Backtracking to Wright’s Marina in Britt

canoe channel
A little wave action today- here’s the rundown of the day….
8:30 hrs;  Leaving Kilbear Harbour toward Jackfish Bay and the Canoe Channel
09:00     out of Canoe Channel and into the Shebeshekong Channel by Snug Harbour
10:00 hrs   passing Twin Sister Islands into Shawanaga Inlet
10:30        passing Grave Island approx mile 29 from Parry Sound
11:00        in the Middle Channel going towards the Point au Barrel inlet to Georgian Bay
12:00        On Georgian Bay going through the Hang dogs ( lots of shoals and reefs)
12:30        Out of the Hang Dogs and into the Alexander Channel to the Georgian Bay
13:00        Been in open water ( rough seas ) since Alexander Channel  1 – 2 m waves hitting us broadside
13:30         making the turn toward Byng Light and range still in heavy seas ( lots of shoals & reefs) Keen eye for markers required.
14:00        Tied up at Wright’s Marina in Britt.  Tired but safe
inland passage leaving Killbear snug harbourA17

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