass.IMG_7356Here’s the lighthouse in the harbor and Fort Ontario from the water.IMG_7352 IMG_7353  Wasn’t a whole lot of traffic on Lake Ontario, this was the only large boat that we encountered and it appeared to be headed for the St. Lawrence.IMG_7371There were a few waves as the day progressed but a great day for our crossing!  This was one of the lights that we saw marking a shoal,IMG_7376and here is the lighthouse on the tip of nine mile point.IMG_7381The wind turbines were on Wolfe Island I think.IMG_7378Here’s a few shots of Kingston, as we were approaching.IMG_7385 IMG_7386We made the 3:00 opening of the Kingston Lasalle CausewayIMG_7391and tied up at the Kingston Marine by 3:30.IMG_7399We walked over to Confederation marina, as that is where Avocet had temporarily tied up.IMG_7396After they left we went to the Iron Duke pub for supper.

June 17

Today we rented a car so that we could get a  new cell phone  (431) 334-8831 and internet service, for the remainder of the trip in Canada.  We had thought that our Verizon MIFI could be used with a Bell SIM card, but found out that this was not the case as we had an older model MIFI, so we bought a Bell MIFI.  We did some grocery shopping and plan to move to Trident Yacht Club tomorrow.

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