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Fall is in the air, time to go home!

We left the lock before 8:00 and tied up at BYH gas dock just after 8:00.  Ralph came onto the boat and took a look at the new leak on the port engine.  After consulting with the manual and looking on-line, it was determined that we needed a damper.  Andy sent pictures and contacted Rovan, who had sent us the washers for our leak on the Starboard engine.  They didn’t respond until the following day with what we needed and a cost. While we waited at the gas dock for this, Andy spent multiple hours, working on stripping and re-staining the teak railing. He was able to strip and stain almost ¾ of it. 

Around 4:00 Friday, we moved into Peter’s slip at BYH, as he was away on his boat.  Once there I did a thorough washing of the decks to try to remove the sanding dust.  We didn’t do any more sanding and staining here, as we were in close proximity to other fiberglass boats.  We will finish the teak work, once we are back at a lock wall.

On Saturday morning, I went into Lakefield to do laundry.  I was curious to find out where the laundry, in case I ever need to go there from the lock.  It would be a fair hike, but likely not as far as going to the laundry in Frankford—so it is doable.  On my return I stopped at Foodland for a few things.  Shortly after noon, David arrived at the boat, he was coming to do a few more updates to our Garmin electronics.

  Around 3:00, we decided to take the boat out for a test drive, so he could see some of our issues while it was running.  Since he had never been through a lock, we proceeded to go down through lock 31, and once we were at the bottom we turned around and came right back up, as the new fall hours are in effect and the locks close at 4:30.  People watching, must have though we were crazy—who would go through the lock twice.  Only us—I guess I needed more practice.  After cruising in upper buckhorn lake, with David driving, we returned to the marina.

   David then installed the JVC radio/CD player to replace the one on the boat that was no longer functioning.  It took him less than 10 minutes to complete this task, Andy and I had looked at the instructions about a week ago—and it was all Greek to us.  It’s great to be able to play CD’s again and hopefully have better radio reception.  For supper we ordered pizza, and David was on his way back to Hamilton.

On Sunday we got up and did a little cleaning, we then left the slip and moved to the blue line at the Buckhorn lock.  We were through and travelled to Lovesick lock and were through it by noon.  We tied up at the wall below the lock.  We were joined by a number of other boats.  One was a looper boat called Wild willy with Casey and Kerry, who I immediately recognized.  

We had previously met them on A dock at Victoria Harbour marina, however at the marina they had a different boat.  We had a long visit with them talking about their looping experience.   I had noticed that the Canadian flags at all the locks are at half-mast as a tribute to Queen Elizabeth.

On Monday morning, rain was in the forecast so we left Lovesick around 10:30 and travelled to Burleigh Falls, and were through the lock by 11:10, we then moved on to Young’s Point, and were through by 12:20.  We decided to tie up at the bottom, and the rains started shortly thereafter.  In the afternoon, we went to Lock side Trading to shop and get ice cream. We were disappointed regarding the ice cream as they no longer had staff in the café- so no ice cream for us.  We then walked over to the general store, but there was no ice cream or baking there, so we went home empty handed.  It rained most of the evening and overnight.

On Tuesday we left Young’s point at 9:15 and slowly moved to Lakefield and were tied up there by 10:15. There was rain in the forecast for the afternoon, but we decided to finish sanding the teak railing on the starboard front quarter.  Our thoughts were that if it was to rain, we could always cover the raw wood with saran wrap to keep it dry.  It took Andy and I almost 3 hours to complete this task, but all the old stain was off by 2:00.  I then swept up the sanding dust, followed by washing the deck using by anchor wash hose.  I covered the wood with saran, and we waited for the rain.  When it didn’t materialize, we decided to put on the stain.  Andy gave the raw wood a good coat, and did the remainder of the railing with a light coat.   We spent some time reading on the back sundeck in the sun, and there was no rain in sight. The rain didn’t materialize in the night either, so the railing will get a second coat of stain today.

 On Wednesday morning we walked into Lakefield and bought a couple things at Foodland, on our way back we stopped at the café for coffee, a muffin and Central Smith ice cream- definitely not as good as Kawartha.  We went back to the boat, and in the afternoon, the railing got another coat.  It was very breezy, and quite overcast.

On Thursday, we left at about 9:30, and crossed the two lakes before arriving at Burleigh Falls.  We encountered a triple threat here—we locked through with 3 houseboats, but since we were the last boat in and out, no mishaps.  We followed the three boats to Lovesick and we decided to tie up on the bottom.  We visited with the other boaters there, and Andy gave the teak a few touch ups.  He put the dinghy down later in the afternoon and cruised around the area feeding his remaining worms to the fish.

 While he was gone, I watched the neighboring boats play bean bag toss.

  When he returned to the boat, he still had a few worms left and caught a few “blue gills”.   He filleted them and we had them for breakfast on Friday. 

Friday morning was cool, and it was raining.  We locked through on the second lockup with 2 other cruisers around 10:30. We arrived at Buckhorn lock about an hour later and locked through, earlier in the week we had worried about staying at the lock, but there were only 3 boats tied up on that dreary day.  We continued on to BYH, and tied up near the gas dock.  Andy checked in with the service department, as well as Cindy in the canvas shop.  Our part for the fuel leak had arrived and will be installed likely on Monday.  Cindy agreed to meet with us in the afternoon to go over our requirement for a solar canopy over our sundeck.  We met with her for about an hour in the afternoon, looking at Andy’s sketches, pictures from another PT 35 that we had seen a canopy on

and the materials that were available.  It is possible that she may be able to make the frame the following week. 

We returned to the boat, and packed a bag or two, as we were going up to Bancroft to spend the weekend with Brian and Helen, as Saturday was Brian’s 70th birthday.  We stopped at the Bancroft Kawartha store for ice cream. We had a lovely dinner of bbq roast beef, potatoes, cabbage rolls and cake for dessert.

Saturday morning, Andy and Brian went golfing, only 9 holes as it was Andy’s first golf game for 2022.  Here’s the pair of them in the afternoon after their outing, the 70+ year old needed afternoon naps. 

While they were out Helen and I went to downtown Bancroft and did some shopping as well as stopping at the farmer’s market.  For dinner, we went to the Bird’s Creek café, and then returned to the house for wine, cupcakes and ice cream. 

We saw this wild turkey family return to the bush near their house, they have a daily routine of walking out of the bush each morning and returning before nightfall.

Sunday morning, we woke up to heavy rain.   We left Brian and Helen’s around 9:30 and headed to Buckhorn and the boat.  It continued to rain, we caught up on some missed episodes of Coronation Street and started packing up the boat. 

On Monday morning, Andy went and checked with the service staff, regarding our leak.    Mark came around 10:30 and installed the damper fitting on the port engine.   We were told that we would be pulled out on Tuesday, so the packing continued, and I defrosted the freezer.  Cindy and Amanda from the canvas shop came around noon, and took some measurements for the solar canopy.    In the afternoon, Andy decided to change the oil in the two engines are we had put on about 125 hours over the summer.  After he warmed up the two engines, it took about an hour to complete this task.

