First days on the Trent Severn Waterway

July 12, 2016

The Trent Severn Waterway (TSW)  is 240 statue miles long and zigzags west  through rivers and lakes  from Trenton to Port Severn on  Georgian Bay.    Water depth in the TSW is approximately 6 feet, so it is necessary to stay within the marked channel.   Speed limit is 10 Km/h, and there are 44 locks which have to be traversed.TSW map

We left the marina at 8:20 and proceeded to mile 1.8– Lock 1 of the Trent Severn Waterway.

IMG_8026We made it through with 2 other boats by about 9:20.  When we arrived at Lock 2 only ½ mile up the river, there were now 4 boats, and for some reason only tie up to the cables is allowed on one side.  Because we were the 4th boat in we had to raft with a 34 foot Meridian. Seemed strange as we were the largest boat in the lock and instead of tying up to the wall we had to attach ourselves to another boat.  At Locks 3, 4, 5 and 6, the same 4 boats locked through but we had now switched to tying off on the wall in the 3rd position, and a smaller boat Harmony rafted to us. We had met Steve and Vera on our way up the Rideau and then connected up again in Ottawa; they boat out of Queen’s Cove marina in Victoria Harbour, where Andy had started our Loop adventure.  We arrived at Lock 6 Frankfort at 12:10, and three of the boats dropped off as this wall had power.  We decided to go on to Lock 7- Glen Ross, and went through this lock alone.IMG_8031We tied up on the upper wall at 1:25. It’s been a hot day in the mid 30’s, lucky for us there is a convenience store nearby that sells double scoops of ice cream for $2.50. The owners of the store are originally from Transcona- small world.IMG_8030By nightfall there were 5 boats on the wall here.

July 13,

We left the dock just after 7, to go the 11.4 miles to Lock 8- Percy Reach so we would be there when they opened at 9 am.  We then proceeded through Locks 9, 10 and the combined flight   11 & 12 at Ranney Falls, which we were through by 11:10.IMG_8060This lock was huge!IMG_8047There were lots of cottages and trailer parks along the canal.IMG_8039We arrived at Campbellford at 11:30.  We had only gone 17.2 miles and 5 locks today, but it was suppose to be one of the hottest days of summer (> 32) – and we wanted to get tied up and connected to power, so the AC could run. We are in Old Mills Park, and are located next to this giant Toonie.IMG_8051The park is very safe, we were told this by the OPP officer that came around to all the boats on the dock.IMG_8054Once we had checked in at the Chamber of Commerce and paid our fees for the night, Andy was approached by a senior asking if he would like to play Euchre at the senior centre starting at 1.  He agreed and went and played, while I worked on the write-up for selling the boat.

When he returned we went to the Church Key pub for a cold one,IMG_8052  this pub was next door, which we thought Dave, our neighbor  would like.IMG_8053We then walked over to the No frills store. Tonight is Melodies at the Mill (in the park) from 6:30 – 8:15 with the featured singer- Victoria Pearce and we have ring-side seats on our aft deck.  Her first set was Patsy Cline songs while her second set was other favourites.IMG_8055

July 14

It’s a cloudy day, hopefully with only a couple of short showers.  Before 8:00, we trekked across the bridge to Dooher’s Bakery, where we bought a sampling of fresh baked goods including butter tarts and whole wheat bread that was still warm.  Andy just snagged our fishing rod that had fallen over the side yesterday, so we have 2 rods again.  Brian and Helen arrived from Bancroft for the day so we can do some other touring in Campbellford and the  surrounding area.  Our first stop was Ranney falls- our last lock from yesterday.  I had seen the Parks Canada Red Chairs and wanted to get our pictures taken in them.  We had only seen the red chairs a couple of times on the Rideau- but they were never that accessible.IMG_8057

IMG_8059We next went to the Suspension Bridge which is over the river.  Here’s the view from the boat yesterday, and here we are on it today.IMG_8043 IMG_8067Next stop was the World’s Finest Chocolate factory outlet store, where we bought nothing.  Wrong !We bought  a pound of dark chocolate and milk and almond bars.IMG_8074Next we were off to the empire cheese plant, which was several miles outside of town.IMG_8076Once again, we couldn’t leave without buying something– Old Cheddar with Hot Whiskey Mustard,  Cheddar and Mozza with Salsa,Mozzarella cheese with Red Chillies– you have to get some veggies with your dairy products – who wants to eat boring cheese?

As we were driving along the countryside, we could see the soy and corn fields as well as the winter wheat, already golden, but not harvested as yet.IMG_8075We then went to Stirling for lunch.  Afterwards Helen and I did some shopping– I found 6 balls of Patons Melody yarn for $10.    The colour was called Fantasy- but it is a deep purple.  Once I’m back to work, I’ll be looking for knitting lessons from one of my friends.  Not sure what I’ll be able to make.IMG_8078On our way back to Campbellford, we encountered these animals in the field.IMG_8082which  I learned were Water Buffalo.  They looked hot as it was close to 25 again today, and I didn’t see any water.IMG_8084Back at the marina, entertainment was again happening in the park- but this time by fellow boaters- Steve and Vera from Harmony.  Great songs!IMG_8085We went back to the Church Key bar with  Lynn and Brian, other boaters, for yet more beers.

The night ended with more beers on  the boat in front of us, with  Canadians– Ken and Diane, who live in St.Lucia, and operate Lost our Marbles Sailing Adventures.

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  1. Rafe Williams

    You’re getting close to crossing that wake. Call me so I will have your Canadian phone number.
    Cat Daddy



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