TSW Campbellford to Peterborough

July 15

We spent the day exploring more of the downtown, as well as a trip to Canadian Tire where we bought a Dyson heater-cooler that was on sale.    In the afternoon we had several showers go through the area, so we stayed indoors and read.  I took a picture of this ornate tower which is on a building across the river from us.IMG_8092I was quite perplexed as to what it was for.  Brian V, told me what it was when he was here the other day.  Does anyone want to guess what it’s used for?  I would never have got it.

July 16

We left the marina shortly after 7, and went down about ½ mile to the Esso gas station, tied up on their wall and filled up our tanks with diesel.  We then went to Lock 13, and waited for the 9 am opening.  I saw this purple flower- likely purple loosestrife.


IMG_8095 We then moved on to Crowe Bay, Lock 14, and were through it by 10:25.    Two miles farther along the canal and we went through the first Healey Falls lock 15.IMG_8097This was followed by the Healey Falls combo lock 16/17.IMG_8099 We had planned to stop after the lock, and take pictures of the falls, however today there was no water going over the falls, as it was being diverted into the generator plant.  So we continued on down the Trent River and went about 15 miles, there wasn’t much traffic in the locks, and we locked by ourselves, until we reached Lock 18 in Hastings, where we shared the lock with two pontoon boats.


IMG_8107  We were tied up on the wall in Hastings by 2:30.  We did a bit of a walk around town.IMG_8104The closest store is the LCBO, it probably only about 100 steps away – make me feel just like home where the MLCC is one of the closest stores to our house.

We met Terry and Cindy from Master Card III, who are tied up a couple of boats ahead of us, their boat is aluminum and reminds us a little of  Thunderbird from Boundary Creek.IMG_8108We later met up with them in the Legion, it is located next to the LCBO, so very close as well.  For dinner we went out for Chinese food.

July 17

We left the wall at 8:40 and continued up the Trent River, there was hardly a ripple in the water.IMG_8116    We passed through the opening of this old railway bridge shortly after leaving Hastings.IMG_8115We entered Rice Lake at about 9:30 and stayed within the channel, Terry had told us yesterday that many years ago they had built a railway across the lake and that a lot of the infrastructure  was still just below the surface.  The railway only lasted a year or two before it was washed out.  Since it was nice day and weekend, there was lots of pleasure boat traffic and people fishing.

We passed MasterCard III  they  were headed for the sandbar by Spook Island.IMG_8118We turned off into the Otonabee River at 11:00 and followed it as it snaked along for about 20 miles leading us towards Peterborough.  There was lots of boat traffic, and fields of goldIMG_8128

IMG_8130We reached lock 19 Scott Mills at 1:50 and locked right through as they were taking in boats as we approached.IMG_8131We tied up on the Lock wall by 2:20.IMG_8132We went to a nearby store and the captain found that they sold fudge—so he replenished the supply.  He claims it’s not as good as the Merrickville fudge.

July 18

Before 9:00 this morning, I saw this boat approaching the bridge, interesting how they were able to fold up the bow to get into the lock  and lower the radar arch in order to get under the bridge.IMG_8134Here they are in the lock—not a lot of room to spare.IMG_8137We left at 11:00.  Today was a very short travel day, as we only had to go about ½ mile to the Peterborough Marina, located in Little lake.IMG_8141 IMG_8142  The wind seems to be getting stronger as the day progresses, thankfully we had two dock hands help us tie up.  We plan to stay here for tonight and then move on to Lock 20, and the famous lift-lock at Lock 21 tomorrow, if weather permits.

I’ve completed my first colouring book assignment- it takes a long time to do one picture.    Thanks again Margaret!IMG_8143

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