  He also topped up the water in the batteries.   By running the engines, Andy noticed a slight leak in the starboard engines, so went back to the service staff, and asked to have the spare damper fitting installed on that engine as well.

We waited until 4:30, and since no one came to do the repair, we decided to go to Lakefield.  I wanted to do laundry including our bedding, so that I wouldn’t have to take it home.    We returned to the boat by 6:30 and had a late supper.  We continued to sort through and pack up things that needed to be stored, as well as stuff that we wanted to take home.

On Tuesday morning, Andy moved the car and we started loading it up.    We completed packing shortly after 9:00.  Andy also got confirmation from Renogy that the additional solar panels and clips were shipped.  We drove back to Bancroft to stay at Brian and Helen’s.  

  After lunch, Helen and I went downtown to do some shopping, and I bought some yarn for an upcoming project.  We will be returning to the boat on Thursday to check on the progress of the boat top.

Our plan is to leave Bancroft Friday morning and go to the Sault.  We originally had hoped to go via Owen Sound and the Chi cheemaun on ferry, but couldn’t get a reservation until Sunday, so that side trip won’t happen again this year. We were told that there are lots of people, likely seniors, doing the fall colours tours

so bookings are hard to get at this time of year.  We also found that hotel rooms in Sault St. Marie on Friday night were very limited. On Saturday we hope to make it as far as Thunder Bay.  No more two-day driving marathons to Winnipeg—we’re too old for that!

Wednesday, we did our own tour of the area, going to Haliburton, as Brian was getting his 5th covid shot.  We went up into the Haliburton highlands one way and returned on a different route.  Lots of leaves are changing to yellow and red.

While in Haliburton we did some shopping and went for lunch.   Once we were back, I pulled out knitting needles and started playing with tension and the new wool.  In the evening we watched a little TV, and I read a book.

On Thursday morning- the first day of fall

I got some sad news from my friend Veronique she told me a recently retired colleague, Bert Siemens had passed away suddenly last weekend, and his funeral would be on Saturday. This was a bit of a shock, Bert and I had worked together for years on the Harvest survey.  Later in the morning, Andy and I drove back to the boat to check on the progress of the deck cover and winterizing.   We were disappointed to learn that our boat was exactly where we had left it on Tuesday,

we were told it was too tall for the canvas shop space.  Some progress had occurred with respect to the new top.  When I got to the boat, Amanda was adding some clips to the radar arch.  Cindy and Andy had some final discussions about the top and the attachments.  We then went to the canvas shop to see the assembled stainless-steel structure, as well as the canvas material that will be covering it. 

Upon leaving BYH, we picked up pizza for lunch and then some fruit for the road and filled up with gas at Curve Lake.  Enroute to Bancroft, we stopped at Kawartha for the final taste of ice cream, I had a scoop of coconut and pumpkin pie.  The pumpkin pie ice cream actually had some pellets of pastry dough in it- this will not be a favourite! There are frost warnings out for this evening– so it is time to go…..

We plan to leave tomorrow morning and should be home by Sunday night. Another year of boating in Ontario has ended, we were here for almost 4 months. I think we used our mooring pass 72 times and travelled through 145 locks as well as spending a week in the thousand islands. Remarkable value for spending $650 on our Parks Canada mooring and locking passes! What a great country we live in, the boating here is amazing, as well as the ice cream!

Made a u-turn, spending time around Buckhorn

  On arrival, at the Buckhorn lock, we still have the smell of diesel- so the leak was not completely fixed.  Andy spent some time phoning around looking for the gasket or washers that we require.  He was able to find what he thinks we need, and they will be shipped to BYH next week.  We took a walk on Saturday afternoon to Foodland for a couple of things.  There is a peregrine falcon nest in a tree above the lock, which still has young birds in it, wanting to be fed, so the 2 parents are constantly either guarding the nest or bringing in food. 

On Saturday Andy spent some time on his computer, cleaning up files and deleting duplicates, so that his file system will be ready for migration to his new computer. The Kawartha Voyageur was docked at the lock.

We were through the Buckhorn lock by 9:25 on Sunday and headed towards Burleigh Falls, as we were going to meet Dalaina and Roy from Just Wright there.  We hadn’t seen them since the Thousand Islands, but had been in touch by text.  We went through the Lovesick lock at 10:10 and arrived at Burleigh around 10:30. There was no place on the wall, and boats had until 11:00 to vacate, so we were advised to go through the lock and bobble around on Stony Lake for awhile.  We were through the lock at 10:40. We waited for a couple of lock throughs each way and came through at 12:15 and tied up on the upper wall.   

 Our friends came through about a half hour later, and tied up across the lock.  Around 2:00, the spot next to us cleared, and Just Wright joined us on the same wall.  We visited with them at the picnic table with a few drinks.   By the time the lock closed we were the only two boats at this lock.  On Monday morning, it was a little windy, and we decided to move to Lovesick.   We went for a walk to the Burleigh falls inn before 9:00, but not much was opened. 

On our return to the boat, Andy called Lovesick lock and was told there was room for both boats below the lock.  So, we fired up and went the 2miles and tied up there by 10:30.

One other boat was just coming through the lock, but we were all able to fit on the wall.  I walked around and took pictures of the very extensive perennial garden, as well as the sign board about the legend of Lovesick.

We spent the afternoon reading at the picnic table, until the rain started, when we moved inside.  Around 7:00, we were once again able to meet at the table, since we had heard that there were raccoons on the island, we sprayed some vinegar around the wall near our boat as a deterrent.  In the evening Andy and I played cards.

On Tuesday morning, more rain and strong winds were predicted, so we decided to go back to Buckhorn to see if our parts for the fuel injector had arrived.    Andy had some time before the locks opened so he put the dinghy in the water and tried fishing near the dam.

  We were through the Lovesick lock at 9:35 and through Buckhorn at 10:45, and tied up on the wall with Just Wright.  We had rain off and, on all afternoon, so stayed inside.  Our part had not come in yet.  We had drinks with Roy and Dalaina at 5:00 in our salon.  We played cards in the evening- Andy is on a winning streak, I haven’t won more than a game or two a week.

In the morning, rain and wind was predicted, so we decided to get the car and go into Bobcaygeon, so that I could catch on the laundry.  Andy took down one of the folding bikes and pedalled to the marina in order to get the car. 

He then put the bike in the trunk and came back to the lock.  Around 10:00, Andy, Roy, Dalaina and I went to Bobcaygeon.  While I was at the laundry mat, the other three went to the LCBO, Beer store and grocery store.  Once I was done, they picked me up and we did a little tour of the best of Bobcaygeon, we showed them the Kawartha Dairy production plant- (no we didn’t stop for ice cream), Kawartha Settler’s village, Bigley’s shoes, and the location of the farmer’s market.  We stopped at the British store, as we saw a sign that they were going out of business, I bought some raspberry preserve with famous grouse scotch as well as a jar of red pepper relish, Andy bought a tweed cap. Dalaina bought a dish towel and a really neat Scottish bag/purse.

