Cuba Landing TN

After our previous night in an anchorage, we slept well tied up in Paris, although a little apprehensive about what the mechanic might tell us in the morning. Justin arrived just before 9:00, and it didn’t take him long to diagnose the problem—which was some loose wires to the Port cranking battery.  He went on his way and we walked up to the Paris Landing state park Inn for a late breakfast.    We then filled up the water tank, and left at 11:40.   We saw some interesting sights….IMG_3981

IMG_3980 These are referred to as federal moorings.IMG_3984An old bridgeIMG_3985 IMG_3987Cuba Landing Nov 10Our plan was to go to Cuba…..Cuba Landing Marina at mile 115.  We arrived just as the sun was going down at 16:45, a rather uneventful trip as we did not meet a single tow today, only some fishing boats and some birds.

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