Busy week -Trident Yacht club, Thousand Islands and the Rideau

June 20-26

Sunday evening we went up to the clubhouse and met a number of the members who are retired and enjoy long weekends.

On Monday we remained at Trident Marina, awaiting Roger, a mechanic that had agreed to check out the hoses on the water heater.  He didn’t arrive until almost 6:30 and found a crack, which was the source of the coolant smell.  He said he would return on Tuesday and replace it.  That evening we again went up to the clubhouse and socialized with the remaining club members who like extra, extra long weekends. We had a huge rainstorm pass through while we were up there.

On Tuesday, Brian Vermeersch came in the late afternoon, after golfing in the area and instructed Andy on how to repair a cracked hand rail.  Roger came around 5:30 and replaced the coolant hose.  Brian then took us to Gananoque to do some reprovisioning and he spent the night.

Wednesday morning, Andy and Brian went to Gananoque and Kingston on errands.  In the early afternoon, we left Trident and began to explore the Thousand Islands.  We had learned that our Mooring pass entitled us to free docking at Parks Canada sites.    We went about 6 miles the first day and tied up to a dock on McDonald island.IMG_7436   We met another boater there that was a Kingston Power Squadron member, who did a boat safety check of our vessel. Parks Canada rents out these Otentiks–I think in Manitoba we call them Yurts.IMG_7444On Thursday morning, we left to do more exploring we went another 12 miles through the inside channel to the Thousand Islands bridge at stopped at Georgina Island for lunch.IMG_7480

IMG_7482   We visited with Brian and Anne, who were tied up there.  Andy gave them some advice on places to see in the North Channel. We also saw this island for sale- call if you are interested.IMG_7478We were then on the move again, we were told either Camelot of Endymion  had good docks to tie up to , so we proceeded west in search of Camelot.  Bur there was no room in Camelot- as one dock had a couple of house boats and the large dock was being repaired, so we went on to Endymion, which is ¼ miles from the Canada-US border.  We had a choice of mooring balls or fixed docks.  We decided on the fixed docks and Larry and Diane helped us tie up.IMG_7494

IMG_7493   Another absolutely gorgeous spot!

On Friday morning, we left the dock and returned to Trident Yacht club, as we were picking up Brian and Helen there for the Rideau canal adventure.

We left Trident just after 1pm and made the 3pm opening of the Lasalle causeway bridge.


rideau map


IMG_7516We then proceeded up 4 miles to the first set of locks at Kingston Mills, this was  a flight of four locks and we were through by 16:40.   Some of the equipment used at the locks used to open the gates and the doors is original, and creates  Parks jobs for students.IMG_7530We had to go another 10 miles to our next lock at Lower Brewers and were through it by 18:05.  At times the water was around 5 feet,  lots of trees and we came upon this farm with cows.IMG_7518We wanted to get  through one more set of locks called Upper Brewer which was lock 44 and 43,  we made it through by 18:50 and was tied up to a dock with 4 other boats.  One was a looper called Bee Haven from N. Myrtle Beach  they had actually come up from Ottawa, so gave us some insight about the Rideau canal, and told us about  the traffic disruption by the sinkhole as well as the three amigo summit which was going to shut down the lock system next week.  The facilities at this lock were great, showers, power  and great scenery.  This heron was watching from above the lock in the evening for fish, and when one came into the lock  he would fly down for dinner.IMG_7531Andy made pancakes Saturday morning, and we left by 9.  The locking hours are 9-7 on weekends,  We went through 7 locks Friday and up about 80 feet in 15 miles.  We arrived at the Swing bridge at 9:36  and  the Jones Falls flight of 3 at  11:15, we were through the last Jones Fall lock by 12:20.    We continued on and went through the Davis Lock  and Sand Lake followed by Chaffeys Lock and Opinicon Lake.  We  then went through Newboro Lake and arrived at the lock.  There was no space on the upper side so we stayed   below the lock.   For the day we went through  6 locks and rose 79 feet.    We walked into town and checked out Kilborne’s Country store- amazing it had food, nice clothing, shoes, furniture, kitchen ware and furniture,  It likely had other stuff too- I don’t think I went into all the rooms.   We then stopped outside and had ice cream.IMG_7571Our next stop was the  Stirling Lodge where we had supper.  Three of us had fish and chips, and Andy must have caught a bug—because all he wanted to do when he got back to the boat was fish.  Here he is with one of his new friends.IMG_7577On Sunday, we were awoken to the sound of boats- as there was a Bass tournament on the lake starting at 7am.IMG_7583We went through the Newboro lock at 9 with 4 other boats,IMG_7598we then passed through upper Rideau lake,IMG_7588 after crossing it we went through the narrows lock, which was our first lock on our downhill journey to Ottawa. After the lock we  entered Big Rideau Lake, which is the largest lake on the canal.  There were some very nice cottages/ houses on this lake,IMG_7589 once we were out of the lake we entered the Rideau  River at mileage 64.5.  The locks were fairly close together, we proceeded through 7 locks  between 12:50 and 3:30 and only went  a total of 9.9 miles.IMG_7605   Our last lock was Kilmarnock at mileage 53.9,IMG_7619and we decided to call it quits for the day.  We had a little rope mishap, that made this a requirement.    I had been complaining for days that it was too hot, so once we were pulled through this lock, I got to go swimming under the boat to untangle a rope which was twisted around the prop.  Quite refreshing, except that I was in swamp water rather than a lake.IMG_7613  We are the only ones at this lock for the night, and it’s a nice rural settingIMG_7621with  a  couple of bull frogs providing some noise.  Today’s total  9 locks and  33 .2 miles, we only have 53 miles until Ottawa.

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