We drove back to Buckhorn with our purchases and had lunch.  Buckhorn Yacht Harbour called to let us know that our parts for the injector pump had arrived, hopefully they can be installed on Thursday, and that will put an end to the fuel leak. Around 2:00 we drove to Foodland for a couple additional items, then we took Roy and Dalaina to Buckhorn Yacht harbour to show them the marina.  On the way back we stopped at the Adam and Eve rocks for photos. 

We had a brief rain shower, and some very strong winds in the afternoon.  We had drinks and appetizers at the picnic table around 4:30. While sitting at the table, another boater walked by and told us that he had seen our boat in the Peterborough lift lock the previous week on YouTube.  He said the text accompanying the video was in Chinese, so we’re not sure if we’ll find it.  Andy remembered a crowd of Asian people at the top of the lock with cameras.  Small world!

 We bbq’d for supper, and then Andy checked our house batteries and added water to them.

In the morning, Andy returned our car to BYH, and had one of the guys bring him back to the lock.  He fired up the engines and we moved the boat to the gas dock at BYH.  We filled up with water and pumped out.  Ralph came down with the parts for the injector and replaced the washer.  All seems to be good. We left BYH at 9:05 and headed across the lakes to Bobcaygeon.  The wind was blowing, and there were some waves on the lake.  We arrived at Bobcaygeon at 11:00 and tied up on the bottom with power.  Just Wright joined us there a short time later.

In the afternoon, Dalaina and I checked out all the shopping on the main street, including Bigley’s shoe store.  We also crossed the bridge and went to the hardware store as well as a couple other.  It was great to have some girl time!  I wanted to buy Spider-out, as the spiders on the boat seem to be increasing.  We got back to the boat, just in time for 5:00 happy hour, which actually ended up being a 2-hour ordeal, as it may quite possibly our last time together. 

Hard to believe we only met them on June 14th in Hastings; however, our paths have crossed numerous times over the summer.  They need to be back to Port Severn by September 10th, so are on a tighter schedule than us.

On Friday morning, we left in the first lock up and headed to Fenlon Falls.  It was fairly windy on Sturgeon lake.  We arrived just before 11:00 and they already had a boat in the lock, so we joined them.  We got the last spot with power on the upper wall, and were tied up by 11:15.  Just Wright joined us about 45 minutes later. 

In the afternoon, Andy and I walked around town and stopped at the patio of the Cow and Sow for a beer and some appetizers.  It was very busy at the locks and town was quite busy as well for a Friday.   It was also really hot, when we returned to the boat, we closed up all the windows and put on the AC.  Roy and Dalaina joined us for happy hour around 5:00.  For dinner we opted for Chinese food and picked it up around 8:00.  The three dishes that we ordered is enough for 3 meals.

On Saturday morning, the lockmaster came by our boat, to ask if we were continuing on.  We said we were staying another night.  He had some bad news, the Kirkfield lift lock had sustained damage the day before, and likely wouldn’t be operational for some time.   He said that boats would be allowed to exceed the 2 day limit at Fenlon falls for this reason. Here’s a link to a story about the incident:

  This messed up Just Wright’s departure as they were planning on moving on towards Kirkfield.  Since we had a source of water, I spent some time scrubbing the deck on the flybridge and sundeck.  I also sprayed the canvas with the Spider out, it works instantly, as well as leaves a residue for spiders that move to that area.     Dalaina and I checked out some of the stores in town, and went to the farmer’s market, where I bought some fresh produce.  I was looking for corn, but they were already sold out.  We partook in Happy hour on my clean deck. 

On Sunday, the temperature had taken a down turn, it was chilly on the boat, so we put on one of the heaters.  More boats that were stranded moved onto the lock wall, we had one boat in front of us, that put a lifejacket over our anchor, so that they wouldn’t hit their heads on it.    There was talk of a crib tournament happening amongst some of the boats, to warm up for it, Roy and Andy played 8 games, with Roy coming out the winner.

  Many of the boats tied up were trying to make alternate plans to get their boats passed the Kirkfield lock.  There was a guy advertising on the web, that he had a trailer that could take boats around the lock. But he had a tonnage limit on his trailer, so some boats would not be able to use his service.  Since our trip to Orillia would now be cancelled, we offered Roy and Dalaina a ride to Port Severn, where their truck and trailer is being stored, once we got back to Buckhorn.

On Monday morning we locked through the Fenlon lock around 10:30, and headed across Sturgeon lake to Bobcaygeon.  We were through this lock at12:35 and tied up on the power wall by 12:45.    I did some file cleaning on my computer for an hour or more, and then we went for ice cream at the Bigley’s sweet shop.  We weren’t sure if the Kawartha dairy outlet would be open, as it was labour day.  We visited with some of the other boaters on the wall, one of which was trying to get a boat to Georgian Bay.  After supper we played a couple games of cards.

On Tuesday morning we started the engines around 9:00 and headed back to the Buckhorn lock, arriving at 11:15 and tied up.  I walked over to the marina to pick up the car.  We wanted to drive in to Peterborough to get some stain for our teak railings.  We arrived back at the boat just around 2:00.  Andy started to sand, and decided it was going to be a very long process, so he called Brian in Bancroft to see if we could borrow a belt sander.  So back in the car and off to Bancroft, and then back again arriving at the boat around 6:30.  We had supper, played cards.

On Wednesday, we left by car at around 7:30, headed for Rosedale.   We made a stop in Fenlon Falls, as we heard that Peter the marina owner from BYH was there and was having engine issues.   We had a short visit with him and then we continued on to  the Rosedale lock where Roy and Dalaina were waiting.  We drove to Port Severn via Orillia, arriving there around 11:00.

  We left them with their truck and trailer, and we made the return trip to Buckhorn lock, arriving shortly after 1:30.  Andy started removing the layers of stain on the railing using Brian’s sanders.  Much quicker than what he had done yesterday, however it will likely take several days, maybe even a week to complete this for the entire railing. Once he is done the railing should look more like natural teak, than  brown wood.

  Around 3:30, several boats arrived with the Canadian rangers.  We had actually saw them in the morning, as they were in Rosedale, when we picked up the Wrights.  Here’s a picture of them in the lock. 

In the morning we went to BYH to check on our new fuel issue, may have to pull the boat sooner than we want to.

Taking our time in friendly waters

We left Campbellford Old Mill park before 9:00 and were through lock 13 by 9:25 through Crowe Bay by 10:00 and Healey falls by 10:45, and the Healey flight lock by 11:15.  We then followed the Trent river to Hastings and tied up on the bottom, as there was no room on the top.  They have lovely flowers growing in several canoes here.

 We had gone about 20 miles and 6 locks.  It was Hasting’s waterfront festival, and there were lots of people in town, many having come by pontoon or bowriders.  A lot of the activities including axe throwing and musical performers was taking place across the canal at Hastings Village Marina. 

