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Still in MB- short for Myrtle Beach not Manitoba

We went to Fred’s on Saturday night for supper Chris and Chrystal had cooked a pork scallopini with curried red sauce that I quite enjoyed along with a salad with Blue cheese, apples and pears and ice cream revels for dessert.  We played a board game and had a great evening!

On Sunday, once we got use to the time change– we did some shopping and took another Looper couple, Dick and Kathy  from Great Escape for groceries as well.

A fellow boater stopped by wearing this shirt and I need to include it.


On Monday it was boat cleaning day again, we washed and waxed  for several hours.


Later in the day the pine trees started releasing their yellow pollen, which meant our once clean boat was covered with a yellow powder.  Early Tuesday morning Brian Hayton picked us IMG_5129up, so that we could spend a couple of days with him and Muriel at their condo at Waterway Village.

Tuesday was a golf day, so while the guys went golfing, Muriel and I walked around their complex, checked out the pond where I saw these turtles and fish. IMG_5132 IMG_5139 IMG_5141   Later  went to AC Moore’s and a couple of other stores.  That evening we ( 8 of us) went to TBonz for the prime rib special (2 for $20)  everyone was  pleased with their cut of meat and the desired ‘cook’ on it.


We returned to the condo and played Canasta as well as Hand and Foot, way past our normal bedtime.


Wednesday was more of a lazy day  it was in the mid 80’s, the guys went out to get a light bulb for our anchor light, and later we went to Michaels and Walmart.  The Vermeersch’s came for dinner, Muriel had made  baked spaghetti,  garlic bread, Caesar salad, and a pumpkin cheesecake for dessert- delicious!!

Once again we played cards in the evening—the men had  the luck of the Irish and Scots, as they won almost every game.

On Thursday, St. Patrick’s day, Brian brought us back to the marina.  While we were gone for 2 day; the pine trees were relentless, and had once again covered the boat- so instead of being a white boat- it was more like butter yellow.  Guess what we spent the afternoon doing?   A couple of  loopers arrived at the marina in the afternoon, Lori and Bill on a Perfect Day, they came over for docktails and met Fred and Tim, who had dropped by after golf.

On Friday, we were up before dawn—(alarm went off at 5:47 a.m.) as we were going on a little boat cruise today up the ICW to Crab Catchers in Little River.  We had one swing bridge in Socastee to go through, that had  limited openings in the morning, because of school buses.  We had to be there prior to 7:45, or we wouldn’t get through the bridge until after 9:00.  We left the marina in the dark


—and made it to the bridge by 7:30.


After passing under several more bridges,  and by River Walk, where we had rented a condo in 2014,


we made it to the dock at waterway village by 8:20—this is where we were picking up Brian V, Helen, Brian H and Muriel.

waterway village dock March 18


After coffee and scones made by the captain on Thursday night, he fired up the engines and we went about 25 miles south, passing through Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle and some other communities arriving in Little River by about 11:45.  Here’s Helen and Muriel  on look out…


Saw lots of interesting houses– those that know me will understand why I snapped this one.


Here’s some of the other scenery we passed by.



We originally thought this was a person at a distance- but up close it’s a mannequin.


First  tow  we’d seen in awhile.


This lighthouse marks the entrance to light keeper’s marina in Little River.

IMG_5195We also saw the Coast guard doing some repairs to the aids to navigation markers.

We tied up and went into the restaurant for lunch, where we all ordered seafood.  As we were seated on the patio, we watched fresh fish being delivered and filleted at the next building.

crab catchers March 18

We returned down the river, and enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine, saw many golf courses and other familiar landmarks- like Barefoot Landing shopping centre.  We couldn’t get either of the  guys sitting in the captain’s seat to stop and shop!




After dropping off the crew at the Waterway village dock, we had planned to go to the boathouse for drinks and appetizers,

IMG_5171 but we quickly found that the depth at the dock was less than 5 feet, as we churned up quite a bit of mud.  We decided to pass on the boathouse, and continued down the river to our spot at the marina.  Here we are passing through the Socastee swing bridge for the second time.


Saturday was a lazy day, Andy did some re-wiring of the anchor light, and I did a little cooking.  There was no sense in washing the boat again, as rain is predicted for this evening and we thought we’d give mother nature a chance to clean up the boat on our behalf.