Daily Archives: June 7, 2018

Going down the Trent Severn Waterway

We left Buckhorn Yacht Harbour at 9:45, after filling up with diesel ($750), it was overcast and windy.  We locked through Buckhorn #31 with a 50 foot Marquis called Navigator IV,

and exited the lock at 10:15.  We then proceeded through Lovesick#30, followed by Burleigh Falls #28, when Andy was exiting he couldn’t get the starboard engine to start.  We pulled over at the Blue line and Andy called Gene, the marine electronics person, who had done some upgrades on Friday.  Gene suggested that Andy play with the gear shift, as he had noticed that the cable seemed stretched, and didn’t pa line up correctly.  Gene’s advice was correct and we continued on through Clear and Stoney Lakes.   We then passed though Young’s Point and tied up at Lakefield #26 at 1:50. 

We walked into town for a few groceries and stopped for Ice Cream.  There was a contest going on, but neither of us entered as we figured that eating all  that ice cream would cause such a large brain freeze that we might not recover.

There were 3 other boats at the lock for the night.  Andy tried fishing and caught and released this Bass- too small for us.


On Tuesday, I got up at my regular time 5:15 CST (6:15) EST and made coffee, then we moved the boat up to the blue line.  While we waited I did some cleaning inside the boat, and then cleaned the windows inside and out.  Since Parks Canada is on reduced hours (10-4), we locked through Lakefield at 10:30 with Navigator IV followed by Sawer Creek, Duoro.  It was the same Park Canada crew working at both locks, so they put us through the first one and drove the 1.5 Km to the 2nd to greet us.  We were through Duoro by 11:20 and next up was Otonabee and Nassau Mills, again a crew working both we exited Nassau by 12:10.    We then passed through Trent University campus, where it looked like it was graduation day for some, as I saw lots of caps and gowns.   We went through a swing bridge and then arrived at the Peterborough lift lock #21. It took us 2.5 minutes to descend the 65 feet.  (Here’s the view from the top of the lift)

We then had 2 more bridges to go through; the CP Bridge was very old and rusty and seemed to take more than 10 minutes to open.

  We then went through Ashburnham and Scotts Mills #19.  We tied up at the bottom of Scotts Mills at 2:20.  An 8 lock day and we only went 16.1 Km.  We walked to a nearby store, and bought fudge- no ice cream today.

On June 6th we left Scott Mills at 6:15,   as we had to go through down the Otonabee river and cross Rice Lake before our next lock at Hastings, a distance of 60.5 Km, and we wanted to be at Hastings for the first lock opening at 10:00.  When we left these ducks were sleeping next to our boat.

We got to Rice Lake by 8:20

and the lock by 10:05.  Navigator IV was waiting for us, they had passed us on the Otonabee River, and had got to Hastings shortly after 9:00—big boat with 3 big Volvo engines.  After Hastings we had 5 more locks to go through in a span of 30 KM- the 3 locks at Healy falls which dropped us 74 feet,  Crowe Bay

and Campbellford.     Many of the locks that we have gone through in the past few days have had new cement poured and undergone some renovations.  Not so at Campbellford, at this lock the walls were covered with zebra mussels,

and as we went down they were spitting out water, it seemed like it was raining-I was disgusted being spit on by mussels.   We were tied up by 2:35 at the Trent Hills Chamber of Commerce docks at Old Mill Park.  We had showers, water and power.  We met Sylvie and Luc Remillard on Lil Hide Away, who are current loopers and will be crossing their wake once they get to Britt in Georgian Bay.  We had some docktails at the picnic table and talked about our trips, and later went to the MingStar restaurant for supper, where they had Kawartha ice cream as one of the desserts- I tried a small scoop of 4 different varieties.  As we wait for the lock to open at 10, Andy has been to the Bakery for fresh muffins, and has now gone to Canadian Tire for a few supplies.