  We walked around town a little and went for Ice cream.  Around 4:00, some room opened up on the top of the lock, so we locked through and tied up.  We were in front of Grace too, which we had last seen on the rideau.    We walked to LCBO, which is very close to the canal, and purchased more wine and cider.  We then spent some time reading on the back deck.  I saw a guy with a snake around his neck- he said it was a boa constrictor and I saw him drape it around a little girl’s neck—not something I would do!

In the morning, we were up early as our plan was to leave around 6:00 for the trek to Peterborough.  Andy was up and made coffee before 6:00, however he checked the weather and saw that a thunderstorm cell was predicted for 7:30, so we stayed put.   The storm and rain hit about 7:30 and was over by about 9:00, so we ended up leaving around 9:30, it was 40 miles across Rice Lake and down the Otonabee river, it did rain a couple of times, but not for long. 

We reached Scott’s mills Lock 19 by 2:05, we got to Ashburnham by 2:15, but had to tie up and wait, as the Lift lock tour boat was on its way.  We were through Ashburnham at 3:00, and the Peterborough Lift lock by 3:20.  We decided to keep going and were through Nassau Mills Lock 22 by 4:15.

  We decided to tie up here, as there were some dark clouds around us, and we had gone 45 miles.  The lockmaster here, was Kirk, who had been at Buckhorn for a number of years so we had a visit with him once we were tied up.

  Around 5:30 we met Korban, Kirk’s son, and took him for a tour of our boat, Andy even showed him the engine room, and how he checks the oil.   We gave him a few candies from our Campbellford chocolate stash.

  At the end of the day Korban, donned a life jacket, and closed the lock gate- wonder if he want’s to be a lockmaster like Dad.  

 The rain held off until about 11:00 and we had a big downpour that woke us both up.

In the morning, it was just starting to drizzle when we left Nassau Mills at 9:10 and were through Otonabee at 9:35, Douro at 10:05, Sawer Creek at 10:30 and Lakefield at 11:00.  We were tied up under a tree by 11:10 and plugged into power, as the solar panels would be almost useless in the rain. 

I finished reading my book, and did a little cleaning on the outside decks.  Here’s some of the vegetables and flowers growing in the planter boxes.

On Tuesday morning we walked to town and went to Foodland and the hardware store.  We stopped for coffee and a muffin at the ice cream shop.  Didn’t have ice cream as it was Central Smith and not Kawartha.  We came back to the boat, and decided to stay another day, as it looked like it may rain again.  Shortly after lunch we were joined by three boats, which we had previously met a couple of years ago in Rosedale.  One of the boats, Plan Sea, we had recently saw when we were on the Rideau.  We spent the afternoon visiting with them at the picnic table under the shade of the trees- as the forecast was wrong again, and there was no rain in sight.

On Wednesday morning we left at 8:30 and travelled to the Young’s Point lock and were through by 9:30, we then moved on to Burleigh Falls, and were through it by 10:00.  We were in this lock with 2 house boats, that were part of a 7-boat family reunion- we stayed far away from them, entering the lock once they were tied up to their cables.  We then moved on to Lovesick lock and were through it by 11:30. Our last lock for the day was Buckhorn and we were through it by 12:25.  We called Buckhorn Yacht Harbour and tied up by the launch ramp by 12:50.  In the afternoon we asked Pat in the marina office, to print off some papers that we required signed and sent in, so that we could retrieve our medical records, from our doctor’s office.   Andy talked to the service department, and a couple items from our list will be worked on in the morning. I saw this person removing weeds from the marina basin.

We ordered pizza for supper, and went to pick it up in our car. Once again, we caught up on missed Coronation episodes. I picked a dozen ripe tomatoes off one of my Prairie Pride plant, not sure if I will grow cucumbers again next year, as I had dozens of blossoms, but only one cucumber matured.

On Thursday morning, Ralph checked our strainers for weeds, and also found the diesel leak, which was a fine spray coming from a pump fitting.  He was able to tighten the bolt and applied some sealant to stop the leak.  Todd re-arranged some of the cables on our VHF and AIS, so that the VHF radio now appears to be working correctly.  We also spoke to Cindy in the canvas shop, and asked to have 6 missing or broken twist lock fasteners on our flybridge replaced.  We drove to Foodland and picked up a few items.

In the afternoon we drove to Bancroft to visit with Muriel and Brian, as Muriel had just come home from the hospital last weekend, after having surgery.  We had stopped at the Kawartha dairy store in Bancroft, and picked up ice cream, so we all had a bowl.  Before leaving town, we stopped at Brian and Helen’s for a short visit as well.  Upon leaving we decided to go back to the boat, and then drive to Peterborough to look for a car radio, to replace the non-functioning one on the boat.  As well, we wanted to look for a new computer for Andy’s as his has a lot of issues, and is being held together by duct tape.  We were successful buying a computer at Walmart and the radio at Canadian Tire. 

We stopped for supper at Wendy’s, and then rushed back to the boat.  The rain was really coming down, at times it was hard to see out the windows.  We got home at 7:45, which was good, as my book club Zoom meeting was at 8:00 with Helen, Sheila and Jess.

It continued to rain until 9:30 and then seemed to stop, although more rain is in the forecast Friday. We plan to leave this morning, and spend a day or two at the Buckhorn lock, and possibly go back to both of Lovesick and Burleigh Falls for a night ( two of the locks on my list- where we haven’t stayed). We have been on the boat for three months now, I’m ready to go home, however the captain would like to spend another month on the water, and is talking about coming back in November, provided winter hasn’t settled in, to assemble what will become our sundeck cover and solar panel frame. He has asked BYH for a quote on the materials required.

Back in Friendly waters!

We left Crates at 10:25. There was a pancake breakfast happening, so we stayed for breakfast before leaving. As we passed Trenton there was a plane that kept flying the same pattern multiple times, but didn’t land– must have been practicing!

  We arrived at Lock 1 Trenton around noon and Locked through by 12:40. We moved a couple miles and locked through Sydney at 1:00.  Then it was on to Glen Miller and we were through it at 1:45. We had contemplated staying at lock 3, but were told that Lock 4 was better as it was quieter.  We locked through at Batawa at 2:20 and were tied up by 2:30.

Pulling into the lock we saw a boat and a bunch of people having lunch.  It turned out that it was Rick and Linda from Compromise with their family. We tried to have a short visit with only one “long story short” but it didn’t happen.  Andy gave the Compromised family a tour of our boat.   We had a peaceful afternoon, and were joined by one other boat on the wall.  The lock station was a lockmaster’s house and is more than a hundred years old.

