Will be starting transit of the Erie Canal

June 7

We slept fairly well in Duck Cove although a power boat went by at 12:30, and then we had rain and lightning at 3:30, followed by the trains starting up around 5:00.  The boat near us was still being loaded.IMG_7014

It seems that on both sides of the Hudson along the shore there are train tracks, and we’ve seen lots of commuter/Amtrak trains.


We left our anchorage at 6:15 and continued up the Hudson.  We crossed the Hwy 23 bridge just after 7:00,  on our approach to Athens at 7:30  — not Greece, I noticed something strange on the  train siding.  It looked like grain hoppers.

Getting closer I took these pictures—grain cars belonging to the Government of Canada and Alberta.  Wouldn’t have expected to see them here– maybe if I reported this I would get a finders fee– LOL


Athens had a lighthouse as well.


About an hour later I saw what may be a NY farm yard up on a hill.IMG_7034

We passed by several marinas and boat clubs.IMG_7038 IMG_7045

There was a fair bit of debris in the water, some of it was very large logs.


By 11:00 we were approaching Albany, the state capital.

IMG_7054 IMG_7063

We continued on by 12:20, we were in the Troy Lock, which  brought us up 14 feet.


A few miles farther and we came to this sign  where people have  to make the decision if they are going to  continue on the Hudson to  the Champlain Canal  or take the Mohawk/ Erie Canal.  We chose the Erie,


and tied up at the  floating docks in Waterford.    We reconnected with Darcy and Wally from Summertime, who we had fist met in Myrtle Beach.  We also met Duane and Diane from Diva Di, who had passed us several times in the last few days.


We went for a walk to check out our first lock, and paid the NY Canal system fees.   We watched a large boat come into the lock. IMG_7085  IMG_7093 IMG_7094

We then walked around town and did some shopping.  In the evening we went to an Irish restaurant for supper.  Andy visited with some of the other boaters.  We plan to lock through at 8:00.  The Waterford flight which  is a series of 5 locks, that takes about 2 hours, not sure how far we will get today as there are many locks to go through.


Here’s the information on our first lock  June 8th,


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