Daily Archives: June 5, 2017

On Business has her bottom wet again

It’s been 7 months since I last posted.  We survived the winter, and didn’t have a whole lot of snow, but were hit with a couple of storms. It snowed twice in late April, on both April 22nd & 24th and our backyard turned white.We had a family gathering of the McMorlands (Andy’s Mom’s side) prior to Christmas and had about 40 people come to our place for a visit.  Andy’s 99 year old aunt was among the party goers, and we were very glad she had come as the following month she passed away.  During the Christmas break, I did my usual puzzle, but I broke with tradition and actually did 2 1000 piece puzzles instead of one.  The first was the lighthouse, which I had bought along the trip and the second depicted Canada’s game- hockey.Andy got creative too, and made Angels out of shells we had collected the previous holiday season on Dog Island Florida.Over the winter we kept busy curling, and had some unexpected successes; Andy curled in the provincial stick bonspiel and came in 2nd  in the province.  We curled mixed with our next door neighbors, and ended up winning the A-side in our league at the Fort Gary CC.

In early May, we’ve began cleaning up the yard and planting the garden.   I have several dozen tomato plants started in-doors, but they  didn’t like the hardening off process, so I lost quite a few when I put the  out in  the garden near the end of May. We’ve also made a trip to Gimli, to bottom paint our Carver-“Odyssey”.  She was launched on May 10th, so on Mother’s Day we went up to Winnipeg Beach, and did some cleaning of the exterior, as she had been in storage since the fall of 2015.  We have her listed with a broker, in hopes of selling her.In preparation for returning to “On Business”, I’ve made some new curtains for the boat– this took me a couple of weekends, as I’m not really a sewer, and only had a rough sketch of the window dimensions.  So I made them so that I can alter them to fit with a needle, thread and some Velcro.Andy has made me a cutting board to cover the stove top and give me more counter space.  I also tried to make a lawn ornament from clay pots to look like a lighthouse.For vacation, we had originally thought that we would go back to the Thousand Islands, and possibly up the St. Lawrence to Montreal. This plan was changed by mother nature  due to the flooding in Eastern Ontario and Quebec.  Instead we will be going back into Georgian Bay—Yippee only 14 locks instead of 31!

My summer vacation has started; we left Winnipeg on June 2nd headed to Ontario to explore more of the waterways.  It’s a 2076 Km drive from Winnipeg to Buckhorn.  Here’s a picture of Lake Superior from the highway.  We hope to make it to this Great Lake on one of our summer vacations.We arrived in Buckhorn, late afternoon on June 3rd.  The boat was in the water when we got here. When we arrived  we learned that locks 1 through 18 on the Trent Severn are still closed because of high water, so our choice of going to Georgian Bay was the right one.  We’ve spent a couple of days to get her ready, and will be headed to Georgian Bay and the North Channel  tomorrow for about a month as l need to be back at work on July 10th .

 We resisted  for 2 days but had our first taste of Kawartha Ice cream today. One year ago today we were in New York City–Where did the year go?