On Saturday morning, we stayed tied up and helped a number of boats tie up on the blue line.  One boat had an issue with one of its engines, but was able to restart it.  As they rushed to the next lock, two of their fenders fell off.  They didn’t seem to notice.  The one fender was fairly close to our locations- so Andy became the fender fetcher.  He got into our dinghy and rowed to where the fender was and retrieved it.  The second fender was close to a mile away, so we waited until it was closer, and on our side of the canal, before he launched the dinghy a second time and retrieved that fender.   The lock staff at Batawa had been in contact with lock staff farther up the canal, to say the fenders had been retrieved.  One of the lock staff from Lock 5, came and picked them up and delivered them to Lock 6, where the boat was waiting.  Good job Captain- you’ll get a gold star someday!  At 1:15, we moved on a mile to Lock 5- Trent and were through the lock by 1:50 and tied up.    The lock station at this lock is a twin to the last lock station.  Here’s pictures of it, it had a lot of flowers, and tomatoes growing, and I spent some time pulling weeds- Do you think I’m missing my weedy garden?

On Sunday we decided to stay at Trent.  We did some window cleaning

and waxing on the outside of the boat, as well Andy gave some of the teak railing another coat of Cetol.  We relaxed outside under the cedar tree reading in the afternoon.

  Later, Cat’s Pause with Phil and Caroll joined us on the lock wall.  We had previously seen them in Westport. They have a cover over their front hatch which I find interesting– it maybe a winter project to duplicate something like it for our boat.

In the morning we left Trent lock and moved on to Frankford lock at 10:15, and moved to our favorite spot under the shade of the big willow tree.

We were joined by Springbok and Nauti Jenny in the early afternoon.  Around 1:00, we talked to Lakewood Medical and got an appointment to meet a new doctor when we return in October. Around 2:00 we walked by the park canteen and had some Kawartha ice cream we then went into town to the grocery store, pharmacy and LCBO.  On our return we joined Rick and Jenny and Steve and Sandra under the willow tree for drinks and a visit. 

Rick and Jenny have completed the loop but are now doing the Canada piece.  Steve, Sandra and Oakley are from Reach harbour near Buckhorn, they have two boats, one for travelling around and another one that they live on full time.

In the morning, boats going south left, however those going on to Lock 7 Glen Ross stayed tied up, this was because two boats had become trapped in the lock when the water could not be released.  There was a hydraulic issue.  Before noon, the two boats came through to Lock 6, however there was still an issue at Lock 7, as the lock could not be filled. By 1:00 there were already 7 boats at Frankford, including Rick and Linda on Compromise.  We spent the afternoon at the picnic table visiting and drinking.

We have been friends with Rick and Linda for almost a year having met them in Frankford a couple of times in September of 2021.  Andy and Rick get along like brothers, and are always joking back and forth.  Prior to their arrival at Frankford, Andy had sent Rick a picture of the table under the coveted willow tree, this is what Rick changed the signage to after we left on Wednesday.

 For supper the four of us walked into Frankford to the new 3 Jacks steak restaurant.  Once we returned from town, we visited on our boat with the AC running as it was quite muggy outside.  In the morning a couple boats left in both directions.  Around 10:30 we decided to fire up and move on a couple of locks.  After we were through Glen Ross we tied up and went to the store for ice cream as well as Andy got some worms for fishing. Our friends Dave and Claudia from Still Waters II don’t think we’ve been eating enough Kawartha- so we are going to have to sacrifice our waistlines and eat more.   We then went about 12 miles to Percy Reach; we were joined in this lock by a bowrider with people from Calgary.  We continued on to Lock 9 Meyers and tied up. 

It was around 2:00, and a rain shower was imminent.  After the first shower, I went for a short walk to check out the Oasis cabins- which actually look like pods up in the trees. 

  There were two at this location.  I talked to a woman on Thursday morning who had stayed in one, and said that they creak and move a little when you are walking in them.  She also said that they cost $140/night.  For a washroom and shower they have to walk up to the lock house.  They now have Oasis cabins at locks 8, 9 and 10. The modular showers are also available for use by boaters- so I tried one out in the morning. 

The lock house at this location is the same design as the ones in Batawa and Trent- so now we seen three of them.  Not quite as many flowers at this one as at Trent, but still very well maintained for being over a hundred years old.  There has not been much rain and the grass at most locks along the TSW is dry and brown.

We had several more rain showers in the afternoon and evening, accompanied by thunder and lightning. 

In the morning we left Meyers and travelled to Hague’s reach and were thru by 9:45. We then moved on to the double lock at Ranney falls and were through by 10:30.  We were tied up in Old Mill Park at 10:50.  We had gone a total of 4.6 miles.  Our friends from Compromise arrived around 1:15, as they were coming all the way from Frankford. Shortly after 2:00 our friends Brian and Helen arrived.  With a car they took us to World’s Finest Chocolate ( where we bought this stash of chocolate treats),

the Beer store, V&S and Sharpe’s grocery store. Saved us having to lug bags around town.  We went for an early supper to 52 North pub and grill.  Helen and Brian left shortly after for the drive home to Bancroft.  We sat at the picnic table until dark visiting with Rick and Linda. We saw several first responders at the dock across the canal around 9:00- not sure what was going on.

In the morning after several of the boats, including Compromise left before 9:00 to make the first lock.  We moved our boat on the wall so it would be closer to fill up our water tank. 

We learned that there was an issue in one of the locks and Compromise’s trip to Frankford had been delayed because of weeds at Percy’s Reach, but they were able to reach Frankford and claim the willow tree again.

We did some more shopping, going to Dooher’s Bakery, Dollarama and No Frills.  I walked over to the laundry mat and washed a couple loads of clothes.  Once the clothes were drying, I went to D’s island shack for an extra spicy chicken roti. On my return to the boat, we caught up on a few episodes of Coronation street. Starting around 4:00 the wind started to pick up and then we had a rain shower.

So far we have stayed at 3 locks on the TSW that we had never stayed at before, and I was able to remove them from my list.

Back at home, we got an update on the progress of our new apartment building, the builders are now starting on the third floor where are apartment is to be.

We will be leaving Campbellford in the morning, likely going as far as Hastings. We hope to be back in Buckhorn by the middle of next week, as we are having a few minor fixes done to the boat before moving farther northwest on the TSW.

My last posting from Ontario in 2016, we have to say Goodbye to On Business

August 21-25

 We locked through at about 10:30 Sunday and proceeded to cross Pigeon Lake and then into Buckhorn lake.  Lots of house boats around, because Bobcaygeon is the houseboat capital of Ontario.  We arrived at Buckhorn before 2:00, and there were houseboats everywhere. One houseboat came in and parked behind us with very little dock space , so that their second rope had to be tied to a tree.  There was a perfectly large spot farther up, but the inexperienced driver was afraid to go there.  Andy was asked to move the boat for them, but he declined as his name wasn’t on the contract.

On Monday Andy called Buckhorn Yacht harbour to confirm that they were expecting us.  We traveled the 1.2 miles to the marina and tied up west of the gas dock.  In the afternoon, we started disassembling the upper canvas and radar arch, and removed the electronics.  The boat looks quite different without the upper canvas.IMG_8946The boat will be put up on the hard here, and any items that could be damaged by freezing needs to be taken off the boat. I cleaned the stove and oven and de-frosted the freezer.

