Andy said “Let’s get out of this concrete Jungle” Goodbye NYC

Saw this cruise liner come into the harbor, late yesterday afternoon.

IMG_6880   We had a storm blow through last night about 5:30, with high winds and rain of course, but it had started to clear off by 9:30.



Here’s the statue of Liberty  at night.


We got up shortly after 5, and weighed anchor by 6.  It was just as well as Andy had to maneuver around a lot of traffic, and it likely would have been worse if we had waited longer. There were all kinds of water taxis and ferries crossing the Hudson as well a tugs, barges and other pleasure craft.


It was still kind of foggy or smoggy in the big apple, but here’s some of my early morning pictures.

IMG_6903 IMG_6908 IMG_6915

IMG_6940 IMG_6941

We reached the Highway 95 George Washington Bridge) at 7:40,

IMG_6950   and were in Yonkers  by 8:30,

IMG_6954and were in Tarry Town by 9:20, where they seem to be constructing a new bridge.


We moved into the Catskills,  amazing scenery, so close to NYC.


You know I like lighthouses…here’s  some  that I found along or in the Hudson today all very different.IMG_6966

IMG_6998 IMG_7006

Our original destination was Kingston, which we reached at 3:20, we decided to go another 17 miles to an anchorage in Duck Cove, which we reached at 5:05. We are anchored about 1 mile away from where this  boat is being unloaded.IMG_7012

Saw this tug go by about an hour ago– must be a span for a bridge.

IMG_7013 Our distance for the day was about  110 miles,  once we were out of NYC we rode the tide, at times going over 11.5 mph, which really helped.  The temperature was in the mid to high 80’s   Great Day for Cruising.  Hope to get to Troy and  the start of the New York Canal System tomorrow.

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