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We have finally found warm weather in Myrtle Beach

March 6th- 11th

Andy went golfing Monday afternoon as the mechanic wasn’t available.  Here’s some picture’s from the Zoo as I got him to drop me off there and I walked back to the marina.  With the nicer weather, flowers are out and the trees are starting to bud as well.






These goats are in a field right by the marina-  they have been known to come running to the fence if  they think you have food– none came running to me and my camera- and this one only seemed to glare at me.

 The mechanic  came on Tuesday and helped Andy change the Olive seals as well as the fuel and water separator filters.  On Wednesday, Andy went golfing and I took down the fly bridge canvas so that I could wash the windows.   After golf,  the Bancroft crew of Brian V, Brian H and Bob stopped by when they dropped Andy off.     Wednesday we both did a little more cleaning on the outside of the boat- removing more of the salt film that we had accumulated.   On Thursday Brian V, Helen, Bob and Kymm came to the boat for a 10:30 departure to Wacca Wache Marina for lunch at K-Rae’s restaurant. Kymm  and I shop at the same stores as we were dressed alike.


It was about a 1 1/2 hour trip each way. The temperature was in the mid 70’s and partly sunny with a little breeze.  We saw lots of birds, and a few turtles sunning themselves.

IMG_5095 IMG_5099

      On our return,  finally made some star connections and we borrowed Brian’s car for the evening so that we could go to Conway for an Eastern Star meeting.  Prior to the 7:30 meeting, there was meal provided,  we didn’t get there until 6:50—but there was still plenty of  food to try.  The chapter is putting together a cookbook so many of the members had brought their favourite dishes for the book.   At the meeting, there was elections, balloting and draping so the meeting wasn’t over until close to 10:00—well past our usually bedtime of 8:45.  Here are pictures of  Waccamaw Chapter #89 and one of us with Barbara Hardwick the Worthy Matron and Les Chavus, Worthy Patron, who is also the Grand Warder of the Grand Chapter of South Carolina.

IMG_5105 IMG_5109

  We arrived back at Brian & Helen’s condo after 11:00 and stayed the night.  In the morning I did a load of laundry, while Andy went to pick up our rental car for the weekend.  Andy, Helen and I then went to the Tanger Outlet mall to do some shopping.  We later returned to the boat with our purchases, we went back into Myrtle Beach for supper at the Boathouse restaurant where I ordered fried pickles, I had first tried them  here in 2012 and I insist we go back every time we are in Myrtle Beach.  We met Fred, and his 3 friends from Winnipeg, who had flown in for a week to golf, there were 10 of us in all at are table.   

On Saturday morning,  before going golfing Andy checked the starboard engine, and found we still have a bit of a leak so he’ll call the mechanic to come back again.  I stayed around the boat, did some cleaning and enjoyed the sunshine, as we are once again in the mid 70’s.    Brian V, Brain H and Bob stopped by for a beer after golf, when they dropped Andy off.  Fred and the other golfers from Winnipeg – Chris, Chrystal and Tanya stopped by as well. Lots of visitors- considering we are 10 miles from Myrtle beach out in the boonies!