Remembrance Day, Riverstone TN and new friends….

We left Cuba Landing after having paid for our nights lodging,  here’s some views of this marina.IMG_3988 IMG_3991

IMG_3993    There was  a little mist as we left the Marina,IMG_3994A relatively uneventful day on the river,  the water was like glass when we started out, but the winds picked up as the day progressed.   I started learning the memory work that I will need to know for Installation in May.  Only a 2 tow day.  Saw some interesting houses and rocks.IMG_3997We arrived in Riverstone Marina at 14:15, and parked beside another Canadian boat that had been here for several months.  We met a couple of guys, when we first docked, Dave and Walt.  Dave was quite interested in the great loop, and we gave him a  boat tour, and offered to show his wife the boat as well.  He later brought her by for a tour and docktails.  We were then invited back to their custom built country home on the hill overlooking the river.  Walt and his wife Kathy came over and we had “Rocktails” on their patio carved out of limestone as we watched the river flow by.  What a great evening!rocktails NOv 10We hope to get an early start in the morning and get to the Tennessee/Mississippi border.

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