On Tuesday we did more cleaning and packing.  Andy walked to town to by supplies for wrapping up the cushions and mattresses, he also admitted that he stopped for a Kawartha treat.  I visited with Pam on Our Panacea Dream, we had met in Couchiching, Buckhorn Yacht Harbour is their home marina. We went for dinner with Pam and Stan to Jesse’s Tap & Grill in Ennismore. We then stopped for ice cream.IMG_8948 IMG_8950 IMG_8951Wednesday  morning the water was like glass, when the sun came up,  but the wind picked up as the day progressed.IMG_8953Our day  consisted of more packing, and cleaning, and wrapping up cushions in plastic.IMG_8956  IMG_8958  Brian Vermeersch stopped by at 5:00, and took a bunch of buckets and bags of stuff that is destined for Winnipeg.  He will store the stuff until Andy comes back with the car.  Brian gave us a ride into Buckhorn, and Andy and I went to the Cody Inn for dinner.  We then walked back the 2 Km to the Marina, after stopping for our last  dish of Kawartha Ice cream.   A couple from another boat at the marina dropped by and took a look at our trawler and asked some questions about the Great Loop.  On Thursday  we finished packing what we were taking home,IMG_8957as well as stuff to be stored.  I emptied out the fridge and unplugged it.  We weren’t sure if we would be pulled out this afternoon, or if they will wait until we are gone.  Brian and Helen are picking us up tonight after 5 and will be driving us to Hamilton.

On Friday we will be flying home on NewLeaf; new-leaf-logoit is Canada’s new ultra-low-cost air travel company.  It is based out of Winnipeg, and only flies to smaller centres.  You pay a base fee and then everything else is extra.  We’re flying out of Hamilton for $179—can’t beat that cheapest I found on Air Canada was $356 from Toronto, and West jet doesn’t have direct flights from Hamilton, like they did in 2012 when Andy was working there.  Andy booked the flights so I’m really hoping we have no issues, like I had in May when I flew in and out of Philadelphia.

My next posting will be from home  Winnipeg!  It is hard to believe that we lived On Business for the past 10 months.  We’ll miss the boat, but know that she will be well taken care of at Buckhorn Yacht Harbour, and we’ll be back next summer to cruise some more!

Last days on the Trent Severn in 2016

August 16-20

It started raining at 7:30 in the morning and continued for most of the day.  There was another boat at the lock, Our Panacea Dream and when they fired up their engines, we did the same and followed them down the canal.  We had a short wait for the swing bridge and 2 miles farther up we were into Lake Couchiching.    It was still raining off and on and quite windy. IMG_8882We followed the other boat to the Port of Orillia marina and tied up shortly after 4.IMG_8883After we were signed in, Andy and I went for a walk around town.  We found a bakery and bought the essentials bread, butter tarts and cinnamon buns.    For supper we joined other loopers: Dale, Andy, John and Priscilla from Changing Latitudes and Laura and Artie from Leap of Faith at Brewery Bay.  Andy and I stopped at Metro on our way back to the boat and picked up some provisions.

Wednesday morning, the wind has died down, however it is still overcast.     The crews from Changing Latitudes and Leap of Faith came over at 9 am with their charts so Andy could give them a synopsis of  what to expect farther up the TSW and in Georgian Bay.  The left shortly before 11, and then we shoved off at about 11:15.IMG_8886We crossed Lake Simcoe and then went through 5 locks, Gamesbridge, Thorah, Portage, Talbot and Bolsover  in a 4 mile stretchIMG_8888  IMG_8890 IMG_8891 IMG_8892 IMG_8893We then had  to go another 8 miles including the shallow and weedy Canal Lake and the hole in the wall bridge  before we reached Kirkfield  lift Lock.IMG_8896 IMG_8897About 15 minutes before our arrival the skies opened and it poured.  We tied up at the bottom of the lock for the night.IMG_8908For dinner we went to a restaurant called Flo’s loch ness  restaurant, I had fish and chips that were quite good.  We also had Kawartha Ice cream.

On Thursday morning, I walked up to the top of the lock and took this picture of the boat below.IMG_8904We locked through shortly after 9 am, there was a houseboat in the other chamber coming down.IMG_8915We crossed Mitchell and Balsam lakes before reaching the Rosedale lock, we went through this narrow cut.  Being the middle of the week, we saw very little traffic on the lakes.IMG_8923To get to Fenelon Falls we had to go another 4 miles and cross Cameron Lake.  We arrived at Fenlelon Falls just before noon, and were able to get a spot on the wall with power.IMG_8929 We walked to the laundry mat  and did some washing, we  stopped and bought wine on our way back to the boat.  Later in the afternoon we went out for—you guessed it- Kawartha Ice cream—I had the Sweet heat.  This cruise ship was tied up at the dock- it runs between Peterborough and the Big Chute.  We had previously seen it go through the Scott Mill lock several weeks ago.IMG_8931On Friday, we locked through shortly after 9, with 3 other boats.    It was a 15 mile trip to Bobcaygeon, crossing Sturgeon Lake.  There was very little wind, and sunny skies.   The forecast was for another hot and humid day.  We were unsure as to whether we would get a spot on the wall, but really lucked out as a house boat was just moving up to the blue line.  We tied up by 11:05.  In the afternoon we went and checked out the stores on the main street, but didn’t find anything that we needed.  We avoided the food store as we are trying to clean out the fridge and freezer prior to getting to Buckhorn. However we did have a need for more Kawartha Ice cream to help us cool down.IMG_0832Saturday morning we got up and went to the farmer’s market, where we bought fresh bread, cinnamon buns and corn on the cob.  We then came back to the boat and I did some cleaning/packing.  Andy went in search of a barber, he returned shortly before noon.   We decided to try out the Chinese food place for lunch as it was air conditioned.  Following lunch we checked out some other stores, but didn’t buy anything.  In the afternoon, we sat  in the shade and read our books.  At about 5 pm we went for a walk to the Kawartha Dairies store for ice cream.  Today $1 from each cone was being donated to cancer care because it is  Tragically Hip day in Bobcaygeon.IMG_0833I’ve been talking about ice cream so much, my sister and brother-in-law had to try it.  Here’s Gord  with a Kawartha cone somewhere in Ontario.IMG_2252Bobcaygeon was busy this weekend, they  showed  the Tragically Hip concert on a jumbo-tron on the main street Saturday night.  They estimated there were more than 7000 people in attendance.IMG_8941We took our chairs and joined the bedlam.IMG_8940They had 2 screens set up but the second one closest to us, kept switching to a blue screen so we didn’t see much,  shortly after 9:30 we went back to the boat and watched the end of the concert on the computer.

some of the Tragically Hip  lyrics for Bobcaygeon 

I got to your house this morning
Just a little after nine
In the middle of that riot
Couldn’t get you off my mind
So I’m at your house this morning
Just a little after nine
‘Cause it was in Bobcaygeon, where I saw the constellations
Reveal themselves one star at a time

 IMG_8943I didn’t see any constellations during the night, but there was this drone flying over the crowd, and I wouldn’t say there was a riot, but rather   lots of people from Bobcaygeon  that gained notoriety  because of these lyrics.

