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Time to Say Goodbye to South Carolina

Update  March 26 – 31

On Saturday, Andy went golfing, and I stayed at the Marina and read a book.   It began to rain around 10 AM and continued on and off for most of the afternoon and evening. He returned after 3:00, with the contents of Fred’s fridge, as Fred was flying home to Winnipeg on Sunday.  That evening we went to Red Lobster with the Vermeerschs and the LaBries.

On Easter Sunday morning the plan was to go to Mammy’s Kitchen for brunch, but there was a lineup and since there were 12 of us the wait would have been quite long.  Instead we went back to Pan Am pancake and omelet house, where we had been the Sunday before.  It once again began to rain, and continued into the evening. That night Brian and Helen came over for Easter dinner of Ham, scalloped potatoes and salad, with fudge for dessert. Helen brought me a towel with a crab cake recipe on it which I can’t wait to try.


Monday morning the sky was blue and the temperature had risen to the mid 70’s by noon.  Andy returned the car rental to the city and I washed the floors while he was away.   In the afternoon Andy made scones, and we had the boaters from  Summertime and Turas over for drinks and scones.

Pat and Becky stayed for supper, which was leftovers from our Easter dinner.  On Tuesday, Brian picked up Andy for golf—I wasn’t feeling well so lazed around for most of the day.  In the evening we went over to Summertime and Andy showed them some of the places he had anchored in the North Channel.

On Wednesday we did some preparations for our trip north; I printed some charts and then we figured out which Canadian charts we will need for the Trent Severn and Rideau Canals.  Andy had to catch a ride to Home Depot as our water hose sprang a leak, because the Admiral forgot to turn the water off.  Oops!

In the afternoon Brian and Helen stopped by to say goodbye as they will be heading north on Thursday morning.

On Thursday; March 31st, our last day at Osprey, we saw Summertime leave with Wally and Darcy,  I’m sure our paths will cross again along the loop.


I walked to the Waccatee Zoo – there were no animals near the fence except this deer.


Instead I focused on the colourful flowers that were popping or climbing  up everywhere along the way.


IMG_5379 IMG_5384

IMG_5376 IMG_5383

The Wisteria had climbed up to the  very top of these trees.


I think this is spider wort and it was growing in the ditch.


The dandelions are out as well.

IMG_5401 IMG_5405

It’s hard to believe we’ve been at Osprey a month—the plan is to leave tomorrow and enter the great state of North Carolina,  which I believe may be the 13th state that we will pass through on  this adventure.