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Made it to Lake Ontario

June 7-10, 2018

I’ve been experiencing issues with my Canon camera ever since we left Winnipeg, every time I turned it on it was asking for the date and time, and I couldn’t take a picture until I had entered it.  I set it at least 30 times, but it wouldn’t keep it in memory.  Last night I was fed up and searched on the internet for a solution.  I found out that I needed a Lithium battery for the date & time.  So this morning when Andy went to Canadian tire I had added the battery to his list.   The camera’s date time function is now working.  We left Campbellford at 9:50 and followed Navigator IV to our first lock for the day,   it was the Ranney Falls flight (locks #12 and #11) – meaning 2 locks in succession, with a total drop of 48 feet.   We were through by 10:35.  In the second lock we had company; I saw two turtles and was able to snap a picture of one of them.


We went through Hagues Reach #10 by 11:10 followed by Meyers #9 and Percy’s Reach # 8 by noon.    I saw a few wild Iris’s and some wildlife or indication of wildlife, like this Beaver house,

blue heron, falcon/hawk nest,

and Robin   We had an 18 Km run to the next lock, Glen Ross #7, Navigator IV went ahead, and they were just closing the lock gates when we came into view, so they reopened them and locked us down together.  We were through this lock by 1:30.  This lock had recently had a makeover, and there was still construction equipment around.    We had another 11 Km to get to our final destination for the day Frankford #6.  We tied up for the night at 2:30, and paid our $9.80 for power hookup.   We had gone through 6 locks and travelled 38.4 Km today.  Heart Tug, with Audrey and Randy arrived at about 3:00 from Trenton; we had previously met them last summer near Fenlon Falls.  We spent the afternoon visiting with them and talking about boating.  They had previously spent time on Lake Superior, and recommended a book by Bonnie Dahl for information and anchoring on that lake.

We were through Frankford lock at 9:20, being a Friday; the locking hours start at 9:00.  We were through Batawa at 10:10 and then on to Glen Miller for 10:50.  We had to wait for a boat locking through the other way, it was called Sum Escape with Julie and Tom Van Hall – Andy had met them in Joliette Illinois in September of 2015, when both of our boats were just starting the loop.  We had met them again in Marathon FL in 2016. They are an example of people who didn’t rush their loop trip- did the 3 year plan.  After Glen miller we had Sidney at 11:15 and then the final lock of Trenton at 11:40.

We had gone 11.7 Km and dropped 116.6 feet to Lake Ontario.    We proceeded to Trent Port Marina and tied up shortly after noon.  There were two other loopers near us, Trawler tales of Ned Pepper, who had just gone Gold the previous day and Next Act.    It was the nicest day yet, so we spent some time washing the boat, doing laundry and then walked up to Metro to get some supplies.

On Saturday morning, we did a little more exterior cleaning, and pulled out at 10, headed through the Bay of Quinte for Hay Bay and Ram Island, which is located near Picton.   It was calm with little wind.

We anchored by 2:30.   Andy did some fishing, and I relaxed and read a book.  Took a few pictures of a family of Swans that were living near the Island.

We had bought some Port hole covers, and thought we should finally install them, as the last time it rained the forward berths had gotten wet.

On Sunday weighed anchor at 900 headed   toward Kingston, passing by Amherst Island.    Here are a few pictures of Kingston from the water,

and tour boats that we passed.

We arrived at Trident Yacht Club before 3:00. and tied up.  We relaxed, had supper and then went up to the clubhouse to visit and ask advice of some of the other boaters who we had met in 2016 when we were here.

On Monday morning, I did a  load of laundry, while we waited for Helen and Brian to join us, for a week in the Thousand islands.