We’ll be leaving Bobcaygeon this morning moving on to Buckhorn.

Returning to the Trent Severn Waterway- didn’t we do enough locks already?

August 14:

We left Cedar Springs shortly after 8:30, and followed the channel out to the Severn Sound.;  It was windy and there were waves  bouncing us around.IMG_8837 IMG_8841After passing the cardinal buoy we headed towards the channel going around Green island.IMG_8844We met a looper boat Bright Angel coming out from Port Severn.  We were through the Port Severn lock by 10:30 and continued on to the Big Chute.   We arrived at the Chute just before noon,IMG_8849 and lock through almost immediately with 3 other smaller boats.IMG_8852We tied up on the top of the lock.  At about 2:30,  my sister and brother-in-law arrived.IMG_8859

IMG_8857  They were on their way to Brampton for the 55+ Canada games, where Gord would be playing slopitch.   We went to the Big Chute Marina for supper,

IMG_2182and then they were on their way towards Brampton.  We went for ice cream and then returned to the boat.

On Monday we left the Chute at about 9:30  after we watched Hobo, a looper boat go through the chute.IMG_8863We were headed towards Swift Rapids.   The gates on the lock  were opened and we went right in.  We were through by 11:05.   We continued on to Couchiching lock, going relatively slowly through narrow stretches, with lots of cottages, I liked these yards.IMG_8879 IMG_8880 IMG_8881 In the north end of Sparrow Lake we saw this boat, and it didn’t look  like it was sitting right.IMG_8871 IMG_8872 IMG_8875We later learned from the lockmaster at Couchiching  that the boat was rushing to make the next lock and obviously missed a turn. Looks like an expensive mistake!

Upon arriving at Couchiching we went through almost immediately and were tied up by 1:15.

We booked out flights to come home next Friday, August 26th, so the packing and cleaning in preparation for putting the boat up for the winter has begun.  The weather prediction for Tuesday is  heavy rain and wind– wouldn’t be a good day for crossing Lake Simcoe, so we may be staying put.

Couchiching to Georgian Bay via the Big Chute Railway

August 3-6

We remained at Couchiching on Wednesday, and just relaxed.  Saw a boat name  that I liked.IMG_8541On Thursday morning we locked through by 9:45 and then traveled 14 miles through Sparrow LakeIMG_8562 IMG_8563and then the Severn River to the  Swift Rapids lock.  It was a blistering hot day and we decided to stay on top in order to get a little bit of breeze.    We tied up on the dam side of the lock but moved to the front of the blue line after 5:00, so we would be the first ones through on Friday.   We were joined by Dave and Claudia on Stillwaters II several hours later, as they had come from Orillia.

On Friday, we locked though by 9:17.  This lock is referred to as the giant, with a 47 foot drop.IMG_8576 IMG_8578Even though this place was called Swift Rapids, there was very little water flowing over the dam, likely because of the drought  that has been affecting this part of Ontario.

The admiral had a bit of a mishap when she pushed the boat away from the lock  wall, she put the boat hook handle into the window and it cracked.IMG_8582This was the same window pane that was broken back in April, so it’s going to get replaced again.  We once again followed the Severn River until we arrived at the Big chute.


IMG_8589  We tied up at the dock, so that we could watch other boats go through before we moved to the Blue line.   We also wanted to connect up with Mike and Franziska, as they were driving from Owen Sound so they could watch us do the chute.   The way the big chute railway works is that you pilot your boat onto a specially designed railway car, that has several slings and straps in order to carry a number of boats across land and deposit them in the lower basin.IMG_8618The railway lift can carry up to 110 tons and boats as long as 100 feet,  they tend to load the big boats and have the props hanging out over the car.    David and Claudia on Stillwater II, went through first with another boat and we watched from the blue line.IMG_8597

IMG_8600Then it was our turn, here’s the view from the blue line of where we were going to join up with the carriage,IMG_8601and the view down the hill to the lower basinIMG_8605a smaller boat went onto the carriage first  and we followed behind on the left,  the sling came up and we were rocking above the carriage.Here’s a series of pictures taken by Mike and Franziska from the ground.OB 8

OB 1 OB 3

OB 6

OB 7

OB 5Here’s my view from the boat. The ride across the road and down the rocky ridge only took about 10 minutes and then the carriage and slings were released and we floated off the carriage.  Truly amazing and a highlight of the loop and the TSW.  Claudia had videotaped it but the files are too big for posting on the blog– will be great memories of this day.IMG_8613After tying up ,we went for lunch with  Mike and Franziska,IMG_8615we also had ice cream, it was Chapman’s which we all agreed wasn’t as good as Kawartha Dairies.

Since a thunderstorm was predicted for the afternoon, we opted to stay on the lock docks for the night.  It did rain, for a total of about 15 minutes not the downpour that the area needed.

On Saturday morning, we left the dock shortly after 9 and headed towards lock 45 at Port Severn the last lock on the Trent Severn Waterway.    We passed through Gloucester pool and by some very nice cottages/homes.IMG_8642

IMG_8644We had to go through another narrow channel,IMG_8637where we would have had to meet another large power boat, but Andy stayed back in a wider area and waited for him.  We arrived at the Port Severn lock 45 and went in right away with another boat.  The lock was extremely busy and was much smaller than the other locks so it could only take 2 large boats at a time.  Once we were through at 10:35, we pulled into Georgian Bay and dropped anchor, in order to wait  for Still Waters II.  They had to wait for several lock downs  before it became their turn.   We crossed  Severn BayIMG_8648 IMG_8652 and pulled into  Queen’s Cove marina in Victoria Harbour at 1 pm.

Bobcaygeon to Couchiching 72 miles on the TSW in 3 days


July 31- August 2

We left Bobcaygeon on Sunday morning shortly after 9 and crossed Sturgeon Lake,  it was a fairly busy day on the waterways, since it was Sunday of the long weekend.  We were through Lock 34 at Fenlon Falls by 11:40.IMG_8404 IMG_8405We entered Cameron Lake,  and continued to Fells Bay, where the Edney cottage was.IMG_8406   We anchored out, and used the dinghy to motor into shore.  We likely hadn’t used the motor since late December and it needed a bit of a workout.IMG_0860We stopped and visited for a couple of hours with Mike’s relatives.IMG_0861Mike’s uncle Byron and a couple cousin’s came out to the trawler in a powerboat.  When we were ready to leave, Mike joined us for a ride up to the next lock at Rosedale,IMG_8410which was only a couple of miles away.  Sydney and Franziska joined us at the lock and actually locked through with us.IMG_8408Not too exciting it was only a 4 foot drop.  We tied up at Rosedale Lock 35 at 4:30  for the evening.

On Monday, we left at about 9:15,  and went through our the narrow Trent Canal into Balsam Lake.    Balsam lake is reported to be 857 feet above sea level and the highest point on the TSW.    This is also the highest point in the world that a boat can reach from the sea under it’s own power.  From now on all our locking will be in the  downward direction.    We saw these cottages on Balsam Lake.IMG_8418 IMG_8419Leaving Balsam lake we again entered a very narrow rock cut through the Canadian Shield, and ended up meeting 3 boats– very tight quarters!IMG_8444and came out in Mitchell Lake, another portion of the narrow Trent call took us to the second lift lock at Kirkfield Lock  at 11:00.IMG_8464

IMG_8465Here’s the view of the empty red chairs from above and below.IMG_8456 IMG_8462It was a quick trip down, and only took a couple of minutes to go down 49 feet.     We then entered Canal lake, which is quite shallow and weedy.      We  went through the Hole in the wall bridge.IMG_8470Upon exiting the lake we entered the Talbot river, which took us through the Locks at Bolsover,IMG_8477TalbotIMG_8482and Portage.IMG_8484We decided to spend the night at Portage #39, and  tied up at 1:45.  We were the only boat on the upper  wall.  Andy amused himself with fishing in the evening after he changed the oil on the two engines.     We heard someone calling our names, and saw Living life, Loopers  from Peterborough, go through the lock.IMG_8483Here’s the view from the boat in the evening.IMG_8485On Tuesday we locked through Portage at 9:20, and then Thorah at 9:35 and finally GamebridgeIMG_8490at 10:00.  We entered Lake Simcoe at 10:10, here’s the breakwall.IMG_8496I was a relatively calm morningIMG_8504and  we were across the lake before noon.  We then entered the narrows shortly after noon,IMG_8506to get to  Lake Couchiching.  In places the marked channel was narrow, with many rocks encroaching .IMG_8515We entered another segment of the Trent canal and were stopped for over 45 minutes  waiting for a train  to cross   the swing bridge at mile 209.IMG_8526The train took over 8 minutes to cross the bridge and then two bridge tenders appeared to be inspecting the bridge prior to opening it.    We arrived a Couchiching Lock #42 at 2:10IMG_8533and decided to stay on the top, to get some breeze.  It is approaching 35 C outside and is  unbearably hot, the captain put the generator on, so that we can run the AC.  That hasn’t happened often on this trip.  Check out the whirlpools, these are found just outside this lock.IMG_8539We met some people in boats surrounding us, and saw a looper boat lock through.   We went for a swim off the back of the boat at 6:30 to cool off.   This lock has showers, so I gladly paid the $3 to get clean in the morning.  We plan to stay here for 2 nights, as we want to be at the big chute marine railway Lock 44 on Friday as Mike and Franziska are going to meet us there and take pictures as we cross.

Buckhorn to Bobcaygeon, another 17 miles down the TSW

July 28-30

On Thursday morning we continued with cleaning the outside of the boat, in places we normally can’t reach when we’re in the water.  At about 10, Brian and Helen from Bancroft stopped by as they were en route to visit their son for the weekend.  We went into Buckhorn for breakfastIMG_8350and returned to the boat at about 11:30.    The props were ready by noon as promised,IMG_8355around 1:15 we were splashed back into the water.  We decided rather than going up to Bobcaygeon in the afternoon,  and likely not getting a spot on the wall that we should wait until morning.  We tied up on the wall by the gas dock at Buckhorn Yacht Harbour.  That evening we sat with David and Claudia on the beach and took in the scenery.  I saw this beaver swim by at dusk.IMG_8356Early  Friday morning, this plane landed on Buckhorn lake, and taxied to the gas dock near us.  It was there to pick up a set of props that were being sent somewhere.IMG_8360At about  8, we decided to leave and make our way to Bobcaygeon, a  17 mile trip, through Buckhorn and Pigeon Lakes.    Here’s a few of the lakefront homes.IMG_8361I liked this assortment of chairs, especially the large one for a friendly giant?IMG_8364We were through the Bobcaygeon lock  and tied up to the upper wall by 11:15.IMG_8378


IMG_8387We connected up with Dave and Claudia, who had driven over to check out the town.  Our first agenda item was to find the Kawartha Dairy plant, We got directions, and walked over for more Ice cream.  There is a definite pattern when Loopers  visit small town Ontario, find either the Ice cream store or the bakery for butter tarts.IMG_8369 IMG_8370 IMG_8371This was a small!  We then checked out the Bigley’s shoe  and clothing stores,  the shoe store is  huge and housed in this old bank building.IMG_8374In the afternoon, I went in search of the laundry mat, and also found the bakery  so I bought butter tarts, I would have bought fresh bread, but they don’t bake bread which I thought was odd.

We later ran into Randy and Judy, the hillbilly campers we had met at Lock 26, they were  across the canal from us, and were headed South.  We made plans to go to Shakespeare in the park at 7:30 for Taming of the Shrew.IMG_8380 In the end they weren’t able to make it, but Andy and I walked to the Kawartha Settlers Village to watch the performance.  Since it was more than a 2 mile walk, we had opted not to bring our lawn chairs, so we sat on a rock.  Not that comfortable, and the story had been altered to be in Toronto in 1989, so didn’t make a lot of sense.  We weren’t that impressed and only stayed about 45 minutes before we left for the trek back to the boat.

On Saturday morning, we went to the Farmer’s market,IMG_8382 located at the fairgrounds—only a couple of blocks from the boat.  We bought some bakery items as well as farm fresh veggies.IMG_8385  Tonight is midnight madness in Bobcaygeon with shopping until Midnight in the stores,  but it was also Lock madness during the day here, boats were moving steadily in both directions from the time the locks opened until they closed at 7pm.  Lots of jockeying for spots on the wall- we’re glad we came yesterday.  Our friends Dave and Claudia did get back into the water today, one week after the incident with the house boat, however when they passed through Bobcaygeon, there was no room on the wall so they continued onward.

Around 11 Mike and Franziska Edney, stopped by.IMG_8390 Mike was a research scientist at the CGC until  his retirement.  We had been in contact recently as we planned on meeting, at the big chute. The Edney’s were in town for a family reunion, and invited us to Mike’s  uncles’s Birthday celebration at  Kawartha Settlers Village, where his uncle had been one of the founders.  We walked backed up to the village, and met a few of Mike’s relatives.  We were then invited to stop by the cottage on Cameron lake, which is between Fenlon Falls and Rosedale  on Sunday.  While at the settlement we toured the  buildingsIMG_8392 IMG_8393 I liked this water feature  and wondered if we could incorporate something like it in our pond back home.

On our way back to the boat we took a detour to KD, and had more IC.  I think I may have reached my limit today, however I’m sure Andy will still be looking for the Ice cream  at our next stop.  We thought we should check out the midnight madness shopping , the streets  were full of people and there were sales to be had.  There was live music on the other side of the canal as well and fireworks at 10,    I got a tattoo today  on my arm so I can remember our time along the TSW.  What do you think?IMG_8396